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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 299: The Suppressed Ant King

The ant king was subjected to electric torture at this moment.

His body was numb and a large number of cells on his body were destroyed.

Allan couldn’t help squinting as he looked at the ant king.

Obviously, 100 million volts caused some damage to the ant king.

He could feel that the ant king’s aura weakened.

Allan’s mouth raised into a slight smile as he guessed that even the ant king can’t completely defend against the ramble fruit’s power.

The power of lightning was indeed strong.

The 100 million volts just now weren’t Allan’s most powerful attack, he just regarded it as one of his stronger moves.

He can’t still use more power with thunder fruit, for example, 200 million volts.

Just when he was about to use a stronger attack, the ant king suddenly released a huge amount of Nen.


Feeling this, Allan was surprised that the ant king could release such a large amount of Nen even with his injuries.

What a monster.

This also strengthened Allan’s idea of killing the ant king.

If he doesn’t kill him now, then with his racial talent, he will become stronger and stronger with time.

At that time, no one would be able to face him.

Therefore, before the ant king really grows, it’s best to kill him now.

With this in mind, Allan’s killing intent grew toward the ant king.

The ant king felt this and fixed his eyes on Allan. He also wanted to kill Allan.

However, he can’t move.

He wanted to recover from the last attack as soon as possible.

Allan saw the ant king was using his Nen to speed up his recovery.

Immediately, Allan made a move, to prevent the ant king from recovering.


A bolt of lightning struck the ant king in the distance.

The ant king quickly dodged awkwardly.

Because of his injuries, his mobility was limited.

Allan didn’t give him any chance, he quickly attacked.


This was Allan using the speed of lightning to move which was faster than any speed the ant king hoped to reach.

The ant king could not believe that someone surpassed him in speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every attack Allan sent was accompanied by an electric current.

Although it wasn’t as strong as the thunder dragon, each attack continued to accumulate on the ant king’s body.

The wounds the ant king suffered continued to increase little by little, and eventually, they became serious injuries.

No matter how strong the ant king’s body was, it can’t withstand that amount of damage.


The ant king spat a mouthful of purple blood. His face became gloomy as he never imagined a human would actually make him spit blood.

The ant king became enraged.

As the king of the chimera ants, it won’t be defeated by a human.

Nen exploded from his body and covered him completely.

The main purpose of this cover was to defend.

When the electric current hit the Nen cover, it will greatly reduce the power or even cancel it.

Unless the current was stronger than the Nen covering him, the ant king won’t receive damage.

Allan noticed this and increased the power behind his attacks.

“30 million volts, Vari!”

Allan raised his right hand and launched a lightning bolt again.

The ant king couldn’t dodge on time and was hit directly.

However, the attack was offset by the Nen covering the ant king’s body.

Allan raised his hand again and launched a more powerful attack.

“50 Million Volts, Kirin!”

This move was enough, although the attack was stopped by the ant king’s Nen, the Nen covering his body was also destroyed.

Since his protection was destroyed, the ant king could only move quickly and avoid it again.

Allan sneered, no matter how fast the ant king moves, he can’t be faster than lightning.

“50 Million Volts, Roc!”

A giant bird made of lightning spread its wing and rushed toward the ant king extremely fast.

The ant king couldn’t dodge at all and was instantly hit by the thunderbird.


Although this attack wasn’t as strong as the thunder dragon, it still made the already worn-out body of the ant king feel like he was pierced by thousands of needles.

The strong electric current was causing his cells to die and severely injuring him.

Seeing this, Allan took advantage of the situation and launched another attack, not giving the ant king any chance to recover.

“60 million volts, Thunder tiger!”

The lightning once again condensed into a new shape, and a fierce tiger emerged and pounced on the ant king, throwing him to the ground and shocking him once again.

In a short two minutes, the ant king suffered many attacks and his body was greatly damaged.

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