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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 300: Vitality of the Ant King!

Even after being attacked by waves after waves of lightning strikes, the ant king’s body was still holding on.

He was powerful beyond imagination.

“This guy…”

Allan frowned.

He originally thought that after so many attacks, the ant king would be hit hard after so many attacks.

But he seemed to underestimate the ant king.

His vitality was simply out of this world.

If someone else was facing this monster, he would’ve collapsed in despair long ago.

But Allan was still firmly standing as his goal didn’t change.

At this moment, the ant king was still standing, his body suffered many attacks and many parts were scorched.

Even so, his aura was still strong.

Allan realized one thing.

It was difficult to kill the ant king just with the rumble fruit.

Although the rumble fruit could cause great destruction, the ant king was strong and recovered fast.

The rumble fruit won’t have enough lethality to end the ant king.

As for other abilities, Allan had a lot of them, but one that can actually threaten the ant king was rare.

Even though the Ice fruit was on par with the lightning fruit, it can’t kill the ant king.

The Ice fruit was more of support right now.

To kill the ant king, other abilities need to be used.

At this moment, Allan saw the ant king rush over at him.

His aura was still powerful.

This was quite surprising.

Obviously, he was injured, but he still could have such amazing Nen power.

What a monster.

Allan’s figure flashed as he used the power of the rumble fruit to fight with the ant king.

Even though he wasn’t moving as fast as he could, Allan was surprised that the ant king could match his current speed.

Suddenly, the ant king’s Nen erupted once again and it was stronger than before.

He released an attack that rushed at Allan at the speed of sound.

Allan was surprised by the sudden explosion of power and was hit by the ant king’s attack.

As a fist passed through Allan’s body, the ant king frowned.

He felt that he didn’t hit Allan.

Looking at Allan’s pierced body, he seemed to have recovered quickly and wasn’t hurt in any way.

The ant king instantly understood that this might be related to Allan’s ability.

Allan was immune to physical attacks.

Unless the ant king used Nen to attack, the ant king won’t be able to touch Allan.


Allan raised his hand and a dazzling blue current turned into light.

The unprepared ant king couldn’t cover his eyes quickly and was blinded for a short moment.

“Thor’s Spear!”

A spear made of lightning condensed quickly and blasted the ant king violently.

Because of the light, the ant king wasn’t able to take action on time and his body was hit by the spear.

The spear of lightning pierced his body and severely injured him.

Taking advantage of the damage caused to the ant king, Allan quickly activated his Ice fruit.

In a short instant, the ant king was sealed in the Ice.

Blue lightning gushed out of Allan, forming a thundercloud in the sky.

Allan planned to strike the ant king as soon as he manage to break through the Ice.

After a while, the ant king finally emerged from the ice, his body had a new wound caused by the lightning spear.

Before the ant king could catch his breath, he suddenly heard a loud bang.

Looking up, he saw a thundercloud appears above his head, and inside, a strong power resided.

He could tell that the thundercloud was accumulating power, waiting to strike.

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