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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 3: Specialist’s Ability

[Ding! You have obtained a Lucky Treasure Chest, Do you want to open it?]

‘Yes, Open it.’

[Ding! You opened the Lucky Treasure Chest and gained a (Specialist’s ability): Grim’s Hand!]

Allan was taken aback with a mouth wide open!

He didn’t expect a specialist’s ability to come out of the chest.

But he didn’t even master the basics of Nen yet. Can he use this specialist’s Ability now?

“Don’t I need to learn Nen before using the specialist’s ability?!!” Allan wanted to curse the first ancestor of the system for getting him so excited for nothing.

But he changed his mind as he thought that maybe, just maybe, he could use it without the need of Nen.

Allan knew that Specialists were the most mysterious out of every Nen type. It was the only Ability that can even be passed by blood. It was like a bloodline of a sort.

Suddenly, Allan remembered a person without any Nen training that used a specialist’s Ability. It was Neon Nostrade, the daughter of Light Nostrade of the Nostrade Family.

Her Ability is called Lovely Ghostwriter, which is basically fortune-telling.

Neon’s fortunes take the form of a poem with four or five quatrains of four lines each. Each verse represents a week of the current month.

The target must handwrite his name (aliases and handles count), full date of birth, and blood type on the piece of paper on which she will write the poem. A picture of the target’s face is necessary if he isn’t present.

The only problem of this Ability is that she can’t use this Ability on herself. But it’s a fact that she didn’t train to use Nen before, but she could use her Specialist’s Ability.

Which made Allan conclude that the Grim’s hand he just got can be used without Nen as well.

Sure enough, the system informed Allan of the conditions to use the Grim’s Hand.

[Grim’s hand’s description: By touching a target, the user can rip off the target’s luck, therefore increasing his own. Once the luck accumulates to a certain point, the user can enter a short state of invincibility.

When the invincibility state is activated, there is a chance that the opponent’s bad luck will be ripped off and added to the user’s luck, which will decrease his luck until it turns into bad luck. Once the bad overwhelms the good, the user would become weak and unable to activate Nen’s ability or encounter unlucky events.

It’s a double-edged ability that could save the user’s life as well as kill him.

The conditions to activate this Ability:

1: The user’s hand must touch any part of the target’s body for a full five seconds.

2: The user must know the target’s name.

3: Only one hand can be used, either right or left, for this Ability.

4: The user won’t be able to use Nen and will enter a state of Zetsu

5: This Ability can only be used once per day, and on one target in their lifetime.]

Allan sighed after learning about the Grim’s Hand. This Ability contained too many conditions for use, and it has some mean disadvantages like stealing someone’s bad luck.

But in general, it is a useful ability. Allan didn’t notice any change, but he also understood that this Ability isn’t felt or seen.

But it existed, which matters most. Moreover, it can make Allan’s life much easier.

At this time, Gon brought Allan back to reality: “Allan, I caught a fish, and I’m grilling it, do you want to eat?”

“Hmm, okay!” Allan rubbed his stomach as he smelt the fragrant grilled fish.

After eating, Allan looked at Gon as if he was looking at a prey. He was thinking about using the Grim’s Hand on Gon to get his luck. After all, he was eager to try and use this Ability to see how effective it was.

Gon noticed Allan’s gaze and asked timidly: “Allan, do I have something on my face?”

Gon felt as if Allan wanted to eat him out.

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