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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 4: I’m a Noble!

Facing the doubtful Gon, Allan realized that his expression was a little strange, but fortunately, Gon wasn’t suspicious.

‘It seems that I have to wait, now isn’t the time to use my Grim’s Hand. I hope I can use it soon.’

“By the way, Allan, you still didn’t tell me why are you here alone? Where are your parents? And where are you from?” Gon asked curiously again.

Allan felt a headache and thought: “Gon had to ask about his Origin, didn’t he!”

At this moment, a notification appeared again.

[Please choose from the following options!]

[1: Tell Gon the truth, tell him about your transmigration: Reward: double mental power]

[2: Fabricate a lie and convince Gon: Reward: double physical strength!]

Note: Physical strength of ordinary people is 10 points.

[3: Jump on Gon and knock him out: Reward: tenfold in both physical strength and mental power!]

Allan didn’t want to deceive anyone, he wasn’t the kind of person who would tell lies to get away from things, but looking at the last choice, he almost choked and fell on the ground.

‘What does he mean to jump on Gon and Knock him out?!!!’

The first and second choices are typical, but the third was just too much!!

Although Gon was still young, it was apparent in the show how strong he was, and here is the choice telling Allan, who had an average power compared to a normal human from Earth, to knock such a monster down.

The third option is impossible for obvious reasons so, now he had to think about the first and second options.

Allan finally settled for the second option. He wasn’t about to tell Gon that he was from another world, and he knew everything that will happen in the latter’s life.

He had no option but to lie currently.

[Ding! You picked the second option! Host’s physical strength is doubled!]

Allan felt his body getting more robust, his power increased a lot due to this reward.

Allan looked up and said: “Sorry, Gon, I lied to you about being a tourist. I’m not here for sightseeing.”

“Well, I guessed that from the start.” Gon’s words surprised Allan.

Gon then added: “Because Whale island isn’t a tourist attraction island, there is nothing to watch here and usually, no tourist will come here. Therefore, I knew that you didn’t tell me the truth when you said you were one.”

Allan was stunned: ‘And here I thought that this kid was naïve, it turned out he was sharp, maybe still naïve, but not like a kid.’

Allan smirked in his thoughts and decided to start telling his bluff.

Thinking for a bit, Allan said: “That’s right, Gon, I’m a noble.”

“Noble?” Gon tilted his head slightly in confusion.

“Yeah.” Allan nodded and continued his nonsense: “I come from a kingdom called Alabasta. My father, Nefertari Cobra, is the king of Alabasta, and my full name is Nefertari Allan, the crown prince of Alabasta.”

“I didn’t once get hungry, or lack clothing since I was little, everything I wanted I would get, but that kind of life got boring, I didn’t even have a single true friend.”

“That’s why, one day, I told my father, the king, that I wanted to go in an adventure and get to see the world for myself.”

“But since I’m the crown prince, the one who will inherit the throne, my father didn’t agree, and after we quarreled, I just silently left in anger and sneaked out of the kingdom.”

“But after some time, all my money was spent, and I couldn’t go anywhere, in desperation, I just got into the first boat I saw, which happened to be headed to Whale island.”

“After getting here, I wandered around and got lost in the forest, before I found you, Gon.”

Finally, Allan recited the story he prepared. He acted as if he felt heartache while thinking about his father and kingdom, showed anger when the king denied his adventure, and finally, showed longing at the end as if he missed his home.

His acting skill definitively deserved an Oscar, and the innocent Gon was no match for such performance that he directly believed him and almost shouted: “Allan, you’re a prince?”

“Shhh! Don’t yell. I don’t want anyone to know that.” Allan made a flustered gesture, which made Gon directly cover his mouth and whispered: “So your father, the king, doesn’t know you’re here?”

“Yeah.” Allan nodded.

“What are you going to do then? Are you going back there?”

Hearing Gon’s words, Allan shook his head: “Maybe someday, but I’m not going for now.” He sighed with a lonely expression.
“Forget about it, it was my decision, and I will take responsibility for my action. Don’t worry about me, even if I die, it’s not your fault, you are maybe my last friend in this life, and I hope even if something happened to me, you’d remember my name, Allan Nefertari!”

After saying this, Allan directly waved his hand and pretended to go away as he said: “Goodbye Gon, I’m going, and I hope your life will be better than mine.”

Just when Allan walked two steps away, Gon directly shouted: “Wait a minute.”

‘Hehehe, it worked’ Allan rejoiced but kept his expression full of sadness and asked: “Is there something, Gon?”

Gon stayed silent for a bit before he raised his head and said: “I’m also alone with no parents, my father left me here with my aunt to go adventure in the world… I can feel your pain somewhat!”


“Yeah,” Gon nodded and said: “I haven’t seen my mother before either. You can say I never felt the love of my parents as a child.”

Allan looked at him with sympathy and said: “Gon, your pain is far greater than mine!”

Gon grinned and replied: “It’s okay, I’m already used to it. So, you don’t have to give up, because I’m here with you now.”

Allan lowered his head and said: “But I have nowhere to go.”

Gon thought for a bit and exclaimed as if he had a bright idea: “Ah, since you have nowhere to go, why don’t you live in my house? What do you think?”

Allan was ecstatic, it seems like he won’t be having a problem with food and accommodation in the future. Gon was an interesting friend.

Allan didn’t accept it immediately. Instead, he seemed to hesitate and said: “Is that all right? Won’t I cause trouble for you?”

“Haha, don’t worry, only my aunt and grandmother live there, and they love me very much, so it won’t be a problem when I tell them you are my friend.” Gon smiling while patting his chest.

“Well, I thank you for this.” Allan thanked Gon sincerely.

“Haha, It’s okay, we’re friends.” Gon grinned.

Looking at Gon’s bright smile, Allan didn’t know why he suddenly felt guilty as if he just deceived a little child.

But still, Allan remembered Gon’s favor and would work to pay him back.

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