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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 5: My stupid Brother!

Gon cleaned his Fishing rod and put out the fire with some water, then looked at the setting sun and said: “Allan, we should go back, it’s getting late, and I don’t think catching the master of the swamp is possible today.”

Allan nodded and followed Gon. On the way, he asked as if he didn’t know: “Gon, why do you want to catch the master of the swamp?”

Gon replied with a glint in his eyes: “Because if I can catch it, I can go to the hunter’s exam.”


“My father Ging is a hunter, and I want to become one as well and then find him.”

Allan nodded thoughtfully. Indeed, Gon’s father, Ging Freecss, was a very powerful hunter.

But he was a scumbag. Leaving his young son behind to look around the world and adventure, he doesn’t even have a little bit of responsibility.

Such a father is too much, and Gon still wants to find him. The entire story started with Gon looking for his father, which led to his awesome and dangerous adventure.

To sum the story up, it can be referred to as ‘A fart-boy that was joined by a bro-coned kid on a journey to find the first’s father that has left him in labor to join a group of fools that he abandoned just the moment they needed him.’ Also known as ‘Where is Dad?’

Allan still pretended as if he didn’t know anything when he asked: “So, you want to become a hunter?”

“Yeah!” Gon nodded and asked Allan back: “How about you, Allan, do you want to go back to Alabasta and inherit your father’s throne, or stay here?”

Allan was stunned: ‘Damn! I didn’t think he would believe me completely. If I was truly a prince, then, of course, I’d go inherit the throne!’

Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for us, he isn’t.

He looked at Gon with fake hesitation and said: “Let’s talk about it later. I’m very confused now.”

To be honest, he didn’t want to become a hunter; he wanted to live a safe life in this world without the danger that comes with being a hunter. He wanted to be a ‘salted fish’ in this life.

Gon hoped that Allan would go with him to the Hunter Exam because he wanted a friend on his journey.

But he won’t force Allan, because everyone had their dreams to follow.

As they continued forward, a house appeared not far away. At this time, Allan frowned as he remembered a crucial matter, only Gon would believe the nonsense he spouted about being a prince.

He needed Gon to stay quiet about this, so he directly put a hand on Gon’s shoulder and said: “Gon, later, if someone asked you about me, please don’t tell them my true identity.”

“Huh? Why?” Gon asked in confusion.

“It’s because I ran away from home, and most likely, my father’s guard will come after me to force me to inherit my father’s throne, and maybe if someone here was to know about me, they would be in danger, okay?”

Gon seemed aware of the seriousness of the matter and nodded: “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I promise to take it with me to the grave!”

Allan patted Gon’s shoulder as if he was deeply moved and said: “Gon, Thank you, you’re my best friend in this world, and maybe the only one as well.”

Gon was touched: “Allan, you’re also my only friend.”

“It seems like we have the same circumstances, that’s why we are so compatible.”

The system chose this exact time to ruin this brotherly moment.

[Ding! Please make a choice!]

[1: Become Gon’s sworn brother: Reward: Basics of Nen, The Nen of flame!]

(T/L: The basic of Nen or Nen of flame:

Ten (point) Focus the mind, reflect upon the self, and determine the goal.

Zetsu (tongue) Put it into words.

Ren (temper) Intensify your will.

Hatsu (reléase) Put it to action.)

[2: Become a couple with Gon: Reward: Advanced Application of Nen!]

(T/L: The advanced application refers to the ability to use the basic better, like Gyo, for advanced Ren application.

Gyo: Focusing Nen in the eyes to see the Nen of others or oneself.)

Allan rolled his eyes after reading the choices. Was the system trying to make a joke or something? Start a relationship with Gon. Is that even a thing?

Is it because we seemed compatible? Damn!! The system’s sense of humor is really messed up.

The evil system made another sound!

[Ding! Please make your choice in the next 60 seconds, or else the reward won’t be given afterward]

Allan made his choice without hesitation! It was such an easy choice, after all!

Allan then stared at Gon affectionately and sincerely said: “Gon, since we are so compatible, why don’t we become a couple?”

“Couple? What are you talking about?” Although Gon was naïve, he knew what it meant to be a couple. He suddenly looked at Allan weirdly with suspicion.

Allan quickly corrected himself: “Sorry, sorry. That came out wrong! I meant partner, not a couple.”

“Huh?” Gon looked in a daze as he didn’t know what that meant.

Allan then explained: “I mean sworn brothers, Gon.”

“Oh, okay, I don’t have any brother, either.” Gon readily agreed.

As an only child, having a brother was like a dream come true for Gon.

Allan’s proposition made him really happy. After all, now he has a brother.

Allan then stretched his pinky and said: “A pinky promise that can’t be broken even after a hundred years!”

Gon hooked his pinky with Allan before separating! It was a symbolic ceremony, as Gon was still a child, he could ask him to drink a cup of Sake with him. Well, technically, he was also a child as well.

Allan then said: “Well, Gon, we are brothers now, and since I’m a few years older than you, I’m the big brother, and you’re the little brother.”

“Yeah, no problem.” Gon didn’t care whether he was the little or the big brother because all that mattered to him now is that he has a brother.

Allan had the urge to call Gon something now. He wanted so badly to mimic Itachi and say ‘My foolish little brother,’ but he refrained from saying so.

[Ding! You succeeded in becoming Gon’s Sworn Brother and obtained the knowledge of Nen of Flame!]

In an instant, a flood of information invaded Allan’s head containing everything that should be known about the Nen of Flame.

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