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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 31: Birdman

Uvogin was very upset by the old man’s question, but he answered in the end: “I’m called Uvogin. I come to the exam because I made a bet with someone.”

Although he gave his reason, he still seemed very arrogant.

His personality can be decerned with a glance. He was very hot-headed.

Pakunoda then whispered softly: “My name is Pakunoda. I want to be a hunter to make my work easier.”

Chrollo was last: “I’m Chrollo Lucifer, I want to get something, but I must be a hunter first.” When he said ‘something’, his face changed slightly as if he was excited before he said: “It’s a very rare thing, and I can only get it by becoming a hunter.”

His words made Allan concerned. He didn’t know what the Spider’s leader motive was.

It should be very rare, indeed.

After hearing their reasons, the old man said: “Okay, you three passed as well.” Then he made a statement: “Please stop fighting, for the time being, the ship can’t handle destruction anymore, and if it is destroyed, none of you will be able to participate in the exam.”

Although he seemed to talk to all of them, his words are meant for Uvogin.

After all, Uvogin and Allan were fighting before, and as long as he wasn’t blind, he could tell the crazy beast was the one who caused destruction.

Uvogin could tell that the words are meant for him and started getting angry, but Chrollo was there, and he didn’t dare to disobey the latter’s orders.

He could only endure this for now.

A few hours later, the ship approached the harbor and finally docked.

At the same time, other ships started docking as well.

Those ships were hired by the Hunter Association to screen the candidates. The candidates who successfully reach this place are very few, and some of the ships didn’t have any passing candidate.

Only those who passed the initial screening had a chance to actually take the test.

After getting off the ship, the old man gave each of the five a guide sheet for the hunter test, which briefly introduced the exam’s rules and regulations. The time and approximate location of the exam.

After bidding farewell to the old man, Allan took Gon and left. He didn’t walk with Chrollo and the others.

Chrollo naturally didn’t force Allan to go with them. After all, everyone is a competitor in the Hunter Exam.

The fewer the competition in the exam, the higher their chances to pass.

Therefore, not everyone can make friends in this exam.

Allan wasn’t in a hurry. After passing by Chrollo and the others, he directly took Gon to a Coffee to rest.

According to the guide, Allan pondered a little; the first exam will be held in Zaban city, which was the same location on the show. And the examiner should be Satotz.

The test will start in 24 hours, which means that they need to find the location in these 24 hours. If they passed the time limit, they would automatically be eliminated.

After a short break, Allan took Gon to take a cab and head toward Zaban city.

The night in this place was scary, as there was no sound and no light source.

The cab was moving normally, but suddenly a bang was heard as the middle-aged man driving suddenly yelled: “Oh no, I hit something.” Before he hurriedly got out of the car to check.

Inside the car, Allan and Gon looked at each other when they noticed a shadow on the road.

But neither of them moved. They just sat inside the car silently.

They could react quickly to anything, so they weren’t concerned.

Suddenly, the driver’s horrified cry came from outside, and then silence prevailed.

Nothing seemed to happen; however, the driver didn’t come back.

The car’s headlights were the only light source around, but it could only reach a limited Ten meters ahead.

At this time, the car shook as if something was attacking it. Allan and Gon instantly escaped from the car.

They could see what was attacking the car. It was actually a birdman, a magical winged beast.

They seemed like Birdman actually, because except for their wings, their features were that of a human. The only difference was their pupil, which seemed extraordinarily green.

Suddenly, the Birdman turned its gaze toward Allan and Gon, and it’s green pupil shined in the dark night.

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