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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 30: 100 Million

For a while, Chrollo was stunned. This was the first time someone actually ignored him.

Uvogin and Pakunoda were the same. They didn’t expect Allan would be so defiant.

After regaining his senses, Uvogin directly shouted: “Bastard, Stop!”

Allan turned his head calmly and looked at Uvogin: “What’s the matter?”

Uvogin asked sternly: “Our chief is talking to you and you dare ignore him. Who do you think you are?”

“Whoever I’m doesn’t concern you, that’s my attitude, bite me.”

Allan was glancing at Chrollo to decern his reaction to being ignored. Chrollo was calm and deep in thoughts, but Allan couldn’t tell if he was just suppressing his anger.

He was kind on the surface, but he looked like a Rakshasa when he got angry.

But since Chrollo wanted to befriend Allan, the latter knew that Chrollo wouldn’t be angry now. Since he wanted to befriend him, he must have something to gain from Allan.

And it was indeed the case. Chrollo raised his hand to stop Uvogin and directly said to Allan: “It’s okay. If you don’t want to be acquainted with us, then forget it.”

Allan smiled: “It seems like you’re somewhat reasonable.” Then he glanced at Uvogin to deliver his meaning.

Uvogin, of course, understood that Allan was mocking him. He indirectly called him unreasonable.

Although he was angry, he didn’t make a move.

Chrollo paused and then looked at Allan: “Although you don’t want to be friends with us, I hope you can help me with something.”

Hearing this, Allan was slightly surprised. He couldn’t think of anything he can do that the leader of the Spiders couldn’t. But he still asked: “What do you need?”

Chrollo immediately explained: “The three of us should’ve passed the test like you, and you know that. But we didn’t expect that the shameless old man was actually an examiner hired by the association. We didn’t expect that if we don’t answer his questions, we will get eliminated.

Uvogin has a grumpy temper. He is easily angered. That’s why he threatened him, which I’m deeply sorry for that.

Now that you saved his life, he should be very grateful to you, so I hope you can call in your favor to make the three of us qualify for the exam.”

“So that what it was about.” Allan nodded, but he sneered in his heart. If he didn’t know Chrollo’s true face, he would be really deceived by him.

He actually said he was sorry for Uvogin almost killing the old man, which was really funny because he himself was a demon.

But he could tell that the Exam was really important to Chrollo. Otherwise, he wouldn’t go to such length to pass.

Thinking about this, Allan said indifferently: “It’s really a pity. Actually, you three are masters and would be a great addition to the association if you passed. You would have very likely passed the exam and got your license by the end.”

Uvogin listened to Allan and snorted: “As we need you to tell us that.”

Allan glanced at him, ignored him, then turned toward Chrollo and said: “Although that’s true, why should I help you with nothing to gain from it?”

Chrollo raised his mouth slightly and said: “Of course, I won’t let you help us without compensation.”

“Oh?” Allan raised his eyebrows: “What kind of compensation? Maybe I will consider it if it’s good.”

Chrollo raised his index finger and said: “One hundred million.”

“What?” Allan was startled.

“If you can help us, I will pay 100 million.” Chrollo smiled.

When Allan heard this, he was attracted to the offer. Although he wasn’t a greedy person, 100 million was an astronomical figure.

If he had that kind of money, not to mention this lifetime, he wouldn’t worry about money for several lifetimes.

Therefore, Allan directly nodded: “Okay, I will try, but I don’t know if I can help you.”

“We are waiting for you then.” Chrollo smiled. He seemed quite confident that Allan would be able to help them.

Allan directly turned around and entered the Wheelhouse to find the old captain.

The old man was paying attention to Chrollo and Allan, but he couldn’t hear their conversation. So when Allan came, he directly asked: “Allan, what did they tell you?”

Allan didn’t conceal anything and said: “The three of them hope that I can ask you to give them another chance in the exam.”

The old man already guessed this and was not surprised. He looked at Allan seriously and said: “You really want to help them?”

Allan nodded, but he thought in his head were: ‘Of course I will help them, I’m not that rich to refuse 100 million, okay?’ but a serious expression was drawn on his face as he said: “They all are quite strong. I’m quite sure that they can pass the exam if you let them.

A professional Hunter is quite precious for the association, and you should know that better than me, right? Therefore, it would be a pity to eliminate them this way.”

The old man pondered for a while before he said: “Well, you saved my life. I have no reason to reuse. Fortunately for them, I still didn’t make the report to the organizer yet. The three of them are back into the exam then.”

Hearing this, Allan was overjoyed. He directly went back to Chrollo and the others to tell them the news.

“Thank you, Allan” Chrollo smiled, but Allan was taken aback by Chrollo saying his name.

Then he remembered that Gon was yelling his name quite a few times before, which is probably the reason Chrollo knew it as well.

Of course, Chrollo didn’t explain how he knew, but instead, he changed the topic: “Allan, about the 100 million, I will send someone to you with them after the exam is over. Or you can tell me your account number, and I will transfer the money now.”

Allan still didn’t process any bank account, and Gon was the same, so he could only accept the first proposal.

“Well, I hope you don’t go back on your words.”

Chrollo smiled and said: “Don’t worry.”

Allan was really not worried that Chrollo would renege on his words since he was the leader of the Gen’ei Ryodan. Let alone 100 million, even if it was 1 billion, he would be fazed.

Whether he will pay without trouble or not, that matter is for another time.

At this time, the old man came back and said: “Although you three regained your qualification to be hunters, I still need to ask you why you want to be hunters the same as before.” After saying this, he looked at Uvogin and said: Big guy, you first.”

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