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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 29: Ignored

Seeing Uvogin ready to fight a battle of life and death made Allan determined.

When both were about to engage again, Chrollo stepped forward between the two and said faintly: “This fight ends now.”

Uvogin was taken aback. He stared at Chrollo and said with a hint of displeasure: “Chief, give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill the kid now; otherwise, I won’t be convinced.”

Hearing this, Chrollo glanced at Uvogin and said seriously: “You don’t have any kind of problem with him. There is no need for a fight without any reason, right?”

Uvogin was startled and couldn’t refute Chrollo’s words. In fact, he didn’t even have any reason to fight Allan to death. The battle just made him really on edge, and wanted to vent his anger on Allan.

Since Chrollo spoke, he wouldn’t go against his leader’s words.

Uvogin reluctantly replied with an “Um” and glanced at Allan, his gaze no longer held his previous arrogance.

Allan was surprised by Uvogin’s Aura that receded back into his body. He didn’t expect this tiger to have such an obedient side. Allan couldn’t help looking at Chrollo with fear and Admiration.

He was capable of restraining this tiger.

He can even make him obey his orders. He was indeed a master.

Chrollo cast his gaze at Allan and said: “I stopped Uvogin. It’s up to you now.”

Hearing this, Allan stayed silent.

He, of course, didn’t want to fight Uvogin at all, let alone a fight to the death.

Therefore, he didn’t have any killing intent when he fought Uvogin previously, and even the latter didn’t release any killing intent.

However, if the fight continues, they will definitively kill each other.

At that time, there won’t be just a normal fight. It would be a fight to the death.

Even though Allan would’ve died if he received a serious punch from Uvogin, it wasn’t a fight to the death.

Now that Chrollo stepped forward to end the fight, Allan had no reason to continue.

But just as he was about to accept, the system gave him a new choice.

[1: Give Chrollo’s face and don’t fight Uvogin. Reward: Increase Observation Haki by one level]

[2: Provoke Chrollo and successfully anger him. Reward: Armament Haki (Intermediate)]

Seeing the Intermediate Armament Haki, Allan’s eyes lit up. Before he could be happy, he saw the condition to get that reward and immediately gave up.

Angering Chrollo wasn’t a good choice at all.

Allan knew very well that if Chrollo wanted, he would be dead now. If he was to provoke him, he would be just seeking death.

He didn’t want to risk his life and die just because of a reward.

Instantly, Allan chose the first option.

[Ding! You have chosen the first option. Reward: Observation Haki increased by one level.]

Allan felt his Observation Haki improve.

Previously, his Observation Haki could give him insights, but now, he could feel danger with his eyes closed and even make precise predictions of his enemy’s attacks.

It’s a pity that his fight with Uvogin came to an end now. Because of Chrollo’s interference, Allan didn’t get the Rankyaku.

The condition for that reward is defeating Uvogin. Strictly speaking, Allan didn’t manage to do that yet.

So he was not given the reward by the system.

However, he knew that he could get Rankyaku another day, so he wasn’t disappointed.

At this time, the dispute settled, Chrollo directly brought Pukunoda and Uvogin toward Allan.

Allan instantly activated his Observation Haki just to be safe. After his Observation, Haki increased by one level. He could predict danger efficiently now.

With his Observation Haki, Allan could tell that Chrollo didn’t have any hostility toward him, which made him relax slightly: “What’s the matter?”

Chrollo smiled faintly: “How about we get to know each other? My name is Chrollo.” After saying this, he introduced Uvogin and Pakunoda to him.

Allan was surprised. Chrollo made it clear that he wanted to befriend him, which was unexpected.

Allan didn’t know how to answer. But at this time, the system gave him another choice, which was surprising.

[1: Ignore Chrollo and treat him as if he doesn’t exist. Reward: Increase your Nen reserve by 3,000]

[2: Respond to Chrollo and befriend him. Reward: Increase Moon Walk’s level by one.]

Allan scratched his head as those choices made him uncertain about what to do.

When he fought Uvogin, he realized how lacking his Nen reserve was. So, the increase in the amount of Nen he had was attracting.

Of course, Moon Walk played a huge role in his battle as well. If he didn’t have it, he wouldn’t have lasted that long.

However, in general, Allan believed that the most important thing now is to increase his Nen.

As for making friends with the Spiders? Well, Allan didn’t want to get involved in their business for now.

The Spiders were well-known thieves with level A bounties. Allan didn’t want to be seen with criminals wanted all over the world.

Immediately, Allan made his own choice and glanced at Chrollo before ignoring him and walking toward Gon directly.

[Ding! You ignored Chrollo. Reward: 3,000 Nen added to your reserve.]

In an instant, Allan’s Nen skyrocketed, and the consumed Nen from the fight was refilled again by the system.

He was overjoyed, but he thought: “I don’t know what will Chrollo do now.”

To be honest, he now wanted to look back and see Chrollo’s expression after he ignored him.

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