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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 28: Fear

As soon as the Ice wall formed, Uvogin slammed it and broke it apart.


As soon as the wall broke, small crystal-like Ice pieces scattered in the air.

At the same time, Allan struck Uvogin with an uppercut that landed firmly on the latter’s jaw.

In that punch, Allan applied Ryu, which concentrates Nen on any part of the body. He used almost 70% of his Nen on that punch, hoping to deal the most amount of damage.

Uvogin was hit so hard that he felt that his jaw was about to split, causing him to lose consciousness for a second.

Allan stretched one had and shouted: Freeze!!”

The Cold Nen erupted out of Allan’s body and directly covered Uvogin, turning him into an Ice Sculpture.


Allan exhaled loudly as this was his first serious battle in this world.

He didn’t expect an elite just as he left Whale Island.

Had he not received Observation Haki, and Moon Walk, he stood no chance in front of someone like Uvogin even if he relied on his Ice.

Fortunately, after some struggle, he managed to freeze him.

“Allan, you are amazing. You actually froze that guy.” Gon immediately shouted joyfully.

“This is just temporary.” Allan frowned.

He knew that he couldn’t completely freeze someone of Uvogin’s level with his current power.

Hearing this, Gon said in shock: “Then what if he comes out of the Ice?”

Allan shrugged and said: “What else can I do? I will just keep freezing him.”

Gon was taken aback. This method seemed simple and somewhat stupid.

But it was the most practical.

Since he can’t kill his opponent, trapping him was the best solution.

Chrollo and Pakunoda looked at the frozen Uvogin, and their faces changed slightly.

“What should we do, Chief? Do you want me to go and help?” Pakunoda asked.

Pakunoda was about to reply, but he heard a sudden crack and saw cracks started spreading on the Ice covering Uvogin.

“Retreat. The Ice is about to break.”

Allan was startled and quickly pulled Gon back.

In the next instant, a bang resounded as Ice shards flew around.

Uvogin currently seemed like a snow tiger breaking through Ice. His Nen erupted stronger than before.

But although he seemed fierce, his breathing was hard and looked really tattered.

Uvogin broke the Ice, but he was somewhat slow and allowed the Cold force to invade his body. At this moment, he was trying to use his Nen to expel the cold from his body.

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed toward him, and that figure was Allan obviously.

He calculated when Uvogin would break his Ice, and he knew that he would be damaged afterward, which is why he was now seizing this opportunity to attack.

An Icicle slammed down toward Uvogin’s head, wanting to penetrate it.

Uvogin was startled and, without thinking, sent a punch toward the Icicle in Allan’s hand.

The collision between the fist and the Icicle generated a strong shock wave that fortunately didn’t destroy the Ship.

Uvogin’s power was enough to defend against the Icicle even without concentrating. As soon as Allan noticed his attack not working, he whipped a kick like lightning toward his chest.

Uvogin saw it, but his reaction was slower with his body so cold, and he couldn’t react in time. As a result, he was sent flying.

Allan jumped in the air with a pair of Icicle in his hands, then used Moon Walk to dive down toward the flying Uvogin like an eagle.

Uvogin was shocked and couldn’t stabilize himself to send a punch out.

Just as Allan was above Uvogin and was about to finish him off, a figure flashed in front of him and blocked the blow meant for Uvogin.

Allan’s pupil shrunk; it was Chrollo.

Chrollo stood in front of Allan, holding a mysterious book in his left hand and a horned shield in his right hand, which stopped the icicles.

Chrollo opened his mouth and said: “If you want to continue this fight, I will be your opponent.”

Allan directly closed his hand and withdrew.

His eyes looked at the book in Chrollo’s hand with fear.

That wasn’t an ordinary book. It was Chrollo’s special ability, the book can steal people’s Nen abilities, and it’s known as Skill hunter (Bandit’s secret).

With a few conditions, Chrollo would be able to steal the Nen ability and seal it inside that book.

And he can only activate the stolen skills when he had the book in his hand.

That Horned Shield should be one of the stolen abilities of Chrollo.

Allan’s eyes almost looked at Chrollo with jealousy. He used his strongest attack to kill Uvogin, but just one ability he had in the book could stop him effortlessly.

The Atmosphere in the Ship became tense as Allan just stared at Chrollo without relaxing.

He could deal with Uvogin with his current power, but Chrollo was an entirely different matter.

At this moment, Chrollo opened his mouth and said: “Don’t be nervous. I won’t attack.”

Hearing this, Allan was taken aback and asked: “What do you mean?”

“Just what I said, but of course, if you want to fight, I will accompany you.”

After saying this, Chrollo’s shield disappeared.

Seeing this, Allan breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems like Chrollo really didn’t want to fight.

Uvogin currently finished recovering from the cold that invaded his body. He looked at Chrollo and said: “Chief, I’m sorry, I troubled you. Now, let me finish this kid off. This time I will use my full power without holding anything back.”

The Atmosphere once again tensed, as Allan’s heart that relaxed, once again tightened.

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