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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 27: Breaking The Ice

Everyone could see the deck’s surface become white before it was turned into a crystal clear layer of Ice.

Uvogin was extremely surprised.

The Cold air crawled on the deck and reached his legs. Ice started forming around them quickly before moving to his upper body, trying to turn him into an Ice Sculpture.

The coldness already invaded Uvogin’s body, which made him grunt before he directly swung his fist toward Allan.

His feet were covered in Ice, and he couldn’t get closer to Allan, so he directly sent his fist to try and break the Ice.

Although he didn’t use his full power, it was at least 70% of it.

When he tried to break free, it was already too late because once again, Allan struck quickly, and his Cold Nen erupted like a storm.

Uvogin knew that he was in a bad situation and attacked the Ice with everything he had.

A huge amount of Nen shot out of Uvogin, shattering the Ice covering his feet as he lunged at Allan like a tiger.

Allan wasn’t afraid of danger. He was relying on his Observation Haki to avoid any and all punches Uvogin sent toward him.

His actions seemed dangerous, but everything was within his calculation.

Uvogin was extremely angry as he punched nonstop, vowing to kill Allan.

Allan just kept dodging left and right. Every attack was seen through using his Observation Haki.

Uvogin finally changed his attacks by jumping in the air then locking into Allan before dropping down with a Superman Punch.

Allan already noticed this and took action to resist. He created two Ice cones in the air to stop Uvogin’s attack.

“Humph! an ant trying to shake a tree.”

Uvogin snorted coldly before colliding with the Ice Cones breaking them apart, and continued toward Allan.

As Uvogin was about to succeed in hitting Allan for the first time, the latter’s figure flashed and avoided again.


One-third of the deck was destroyed, and splinters flew everywhere.

Allan’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as he floated in the air.

It was really a close call. Fortunately, he used the Ice Cones to reduce the damage, or else the entire ship would’ve sunk.

“Get down here!”

Uvogin roared as he jumped toward Allan.

Allan sneered as he thought, ‘What does he think he is doing? I have Moon Walk, you Idiot. I’m superior mid-air.’

Allan immediately rushed forward toward Uvogin, who was taken aback by this. He didn’t expect Allan would take the initiative to get close to him, so he instantly sent a punch toward Allan.

Allan’s Observation Haki already predicted Uvogin’s attack and helped him avoid it with his Moon Walk and kicked Uvogin mercilessly.

Since he was in the air, Uvogin blocked with his hand as his body started to fall.

Allan predicted that Uvogin would block and instantly kicked with his other leg that connected without a problem.


Uvogin was shot down like a cannonball toward the ship and collided hardly.

Allan didn’t want Uvogin to record, so he directly moved down with Moon Walk while pointing his fingers at Uvogin. Instantly, Sharp icicles formed in the air and struck down Uvogin as fast as lightning.


A pained cry escaped Uvogin’s mouth as the Icicles that were harder than steel touched his chest.

He looked down and saw the Icicles embedded into his chest and blood gushing out from his wounds.

Uvogin was shocked and exclaimed: “What?! Blood?”

Allan was happy. His attack landed as he expected.

Of course, if an ordinary sharp object hit Uvogin, there is no way it could penetrate his defense. Still, since Allan added the Ice element, the Icicle’s penetrative power increased immensely, and even a body like steel wouldn’t be able to resist.

Chrollo smiled slightly and said: “He did a good job breaking Uvogin’s defense and hurt him.”

“Indeed.” Pakunoda felt the same way: “Uvogin’s body can’t be even hurt by rockets.”

Other than physical power, Enhancers had a unique advantage in recovery. They can use Nen to accelerate their recovery.

Right now, the damage done by Allan’s blow was already healing. Uvogin’s vitals weren’t hurt at all, but this injury made Uvogin feel shame.

He looked at Allan in mid-air and angrily roared: “Get Down Here!!!”

Uvogin had no way to fly, and this meant he couldn’t catch Allan at all.

Even if he relied on his powerful legs to jump at Allan, Allan would have full control of the situation once he is there.

So, even though he was furious, he didn’t lose his mind and jump.

Suddenly, a trident formed in Allan’s hand before he swooped down toward Uvogin.

“Damn it!”

Uvogin shouted and punched with his right fist.


The collision between the Trident and the punch sent shockwave all around the ship while breaking a few waves apart.


The Trident couldn’t withstand Uvogin’s punch and instantly broke down. But this caused Uvogin’s punch to almost freeze from the cold energy released as the Trident broke.

Allan felt his hand numbing from the last collision.

The two of them were evenly matched in the last exchange. But in the blink of an eye, Uvogin lunged forward with great speed toward Allan.

Allan was startled. He didn’t expect Uvogin’s speed to increase so much. It was already too late to avoid Uvogin’s punch, and he could only try to resist by punching back.


With the head-on attack, Allan was immediately launched back with great ferocity due to Uvogin’s attack’s mighty force.

The latter took advantage of this and instantly chased after Allan with full power, adamant about finishing him off.

Allan could tell that he was in extreme danger and reacted quickly by forming a huge ice wall in front of him.

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