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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 26: Power

Chrollo shook his head slightly and said: “No, Uvogin’s power isn’t that simple. Furthermore, I’m a little bit interested in that guy. So, let’s just take this opportunity to observe his battle with Uvogin.”

Hearing this, Pakunoda looked at Allan and paid more attention to the fight: “There are not many guys that can catch the Chief’s eyes. Does Chief want to bring him into the group?”

“If he can survive, we can consider getting acquainted with him.” Chrollo smiled with a calculating expression.

At this moment, Uvogin turned his head and looked at Chrollo with a startled expression: “Chief is smiling?”

His simple mind came to a weird conclusion: “It must be because I haven’t finished the battle just yet. And now, the Chief is laughing at me.”

In previous fights, Uvogin always crushed his targets with his overwhelming strength. He was known for finishing his targets quickly, but now facing Allan, he couldn’t fully use his advantage in strength.

The guy seemed to predict every attack he launched with ease making him miss every single punch.

Uvogin stared at Allan with anger as he said: “Damn it, I will get serious now.”

Suddenly, an astonishing Aura surrounded Uvogin like a violent volcano.

His Nen was extremely powerful that it made Allan think he was facing an angry beast.

“Very scary!!”

Not far behind, Gon and the old man felt the ferocity Uvogin was emanating and were quite shocked.

Although the old man didn’t practice Nen, he could feel that Uvogin was currently more terrifying than a beast.

Gon didn’t learn Gyo yet, so he couldn’t see Nen around Uvogin’s body, but he knew that the Aura was stronger than anything he felt before.

“Allan, I will help you.” Gon took a deep breath and suppressed his fear. He stepped forward to help Allan and fight alongside him.

After all, he was the reason Allan had to fight Uvogin in the first place.

If he didn’t insist on saving the old man, Allan wouldn’t be fighting Uvogin right now.

Therefore, Gon knew that he should be fighting with Allan.

However, with Uvogin’s Aura, Gon almost couldn’t move forward.

“His Nen is just too powerful.” Gon was startled and stared at Allan’s back and thought: ‘It turns out that Allan was fighting such a powerful opponent, no wonder he told me to not contact them. The kind of Nen he was using is changing the atmosphere even. I probably wouldn’t be able to even scratch him.’

“Gon, don’t come over, just stay with Captain-san,” Allan shouted without looking back.

Facing a monster like Uvogin prevented him from relaxing even for a second. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to react even with Observation Haki.

Simultaneously, Allan’s Nen exploded out of his body to try and match Uvogin, but comparing the two, it was apparent that Uvogin was stronger.


The old man noticed the situation, hurriedly pulled Gon into the wheelhouse, and said: “Little Gon, don’t worry. I believe that Allan can handle it. We need to stay away, so he doesn’t get distracted.”

“Mm.” Gon nodded.

He already knew that it was not a battle he could join, and it would only add the burden on Allan if he did.

But if Allan can’t handle it, he was ready to go and lay his life helping him.

Uvogin wasn’t in a hurry to attack. He looked at the Nen Allan was releasing and smiled disdainfully: “Heh! I think you started training in Nen for three or four years at most. I started training more than ten years ago, so you’re not my opponent at all.”

“Really?” Allan’s mouth curved into a smile as he sarcastically said: “You’ve been training for so many years, and you still rely on pure Nen to win?

Although you’re Nen is indeed stronger than mine and is much larger in quantity than mine, certain variables are in a Nen battle. Because of that, victory is never absolute.

Take our situation for example; even if you are stronger than me, you will only win if you manage to hit me, which you still didn’t.

If your fist can’t touch me, then all you have is brute strength that means nothing at all.”

A vein bulged out on Uvogin’s forehead as he heard Allan’s sarcasm and angrily said: “Do you think you can escape a full power punch from me?”

He sneered and said: “Let’s see you try avoiding my full power punch!”

Allan’s expression became serious as he thought: ‘Is that idiot going to use a special attack finally?’

In the show, Uvogin was a top-notch Enhancer. Even if he was faced with hundreds of people, he would kill them with his bare hands.

His Big Bang Impact should be his strongest attack, which he used to punch and destroy Worm, one of the four Shadow Beast who was deep underground along with a large piece of land he was hiding in.

It’s just a super-powered punch.

“Chief, what is Uvogin going to do? Do you want me to stop him?” Pakunoda couldn’t help ask Chrollo.

Chrollo shook his head: “No, I want to see what happens to that guy facing Uvogin’s Big Bang Impact. Will he stay alive or die? This is interesting.”

“But, if we do that, we will be eliminated from the exam.”

“It doesn’t matter, the hunter exam is held every year, but it’s not common to find such an interesting guy.”

Hearing this, Pakunoda stopped talking, and her eyes fell on Allan and Uvogin, just like Chrollo.

At this moment, Uvogin raised his right hand, which was clenched, and started gathering an astonishing amount of Aura in it.

He knew that if Uvogin’s fist fell on the ship, the entire ship would be destroyed.

By then, all the people on the ship had no chance of survival.

Although Allan didn’t think of himself as a good person, this was a battle between him and Uvogin. Involving innocent bystanders isn’t something he was willing to do, so he wouldn’t allow Uvogin to destroy the ship.

Allan knew that he could avoid the punch with his Observation Haki, but he wasn’t willing to watch hundreds of life destroyed just like that. So his only path was to resist this punch.


Allan inhaled and said: “I can only try that!”

As soon as he said this, a cold Aura started radiating around him, and the surrounding temperature started dropping at an alarming rate. The white Frosty air spread from his feet, directly moving toward Uvogin and freezing the ship’s surface in the process.

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