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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 25: Observation Haki

Allan managed to see the trajectory of Uvogin’s attack with Observation Haki.

When the punch seemed close to hitting Allan, for some reason, it hit nothing.

Uvogin was startled because Allan was standing in the same place as if he didn’t move.

“His body didn’t move, but his head leaned to the side?” At this moment, Uvogin was shocked by Allan’s brazen way of avoiding his attack.

“Is this all you’ve got?” Allan mocked aloud.

He was extremely frightened when he did that, and if he wasn’t using Observation Haki, that punch would’ve killed him.

But he just taunted Uvogin to make him angrier and lead him into making mistakes.

He wanted Uvogin to attack him irrationally, so he could take advantage of his rage and counterattack.

Allan’s taunt worked a little too well as Uvogin laughed angrily: “What an arrogant guy, do you think that you’re so great just for avoiding a punch? If you think that this is all of my power, then your death will be quite the ugly one.” He squeezed his fist and said: “But sorry, I only need a third of my power to kill you.”

Uvogin’s face resembled a fierce wild animal with a wicked smile.

Allan’s mouth raised slightly: “Do you want to kill me with a third of your power? You have greatly underestimated my power.” He raised four fingers and continued to taunt Uvogin: “Then I will use four, ten precents of my power against you.”

“Ten percent?” Uvogin frowned.

Allan smiled faintly and said: “That’s 40%, you idiot.”


Uvogin’s anger reached a new high, but he suppressed himself as he looked at Allan with a sneer: “I hope your as strong as your mouth, otherwise I will tear you and your mouth apart.”

“I also hope your fist is stronger, or else, you’ve got no chance to even hit me.” Allan mocked again.

Currently, they were two meters apart and within each other’s reach.

The two of them seemed in a staring contest, but actually, they were contemplating their next course of action.

They were waiting for the best moment to attack.

Uvogin was 100% confident that he can overwhelm Allan with speed and power within such a short distance.

Without further thoughts, Uvogin punched Allan’s head. Allan quickly tilted his head to the right, avoiding the fist.

The wind howled beside Allan’s cheek as Uvogin’s punch passed by.

Once again, Uvogin was stunned as his fist for the second time couldn’t touch its target.

“How are you…”

Uvogin’s confidence turned into shock within seconds.

He was shocked because, this time, he was just 2 meters away from his opponent, but the boy was able to avoid his punch the same way as before.

“Damn it! I don’t believe you can avoid all of my punches.”

This time, he no longer aimed at Allan’s head. Instead, he aimed at his chest.

Uvogin’s physical strength was tremendous to the point that he could shatter rocks and pierce iron plate without Nen’s use.

If such a punch was to hit an ordinary person, he would die on the spot. And even those who can use Ren or Ken for defense are at risk.

In the past ten years, at least one thousand people died under his punches. Eight hundred of the one thousand corpses were described as killed by a beast, not a human with claw marks and teeth marks.

With Allan’s provocation, Uvogin’s punches were already filled with Nen, which was several times stronger than his normal punch.

Because of the power behind it, a violent sound resonated from it as it moved across the air.

Seeing the punch move toward his chest, Allan immediately stepped aside and barely avoided it.

“Did I miss again?”

Uvogin’s surprise kept growing as he didn’t expect Allan to avoid his last punch within such a close distance.

It’s as if the boy already knew where the punch was moving. It’s like the boy predicted and knew where to move to avoid his punch before he even attacked.

He squinted his eyes before looked at Allan suspiciously and thought: ‘This guy… Did he see through my attack?”

In order to verify his guess, Uvogin punched again and again like a raging storm.

With the help from his Observation Haki, Allan avoided each punch without much effort.

Or that’s what it looked like, but in fact, Allan needed to concentrate really hard to avoid Uvogin’s flurry of attacks as his Observation Haki was only at the Novice level.

If his Observation Haki was of a higher level, he wouldn’t need to concentrate as much, and he would be able to counterattack without much problem.

Although Allan seemed calm, he was very focused as he was facing someone so strong. He didn’t dare to get careless even for a second, or else he would die.

Chrollo was watching the fight without any change in expression at first, but as Allan kept on avoiding Uvogin’s attacks, a faint light appeared in his eyes.

“It’s not easy. That guy is avoiding Uvogin’s attacks with the smallest amount of movement possible.”

Pakunoda heard this and became curious: “Chief, is that guy predicting Uvogin’s attacks?”

Chrollo nodded and said: “Not just that, he is trying to consume Uvogin’s power while dodging his attacks with the smallest movement and not counterattacking.

But that’s not a sign of weakness or fear. He is trying to save his energy and stay on standby, waiting for the right moment to counterattack. He is really a calm headed guy.

In contrast, Uvogin’s attacks are wide and full of openings. Each punch was simple and used wide movement, which consumes several times more energy than his opponent.

Over time, even if Uvogin had the advantage when it comes to Nen, once he gets tired, the gap between them will narrow, and maybe that guy can even overpower him.”

Hearing Chrollo’s analyses, Pakunoda was a little bit surprised: “I didn’t expect Uvogin to encounter this kind of opponent. He isn’t good at dealing with such strategic enemies. Do I need to go there and help?”

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