HxH: God Of Choice System HxH: God Of Choice System
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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 37: Ice Field

At the forefront, Chrollo, Uvogin, and Pakunoda were running behind Stotz.

By the time Allan caught up to them, Satotz and the others were climbing a long staircase.

Allan’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the Staircase.

The Staircase was very steep, and it will take a lot of effort to climb it quickly.

Many candidates were sweating miserably right now. They thought it was just a relaxing marathon, but they didn’t expect it to be hard.

This was hard because the tunnel was 100 below the ground, and Fresh Air was scarce in this place.

And with the limited space and the number of participants, the oxygen in the Air became even thinner.

Therefore, they consumed much more energy than they usually would in this case, which increased the pressure on them.

At this time, Satotz led the group up the Staircase with Chrollo and the others just behind him.

They weren’t even making an effort to climb the stairs. After all, they were masters of Nen. Something like climbing a staircase is effortless.

Allan was now ten meters behind them.

Allan had a plan as he looked at them up ahead and directly jumped up.

Moon Walk!

Allan directly rushed forward while in the Air.

Compared to running up the stairs, using Moon Walk was less straining than walking up the stairs. It consumed less energy and was way faster.

In a short while, Allan surpassed Chrollo and the other two and even passed Stotz.

“What?! It’s that bastard from the boat. He dares to jump over our heads.”

Uvogin was angry and shocked, while Chrollo and Pakunoda didn’t say a word and continued following Stotz.

As for Satotz, he was shocked speechless for a while. He knew many abilities, but never in his life did he see someone walk on the Air and couldn’t help exclaiming: “Walking on the Air? What kind of ability is that? This is really an eye-opener.”

Allan successfully passed everyone using Moon Walk. When he was about to reach the end of the tunnel, he stopped.

At this time, all candidates were still running and climbing the stairs.

Allan’s mouth raised into a smile. Now that he reached the finish line, he needs to eliminate 50 candidates and get his reward.

He thought for a bit before he squatted down and touched the ground. Soon, his aura changed into Ice that covered the entire Staircase.

Sen-Kiro Ice Field (A thousand Kilometers Ice Field)

The Ice extended all the way down the Staircase.

As long as it was frozen, then the difficulty will be doubled.

Allan sneered, seeing Ice Field extend further and further from him.

He just had to wait for 50 candidates to drop out due to his Ice before he passes the finish line, which is the door beside him.

At this moment, Satotz, Chrollo, and the others stopped suddenly.

They saw the stars frozen crystal, it was a beautiful scene, but for many candidates, it was like a nightmare.

The steep Staircase was now frozen, and anyone who can’t keep his balance will slide down to the bottom.

“Hehe, did the candidate who ran in front of us do this? Interesting! Did he want to eliminate other candidates using this?”

Stotz instantly understood Allan’s intentions.

But this move could offend him as the examiner and a couple of hundreds of candidates.

Uvogin angrily shouted: “That bastard, I will beat him up when I see him later.”

Chrollo was dissatisfied with this as well. Allan’s move undoubtedly provoked him.

Chrollo directly said: “Let’s go up first, then talk.”

“Good.” Uvogin nodded.

A few people took a step on the Ice without a problem, but they knew that if someone took a step carelessly, he would slip and slide down to his doom.

In the end, a few candidates rolled down the stairs and knocked a few others with them.

They were close to the examiner, but now, they were quite a distance away, and even if they succeed and reach the end of the stairs, the examiner would’ve left already, and they won’t be able to get to the second Exam’s site.

That was equivalent to being eliminated from the Exam.

Allan stood quietly at the top of the stairs while looking at the people down, being unable to climb with a sneer on his face. Finally, he looked at the exit and went out.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, the System handed over his reward.

[Ding! The Host is the first candidate to reach the end of the tunnel and successfully eliminated more than 50 candidates using reasonable means. Reward: Conqueror Haki (Haoshoku Haki) (Novice)]