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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 36: Race!

The underground passage was like a bottomless pit, and the longer people ran, the helpless they felt.

After 40 Kilometers, the first person was mentally broken as he fell back from the group.

At this time, Allan was already advancing as fast as he could. He looked up and saw Killua on his skateboard with his hands in his pockets, moving forward leisurely.

Allan didn’t mind Killua as he continued forward and passed him.

Killua, who was leisurely moving forward, immediately felt provoked by this and exclaimed: “You think you’re the fastest? Okay, we’ll see.”

Killua’s expression became serious as he started going faster.

At this time, a Hedgehog headed guy caught up to him. Killua saw Gon running so fast and couldn’t help asking: “Hey, are you chasing that guy?”

“Hmm.” Gon Nodded before his eyes lit up and exclaimed: “Wow, your skateboard is so cool!!”

“Do you want to play?”


“How old are you?”


Killua felt happy and said: “We’re the same age!”

“Hehe, then we’re probably the youngest candidates in this Exam.” Gon said sheepishly.

“My name is Killua. What is your name?” Killua rarely saw someone his age, so he had to ask.

“My Name is Gon.”

“Gon, did you come by yourself?”

“No, I came with Allan.”

“Allan?” Killua frowned: “Is it the guy who just passed me?”

“It is.” Gon said.

“Why is he running so fast?” Killua wondered.

Gon shook his head and said: “I don’t know, probably because he was bored running so slowly. So he wanted to reach the finish line quickly.”

“Hmm… is it fun to race?” Killua muttered.

“Hey, Killua, I want to catch up to Allan, so I will go first.”

Gon’s Aura instantly enveloped him as his speed exploded.

Killua, on the side, was stunned, he thought that Gon was better than normal kids at best, but he didn’t expect to be so strong.

“That felt so strong. What is your background, Gon?”

Killua muttered to himself, then put away the skateboard.

Killua’s mouth raised in a smile as he looked at the disappearing back of Gon: “Interesting. It seems that this Exam can’t be taken lightly. This hunter Exam is full of hidden masters.”

Immediately, Killua disappeared from his place as he started chasing after Gon with astonishing speed.

He was born as a killer because he was one of the Zolyck. He received hellish training from an early age, and in terms of speed, even people with Nen can’t match him.

Hisoka and the disguised Illumi were advancing together unhurriedly at this time.

“Really unexpected from you, Illumi. You’re actually here to participate in the Hunter Exam.” As he said this, Hisoka glanced at Illumi with interest and continued: “Moreover, you made yourself look like this, is there someone here you know?”

“Because Killua also is here to take part in the Hunter Exam, so I followed to watch it.”

Hisoka was confused: “Killua?” he raised his brows and said: “Who is that?”

“Killua is my little brother,” Illumi said.

Illumi was talking like a cold machine with an indifferent voice. Hisoka raised his brows even further and said: “Well, well, I didn’t think that you had a side of you that care about your little brother even though you’re a cold killing machine. This is really unusual, Illumi.”

Illumi didn’t say anything back.

At this time, a figure ran between the two of them and continued forward.

Allan looked back and sighed in relief when the two didn’t chase after him and muttered: “Good, these two aren’t going to chase after me. Only Chrollo and the others are left.”

At this time, Illumi said: “Who is that?”

“I don’t know.” Hisoka shrugged.

“His Aura is quite powerful; you have to pay attention to him.”

“I know.” Hisoka smiled.

“Are you going to chase after him?” Illumi asked.

Hisoka shook his head: “I don’t really want to go after him, but I already remembered his presence so that I can meet him later. What about you?”

“I’m too lazy to chase after him, and even if catch up to him, it won’t give me any money, so it’s meaningless.”

Hisoka was speechless when he heard Illumi’s reason.

At this time, the hedgehog haired Gon passed through them.

Hisoka looked at Gon’s back, and his eyes squinted a little: “a Little Kid?”

“Look as old as my little brother,” Illumi said.

“That’s aura he was using.” Hisoka licked his lips: “He has great potential if he learned Nen at such a young age.”

Illumi glanced at him and said: “Do you want him?”

“Mm~, that’s a delicious fruit that has yet to mature. I really want to pick him off.” Hisoka’s eyes squinted like a pervert with a hint of excitement.

“If you see my brother, you will definitively look forward to him growing up even more than that kid.”

“Oh~, really?”

At this time, Killua passed between them quickly while holding the skateboard in his hand.

“The one just now, is he your brother?” Hisoka stared at Killua’s back.

“Yes, that’s Killua.” Illumi nodded sincerely.

Hisoka smiled: “Not bad, is he like you, a professional Killer?”

“Yeah.” Illumi nodded: “Killua is really good. In the future, he may be the one who inherits our father’s business and become the head of the Zoldyck.”

Hisoka’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed: “That’s really incredible.”

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