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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 35: Race to The Finish Line

The first Exam was very simple. All they had to do was follow Satotz through the passage and reach the second Exam.

Many examinees followed Satotz dazedly. The long passage without an end in sight increases the psychological pressure on their mind.

What seemed like a simple test was actually a test of physical strength and endurance, and mental fortitude.

Only a few people were actually relaxed as if they didn’t feel any pressure.

The total number of Candidates in the first Exam was 639, but before the Exam even started, Tompa left because of depression.

So, the official number of people is 638.

Allan led Gon and followed the candidates without any delay. There was no need to rush and complete the Exam after all. He just had to follow from behind.

As they ran, Allan felt the candidates in front of him accelerating.

He knew that Satotz was moving faster. So the candidates had no choice but to speed up as well.

At this time, another choice from the system prompted in front of Allan.

[Ding! Please choose!]

[1: Cross the passage at your fastest speed and reach the first. Reward: Increase the Amount of Nen by 2,000]

[2: Cross the passage at your fastest speed and reach the first while eliminating 50 candidates using reasonable methods. Reward: Conqueror Haki (Hoashoku Haki) (Novice)]

Allan was delighted. He didn’t think that Conqueror Haki would appear now.

The rewards were getting more and more advanced as time passed by.

Without hesitation, Allan directly picked the second option. The reward isn’t given immediately as he needed to eliminate 50 candidates while reaching the finish line as fast as possible.

Allan wasn’t in a hurry. With his current ability, it wasn’t difficult to finish this task.

Of course, he could do it if Uvogin doesn’t compete with him.

He knew that three people here could hinder him from being first: Chrollo, Uvogin, Hisoka, and Illumi, Killua’s brother.

These four are first-class Nen users, they practiced Nen for a long time, and it won’t be easy to compete with them.

As for Killua, Hanzo, and Kurapika, Allan didn’t care at all.

Because all of them still didn’t learn their Nen, and their true potential was buried deep within their bodies.

Therefore, he needs to be careful about the first four.

Allan needed to surpass them all and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Allan looked at Gon beside him and said: “Gon, I will speed up, try to keep up.”

Gon nodded: “Ok.”

Allan directly accelerated.

After a while, Allan already passed half of the candidates. Allan passed by like a gust of wind between them.

“Wow, be careful, you bastard!” When Allan passed by Kurapika and Leorio, the latter was taken aback and almost fell.

Leorio cursed as he was ready to catch up to Allan, but the latter already disappeared from their view.

Kurapika looked at Allan’s back, disappearing, and said: “Give up, Leorio, you can’t catch him.”

“Damn it, if I ran into that guy, I would beat him up really good,” Leorio said with anger, but he had to admit that he couldn’t catch up.

Suddenly, a boy with sea urchin hair quickly passed them, and once again, Leorio almost fell.

“Hey, bastard! Not another one, stop there!” Leorio bellowed in anger. Gon, who was chasing Allan, heard this and turned back to apologize: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you. By the way, my name is Gon. If you feel wronged, come see me at the end of this Exam, I want to chase after Allan now, so I’m going ahead.”

Leorio saw Gon innocently apologizing, and his anger was reduced by half, but he was still angry nonetheless: “Huh, what the hell is that kid. He actually introduced himself so I can find him later. And who the hell is that Allan? Why is Gon chasing him?”

“The one named Allan should be the one who almost bumped into you the first time, right?” Kurapika guessed.

Leorio was taken aback: “In other words, they are together?”

Kurapika nodded: “Well, it should be. Before the Exam started, I paid attention to both of them, so I recognized them.”

Hearing this, Leorio smiled and said: “That’s good then. After we finish this Exam, I will go find Gon. I don’t want Gon to apologize, but that Allan kid has to apologize. He almost ran into me and didn’t even say sorry.”

“I’m afraid that would prove difficult,” Kurapika said almost without interest.

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