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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 34: Gathering of Characters

A treacherous smile appeared on Tompa’s face as he already could imagine Killua staying in the toilet for three days straight.

However, when he saw Killua drinking a can after the others, his face stiffened.

It was the same situation with Uvogin. Killua just drunk the Juice as if there is nothing with it at all.

Tompa was ready to cry.

‘Why did so many freaks join the Exam this year! Even a young lad is a freak!’ Tompa thought.

Uvogin and Killua both knew that the Juice contained something strange, but they were confident in their bodies and were thirsty, so they ignored it and drank readily.

Alan was paying attention to Tompa, and after seeing Killua and Uvogin almost torturing him without even noticing, he was happy.

He looked at Tompa playfully as the latter looked around for other preys.

Not long after, four more candidates came to the exam venue.

The first was a tall guy with strange needles stuck on his face and looked terrifying.

Allan instantly recognized him. He was Killua’s big brother, Illumi Zoldyck.

Special needles stuck on Illumi’s face to change his appearance.

He is quite handsome without those needles.

He participated in this Exam to follow his little brother Killua.

Illumi, who was looking at his brother, gazed at the approaching Tompa, and said: “Is there a problem?”

Tompa’s blood almost froze as his body was covered in cold sweat. He directly stopped any thoughts about tricking this guy and said: “No, it’s okay.”

Allan followed his gaze and saw Tompa approaching a bold guy who was doing pushups.

This bald guy had an excellent facial feature and a pair of sharp eyes.

He was Hanzo, a Ninja. He was quite alert and declined Tompa’s Juice.

Tompa once again started his search, and his eyes fell on another two people.

A person wearing a blue suit, he was tall, thin, and wore sunglasses.

The other person had short blond hair.

They were Leorio and Kurapika.

The two walked closely as they obviously knew each other.

When Tompa approached them, they were vigilant. Tompa tried a few times, but he couldn’t get them to accept his Juice. He felt really depressed.

He really didn’t expect the newcomers this year to be so challenging to deal with.

Allan’s mouth raised slightly as he enjoyed Tompa’s misfortune. But now, he is more interested in the Exam and what it will bring.

Illumi, Killua, Hanzo, Leorio, Kurapika, and many others from the show appeared now. Besides, Chrollo, Pakunoda, and Uvogin were here as well. This Exam will be really interesting.

At this time, someone seemed to scream as if he was big being slaughtered.

Allan looked back and saw someone on the ground screaming pain as dozen playing cards were embedded into his body.

His injuries weren’t fatal, and the one who hit him obviously just wanted to teach him a lesson.

In front of him stood a tall man. This man’s face had a teardrop-shaped tattoo on his left cheek and a star-shaped one on his right cheek. His hair was erect and pointing to the back.

He held playing cards in his hand while a playful expression appeared on his face.

Obviously, he was the one who hurt the person on the ground.

Many eyes fell on him, but he didn’t seem to care at all. Instead, he looked at the injured guy and said: “Be careful next time. You have to apologize when you bump into someone.”

The onlookers suddenly realized that the man on the ground bumped into that guy and didn’t apologize, making him retaliate.

But wasn’t it excessive to injure him so much just because he bumped into you?

Allan looked at the man fixedly before turning his gaze away and sneered with a thought: ‘Even Hisoka is here, it seems like this year’s Exam is interesting indeed.”

The number of candidates increased as time went by, and during this time, Allan noticed that Ponzu and Pokkle.

They were had small parts in the Exam, but they were somewhat interesting.

Pokkle is average, but with some luck, he became a professional hunter.

In the Chimera Ant arc in the show, Pokkle and Ponzu both discovered the Chimera Ant and wanted to report them, but they weren’t lucky this time and were eaten.

They were the Tragedy Duo of the Hunter X Hunter series.

All the characters appeared, and no matter if they were strong or weak, Allan remembered them.

After a long 24 hours, a man wearing a dark coat adorned with a red tie appeared. He had lavender hair curled at the end and blue eyes as well as a long-pointed chin. His most distinctive feature is his mustache and lacking a mouth.

This person is Satotz, the examiner for this part of the Exam.

He looked around at the examinees with surprise and said: “It seems that this test is quite lively.”

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