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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 44: Bro-Con

“Is brother participating in the Hunter Exam as well?”

Feeling the terrifying Killing Intent, Killua instantly turned his head and looked back.

But due to the mist, he couldn’t see who was behind him. He could only see two silhouettes standing beside each other.

“That magician playing with cards should be the one who was behind us, along with the guy full of needles on his face. Behind them should be the blond boy and the uncle wearing sunglasses along with that Baldy. The last one is the man with a cross tattoo in the center of his forehead with the woman.

The Killing intent was released by one of them. It’s most likely the magician or the needle face.”

Killua’s expression suddenly changed as he thought: “Could it be that strange needle face is my brother in disguise?

That’s possible!

Brother is a disguise master. It’s not a problem for him to pretend like someone else.

The Killing intent was just too similar to my brother, almost the exact same, and this kind of killing intent can’t be mimicked, which means that the needle man is my brother Illumi.

Damn it, why is that guy here. Does he want to monitor me like before? What a control freak!”

Breaking his train of thoughts, Killua directly looked at Gon and said: “Gon, let’s go.”

“Yeah.” Gon nodded and didn’t ask what happened. He just glanced behind and muttered: “I don’t know how’s Allan fight with Uvogin going. I hope he can hurry and catch up to us.”

Hisoka seemed to notice Gon and Killua speeding up and said: “Illumi, they are speeding up. It seems that your Killing Intent scared them.”

“Ah, this isn’t good.” Illumi suddenly realized something and said: “Killua probably noticed that my killing intent.”


Hisoka was a little surprised: “Is your brother so sensitive to your killing intent?”

“I’m his big brother, after all,” Illumi said with a hint of pride.

“I think there is more to it than that,” Hisoka said with a smile.

Illumi turned his head and looked at him: “Do you think that he is my son?”

Hisoka was speechless as he wondered how does Illumi’s brain work. He just changed the topic: “So, your brother Killua now knows that you’re following him?”

“Yeah.” Illumi nodded: “It’s very likely that he already guessed that I’m here.”

“Indeed. No matter how your appearance change, your presence can’t be disguised. I didn’t think someone of your caliber would make such a newbie’s mistake. I think you should hide your Killing intent.”

Illumi looked at Hisoka blankly and said: “It’s your fault for irritating me.”

“Don’t say that. I just wanted to see how much you care about your brother, but in the end, and unfortunately, you’re a total Bro-con.”

“Brother Control?” Illumi looked at Hisoka with a dull expression and asked: “What does that mean?”

“It means that you’re the kind of person that loves his brother too much and wants to control everything in his life.”

Illumi: “You’re not any better yourself.”

Hisoka: “…”

“Okay, I have to follow Killua. Let’s get going.”

Hisoka sighed as he saw Illumi disappear as he muttered: “That is really too much. He values his brother too much and is so cold to his friends. He clearly said that we could play together, but then he went off alone.”

Kurapika, Leorio, and Hanzi were walking in fear inside the mist.

Although their vision was blocked, there is a lingering smell of blood in the air. Massive corpses of monsters appeared from time to time, and along them were corpses belonging to other candidates.

“Many people died.” Kurapika frowned.

The cruelty of the Hunter Exam was beyond his expectation.

The forest is only the way toward the second Exam, and it was so dangerous.

“However, thanks to the team ahead, we didn’t encounter any danger.” Hanzo laughed. He is a professional Ninja, so even the cruel scenes he saw didn’t bother him much.

“Ah, what can be this hard.” Leorio suddenly hit something.

Looking up, all three of them saw an Ice sculpture.

“This is…” Kurapika frowned.

“That guy named Allan did this. He seems to have an ability to freeze people.” Hanzo guessed.

Leorio was surprised hearing this and exclaimed: “What?! He was fighting that big guy at the tunnel’s exit. How did he get here?”

“The battle here probably ended for a while now, which means he is ahead of us already.” Hanzo analyzed.

“No, I didn’t see him at all. Does he know how to fly?” Leorio couldn’t believe such a thing.

Kurapika said in a low tone: “Let’s go. We need to be careful. Maybe he is waiting in front of us, so the three of us must work together. We can’t die here.”

“We can die?” Leorio almost shouted from fear.

“Get out of here if you’re afraid, Leorio.” Kurapika glanced at him and shook his head.

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