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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 51: Cooperation

Hisoka shook his head decisively after hearing Illumi’s persuasion: “No, I’m here to participate in this exam seriously this time, if I kill an examiner, I will be eliminated.”

“Didn’t I say you will kill her without anyone discovering it?” Illumi said.

Hisoka shook his head and replied: “The target is a 1-star hunter. She’s not some trash that I can kill in seconds. Moreover, the head examiner has a partner. It’s almost impossible to kill her discreetly.”

“Then, I will take care of the fat man.” Illumi persuaded.


Hisoka seemed to think about it seriously now.

Allan was stunned there as he saw the two of them planning a murder in plain sight.

But if they killed both Menshi and Buhara, then the whole second part of the exam will be invalid.

In other words, his advantage as a transmigrator will be gone.

Allan decided to stop the two from killing Menshi. Before he could even speak, the system’s notification sound echoed in his head.

[Ding! Please make a choice]

[1: Prevent Illumi and Hisoka from assassinating the examiner so that the exam can continue as normal. Reward: (Naruto) Konoha secret Taijutsu Techniques!]

[2: Join Illumi and Hisoka in assassinating the examiner. Reward: (One Piece) Okama fist art!]


Allan was powerless as he saw the rewards.

The system even gave him the Okama fist technique as a reward.

It means the techniques belonged either to Mr.2, Bon Clay or to Ivankov of the revolutionary army.

No matter who it belonged to, he won’t choose this Okama fist art.

The thought alone made him feel disgusted. It’s the first time that he felt disgusted by a reward from the system.

However, even if it were another reward, Allan would still choose the first option. The risk of changing the exam was too great for his liking. He needed to hold to his advantage, or else no one will know what will happen later.

Allan decisively chose the first option.

“Hey, guys, stop saying that you will kill the examiners like it’s something normal.”

Illumi looked at Allan in confusion: “Why?”

“Rather than assassinating them and making the association change the examiner, wouldn’t it be easier to cooperate?”

“So, what do you mean by cooperating?” Hisoka asked curiously.

Allan glanced at the due and said: “I will tell you how to make Sushi, or I will make two for each of you to give to the examiner. If you pass the test, you will owe me one. A favor, how about it?”

“Sounds good,” Hisoka said with narrowed eyes.

“Then, what do you want to do with that favor? Killing?” Illumi asked.

‘What the hell is wrong with you? Is killing all you can think about?’ Allan almost exclaimed loudly.

He rolled his eyes at Illumi. But it was expected, after all, Illumi was from a family renowned for having the best assassins in the world.

Hisoka reacted differently from Illumi as he squinted and asked: “So, what do you want us to do?”

Allan waved his hand and said: “I don’t know for now, but if I want something, I may trouble you. Anyway, you have to remember that you owe me a favor.”

“That’s okay.” Hisoka nodded.

“However, it sounds like we are on the losing side here,” Illumi commented.

He was a killer and never made a loss when doing business.

Because of this, he doesn’t want to owe favors to others.

Allan was worried that this guy wouldn’t cooperate, so he quickly assured him: “Don’t worry. I won’t ask for too much. If it’s within your power, you do it, but if you don’t want to, then you can refuse, and you will still owe me a favor. In short, this is sincere cooperation, don’t worry.”

“In that case, I agree.” Illumi thought for a while and agreed in the end.

“Let’s do it this,” Hisoka said more readily. It was apparent that he didn’t want to kill the examiner with Illumi, and cooperating with Allan was the better option.

Allan was relieved as both of them agreed. He waved his hand at them and said: “Then, both of you can go back to the exam venue. First, I will give you your share there.”

“Shouldn’t we do it ourselves?” Illumi asked.

Allan shook his head: “No, even if I tell you how to make Sushi, you have no experience, and so it won’t taste delicious.”

Both Hisoka and Illumi were almost depressed by this, but they admitted that he was right. They knew nothing about cooking.

They didn’t say anything else after agreeing with Allan. Allan will take care of everything and give them the Sushi so they can pass the exam later.

Illumi waved his hand and said: “Then Hisoka and I will go back first. By the way, Killua must also pass. I came to the exam for him. If he fails, there would be no meaning to this.”

Allan made an okay gesture toward Illumi.

Illumi’s weakness was Killua. He was the key to negotiating with Illumi.

Therefore, he will definitively make Killua pass the test.

Of course, there is also Gon.

Allan firmly believed that a good relationship with the Protagonist would be full of benefits later.

There also his far sight in this matter. Allan believed that the Protagonist will always defeat the villain in the end.

Illumi and Hisoka left, and Gon and Killua finally came out of the lake.

Both of them caught a lot of seafood.

Allan greeted them and told them to rush back with the seafood, and he will be right after them.

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