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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 50: Illumi’s Plan

Hisoka looked at the lake and asked: “Gon and Killua are catching fishes, so fishes are one of the ingredients in making Sushi, right?”

‘Hisoka is really sharp.’ Allan thought then said: “Sorry, I have no obligation to answer your question.”

“That’s true.” Hisoka shrugged.

“Then, what about me?” Illumi asked.

‘Why do you think you’re different?’ Allan was speechless for a bit, then replied: “The same for you.”

‘Does he think since he is Killua’s brother, he will get special treatment?’

Hisoka stayed silent for a bit before he said: “Let’s be frank here. I hope you can tell us how to make Sushi.”

Hisoka was clearly threatening Allan, but the latter didn’t falter: “Why should it tell you? What benefit do I get out of this?”

As he said that, Allan instantly released his Conqueror’s Haki.

Even though the Conqueror’s Haki only works on weak ordinary people and Illumi and Hisoka didn’t belong to that group of people, it can work as a deterrent as well.

With his Haki released, Allan’s message was clear.

1: It’s not easy to mess with me.

2: If you want to fight, I will accompany you at any time.

3: No one can take advantage of me.

Hisoka and Illumi looked at each other as they felt the invisible pressure from Allan.

They could tell that this was neither Killing Intent nor Nen.

The atmosphere tensed for a while as the three of them stared at each other.

After a minute, Hisoka said: “What do you want then?”

Illumi offered his service: “I can help you kill someone for free.”

Hisoka squinted with a smile: “Me too.”

“Hey, hold up. Are you two murderers? I don’t need you to kill for me, ok?” Allan was speechless.

“So, what do you need?” Hisoka asked.

Allan thought for a while before he said: “I don’t need anything special for now, but it doesn’t mean that I will give you anything for free. As you know, there is nothing such as a free lunch in this world. I can’t tell you the way to make Sushi just out of the Kindness of my heart.”

Hisoka nodded, expressing his understanding.

Allan continued: “I will tell you one thing for free, though.”

Hisoka smiled and said: “I would like to hear it.”

Allan then seriously said: “I can guarantee that this test won’t be as easy as roasting a wild boar. The examiner Menshi is a 1-star food hunter, and her standards are way too high. If I don’t tell you how to make Sushi, there is no way for you to pass.

And even if tell you, it’s still not clear whether you will pass or not, because that examiner, Menshi, is tough to deal with.”

Illumi and Hisoka believed his words since they couldn’t detect any lie from him.

In other words, this test is too tricky that most candidates won’t be able to pass.

“So, how about killing her?” Illumi suggested.

“Then, the association will eliminate you.” Allan shook his head, speechlessly.

Illumi was an assassin through and through. The easiest way for him is to kill the examiner.

“As long as I do it secretly without being discovered, the association won’t eliminate me, right?” Illumi asked as he was confident in his assassination technique.

Allan froze that instant. ‘This guy wasn’t joking, alright!’

But Illumi’s train of thoughts was right, if he killed Menshi, then the hunter association would send another examiner, and the new examiner won’t give the same test as Menshi.

This way, they would get another chance at the exam.

Hisoka also guessed this, but he didn’t express his opinion yet, as he was making a plan right now.

“What do you think, Hisoka?”

“Not a bad idea.” Hisoka squinted.

“Then, who will be responsible for the assassination?” Illumi asked.

“You’re the one who proposed the idea, so you do it. Moreover, you’re better suited for assassination since you’re an assassin yourself.” Hisoka replied logically.

Illumi shook his head: “No, I think you should do it, Hisoka.”

“Why?” Hisoka asked in confusion.

“It’s because I’m a professional assassin, and according to the rules of the industry, I can only assassinate others if I receive money as a reward. While you, Hisoka, can ignore the rules and kill anyone as you like.

Furthermore, you already killed an examiner before, so you’re more experienced in this aspect.”

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