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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 49: Sushi

The second part of the Exam was divided into two parts. The first is roasting the wild boar that assistant examiner Buhara supervised.

And 133 candidates passed this test, with a rating close to 70%.

The second test belonged to Menshi, which is also the final test in the second part of the Exam.

The objective she gave was to make [Sushi].

“Killua, did you ever eat Sushi before?” Gon asked.

Killua shook his head and said: “No, what about you?”

Gon shook his head as well. Suddenly both of them turned their head and looked at Allan: “Allan, did you even eat Sushi before?”

Allan nodded. As a transmigrator, of course, he ate Sushi before.

Gon and Killua were overjoyed and said at the same time: “Wow, we’re saved.”

“Listen well. Sushi is cold cooked rice dressed with vinegar that is shaped into pieces and topped with raw or cooked fish, or formed into a roll with fish, egg, or vegetables and often wrapped in seaweed.”

Gon and Killua looked at each other in confusion as they weren’t proficient in cooking at all.

Seeing this, Allan said: “If you don’t understand, then follow my instruction. I will teach you how to do it.”

After this, Allan took Gon and Killua out of the venue.

Aside from Allan, only another two knew what Sushi is from the 133 candidates.

Those two were quite confident and smiled after hearing the topic of this test.

However, the vast majority of the candidates were confused.

They never heard about Sushi before.

Even the well informed Hisoka and Illumi weren’t an exception.

Illumi looked dully at Hisoka and asked: “What is Sushi?”

Hisoka looked the same: “You’re asking me, but who am I going to ask?”

“You don’t know either?”

“Never ate it before.”

At this time, Illumi noticed his little brother Killua following Gon and Allan out of the venue and said: “It seems that guy named Allan knows about Sushi. He took Killua and that other kid named Gon with him to prepare the ingredients.”

Hisoka narrowed his eyes and said: “In that case, let’s follow them.”

The two directly followed behind and kept a certain distance from Allan.

On the other hand, Leorio turned his eyes and looked at Kurapika in the hope that he knew what is Sushi: “Hey, Kurapika, do you know what is Sushi?”

Kurapika stayed quiet while searching his memory for relevant information about Sushi but found none.

Hanzo’s mouth formed a sly smile as he prepared to leave the venue to prepare the ingredient to make Sushi secretly.

Kurapika and Leorio were aware of this, and both looked at Hanzo at the same time.

“Hanzo, let’s be honest. You know what Sushi is, right?”

Leorio’s voice was loud enough to attract most candidates’ attention.

“Leorio, you idiot!!” Hanzo saw the gazes of everyone looking at him and decisively shook his head in denial.

Kurapika on the side saw this and whispered: “Hanzo, did you forget that we’re cooperating now? If you know about it, then please tell us.”

Hanzo thought for a while, then snorted: “Okay, I will only tell you two, come closer.”

As Hanzo was telling Leorio and Kurapika about Sushi, Chrollo, along with Pakunoda and Uvogin passed by them, moving toward the forest.

“Chief, do you know what is Sushi?” Uvogin asked carelessly.

Chrollo nodded: “Well, I ate it a few times before. Let’s prepare the ingredients. The main ingredient is fish.”

When people saw Allan, Hanzo, and Chrollo leave the venue, the candidates could only follow them.

Allan led Gon and Killua to a lake a few Kilometers away and said: “You go into the water and catch us some seafood. Fishes, Shrimps, anything like that.”

Gon and Killua took off their clothes and directly jumped into the water.

Allan sat leisurely on the shore while tilting his legs down in the water.

After a while, he felt two presences approaching from behind and said: “Don’t hide, you tow come out.”

With Observation Haki, nothing that gets close to him can hide. Hisoka and Illumi’s suppressed their Aura and almost seemed nonexistent at the moment, but Observation Haki can still detect them.

The two of them came out from behind a tree, which didn’t surprise Allan at all.

Illumi was still confused: “You sensed me again.”

Hisoka’s eyes narrowed as he commented: “You have a keen intuition.”

Allan glanced at them and said: “You two here to steal the secret about Sushi, right?”

“Yeah.” Illumi nodded.

Hisoka was speechless by Illumi’s bluntness.

Allan was the same.

Illumi was just too straightforward.

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