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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 48: Nen’s Stomach!

‘He is definitively a Bro-con, just because I threatened Killua, he released that terrifying Killing Intent, and when he knew that no one would harm Killua, the Killing Intent disappeared without a trace. A total Brother Control type.’ Allan thought.

Illumi looked at Alan and said: “So it was a joke. I almost killed you.”

Allan was speechless. This guy’s killing intent appeared and disappeared as if he was pushing a button. But as expected from a professional assassin from the Zoldyck family, they are just monsters.

‘He can conceal his Nen and presence so well that if I didn’t know who he was, I would assume he is a normal person.’

“Aren’t you angry?” Allan asked curiously.

“Mm, didn’t you feel my killing intent overflowing out of my control?” Illumi asked in confusion.

“What about now?” Allan was curious.

“It’s gone since you were joking. I don’t need to be angry.”

Allan guessed that Illumu’s answer was logical in their current situation. After all, Illumi was confident that he can kill Allan now, but if someone had the power to threaten him, Illumi wouldn’t let him go after making such a joke.

“So, is the test this time about the wild boar over there?” Illumi asked as he pointed at the unconscious wild boards.

Allan nodded: “Well, it’s to roast the whole boar.”

“Is it okay if I take two?” Illumi asked.

“Do whatever you want. I don’t need that many anyway.”

After saying this, Allan walked toward the wild boar and picked it up to return to the venue.

Illumi did the same, but he picked two wild boars. The extra one was for Hisoka.

On the way back, Allan encountered many candidates entering the forest searching for the wild boar.

All of them had the same thought: ‘We just learned about the wild boar, and here he is coming back with one. There is something fishy in this exam.’

Because only the examiner of the current part exam would know his test’s content, no one, not even the other examiners, would know about this.

Allan ignored them. After returning to the venue, he killed the wild boar and started roasting it.

The most important thing to roast a pig was heat control. The seasoning was secondary because pork in itself was delicious.

He will roast it till the outer part is crispy, but the inside stays tender. That would make it brittle and juicy at the same time.

Although Allan didn’t roast a pig before, he has eaten one, and he can try to recreate the same taste if the roasting goes smoothly.

The candidates returned to the venue one after the other, each carrying a Great Stamp (The Wild Boar’s name). Suddenly, a fragrant smell permeated the area causing everyone to look at the source of that smell.

“It seems delicious, Menshi, that roasted pig belonging to Candidate #123 looks so delicious.”

“Well, it’s alright.” Menshi nodded and said: “It’s indeed better than the others.”

Buhara, who was already hungry, walked toward Allan and asked: “I can’t wait. Can I have a bite?”

Allan shook his head: “No, you must wait till I finish roasting it before you can enjoy it.”

Allan did want to get it over with at first, but the system gave him a choice with an enticing reward.

[1: Attract Examiner Buhara with the roasted pig’s fragrance, and make his drool. Reward: Strength increase by 100 points.]

[2: Attract Examiner Buhara with the roasted pig’s fragrance, and get praised by him. Reward: Specialists Ability: Nen’s Stomach. (Nen’s Stomach: The user can digest a Ton of food and convert it into Nen. Note: One Kilogram of food can be converted into 10 Nen Points. Maximum capacity is One Ton, the maximum conversion capacity is 10,000 Nen points.)]

Without any doubt, Allan’s choice was the second option. That’s why he must make Buhara wait.

Allan needed Buhara’s praise when he eats the Roasted Pig to finish that quest.

At this time, Gon and Killua already finished their Roasted pig. They were the first of the bunch to finish roasting and gave their pigs to Buhara.

The condition for a pass is simple, as long as the examiner is satisfied, you can pass.

After eating two whole pigs, Buhara put a hand on his stomach and said: “Although these Roasted Pigs were mediocre, they tasted delicious because I’m hungry, so both of you pass.”

“Yes, Great!” Gon and Killua high fived, but Menshi interrupted their celebration; “Don’t be too happy, you just passed Buhara’s test, you didn’t pass mine yet. Let me say this. I’m very strict, don’t get your hopes high yet.”

Gon and Killua felt that this examiner was scary.

“It’s okay, we have Allan with us.” Gon patted Killua and said.

Killua nodded: “Well, maybe he already guessed what Examiner Menshi’s test is going to be.”

At this time, many candidates already offered their roasted pigs to Buhara, who ate them all without stopping.

His stomach was like a black hole, which surprised many examiners.

After eating more than twenty boars, he still looked fine.

“What’s wrong with that guy’s stomach? What is it made off?” Leorio brought his pig up, and Buhara ate it in less than thirty seconds.

Kurapika felt the same way.

After this, All of Hisoka, Illumi, Chrollo, Uvogin, and Pakunoda passed Buhara’s test one after the other.

After eating 50 pig in a row, Buhara came to Allan again and asked: “Well, is it done yet? I really want to taste it.”

Allan said lightly: “Almost done.”

“Then can I try?” Buhara said with a gleam in his eyes.

Allan nodded: “Well, yes, but remember to give me a good review.”

“Hmm, of course.”

Buhara instantly picked up Allan’s wild boar and took a bite.

It was Tender and crispy, and the gravy was overflowing. He almost had a Food-Gasm.

“This is delicious, so delicious!! It’s ten times better than everyone else’s.”

Buhara mouth spouted praise one after the other, which made Allan’s mouth raise with a smile.

‘Now, the Quest is done after such praise.’

Sure enough, the system’s voice Echoed in Allan’s head.

[Ding! You successfully completed the Quest. Reward: Specialist’s Ability: Nen’s Stomach!]

In an instant, all the information about Nen’s stomach appeared in Allan’s head, which made him smile in satisfaction.

This ability was quite good. Even if he didn’t need the 10,000 Nen points, he can store them in his stomach and use them when needed. It’s like a Nen battery.

Of course, it has a limit of 10,000, even if he wanted to store them.

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