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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 47: Illumi

The one who was hiding was Killua’s big brother, Illumi.

Observation Haki came in handy. Since without it, there is no way for Allan to notice him.

Illumi was surprised by the fact that Allan sensed him. After all, he was a renowned assassin. Hiding his presence was one of his best traits, and even a first-class Nen user would be hard-pressed to notice him.

But at this moment, he hid the fact that he was Killua’s brother and introduced himself: “I’m the candidate with the tag Number 301. I lost my way in the forest. Fortunately, I found you here.”

“No!” Allan shook his head and smirked: “Illumi Zoldyck, come on. I’m not that clueless.”

Illumi didn’t react; his face was still holding his impassive expression.

“I’m Gittarackur, a candidate with the #301 tag.” Illumi didn’t say anything else.

Allan was about to say something else, but the system interrupted him.

[Ding! Please choose]

[1: Anger Illumi and make him attack you in any way. Reward: Manipulation Nen: Disguise!]

[2: Anger Illumi and initiate an attack. Reward: First-rate assassination technique!”

Disguise and assassination?

Disguise is handy. Impersonating people will prove helpful in the future for various activities.

Assassination techniques are the specialties of the Zoldyck. Killua often used their techniques in the show.

But currently, Allan was more interested in Illumi’s disguise.

As a professional assassin, Illumi can judge his opponent’s power and seize the best opportunity to take him out.

Allan didn’t dare think that he could kill or win against Illumi, but at least he can annoy him or anger him with just a few words.

Allan knew Illumi’s weakness, his only weakness known in the show, which is Killua.

Thinking for a bit, Allan smiled and said: “Killua Zoldyck should be your brother, right?”

Illumi didn’t react even a little bit.

But he was still surprised. He didn’t expect that this person knew about Killua being from the Zoldyck.

This made him a little bit interesting to see How much Allan knew.

“You’re here for Killua, right?” Allan sneered.

Illumi still didn’t respond.

If this guy knows too much, I will get rid of him here.

He wouldn’t risk his and his brother’s safety.

He was a professional assassin. That’s why he won’t attack someone with a mysterious origin.

Allan looked at Illumi and smiled: “As an older brother, you seem to care a lot about little Killua.”

Seeing that Illumi was still unresponsive, he smiled again and said: “It seems like I made a mistake. You’re not Killua’s brother.” He stayed silent for a bit, then asked: “Then it wouldn’t matter if I kill Killua, right?”

Illumi’s killing intent erupted and locked into Allan.

[Ding! The Host has successfully angered Illumi and made him attack using his Killing Intent. Reward: Manipulation Nen: Disguise!]

Allan was stunned. It was so easy, angering Illumi after all.

Illumi didn’t attack him yet, but his killing intent was considered an attack by the system.

But the problem now is how will he deal with the angered Illumi.

“Such a strong Killing Intent. It seems like I was right. Killua is your brother.”

Illumi looked blankly at Allana said with a cold tone: “If you dare touch Killua, I will kill you.”

Despite releasing his Killing intent, Illumi hasn’t attacked yet.

He was still assessing his opponent’s strength at this moment.

But since Allan received his reward, he didn’t need to continue doing this and directly spoke: “Don’t worry, I won’t attack Killua. I was joking with you. I just wanted to see your reaction.”

Instantly the killing intent disappeared as if there wasn’t any in the first place…

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