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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 46: Great Stamp

After two hours, 180 people passed the forest and reached Visca Forest Preserve, where the second part of the Exam is taking place.

The number of candidates dropped from the 700 gathered in the underground Tunnel, and Allan alone caused 100 eliminations.

The other 400 were eliminated by various incidents in the forest as well as exhaustion in the Tunnel.

The candidates gathered here are the best of the best amongst the ten thousand participants.

Amongst the current candidates were Allan, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, Hanzo, Hisoka, Illumi, Chrollo, Uvogin, Pakunoda, and even Pokkle and Ponzu were here.

The atmosphere was quite tense since everyone had a waking call on how cruel this Exam was.

Allan stood with Gon and Killua. No one dared to get close to him after seeing his fight with Uvogin.

He wore a nonchalant expression on his face while Gon was pondering something and asked: “Allan, I have a question. You stayed behind to fight Uvogin, but how did you get here faster than us?”

Killua was also interested in this.

Allan said he used Moon Walk to fly over, which caused Gon and Killua to have different reactions.

Gon seemed to understand and nodded because he saw Allan use Moon Walk already.

But Killua, who never saw Moon Walk before, didn’t believe that someone can fly. He only believes what he sees.

He still had his guard up against Allan like the other candidates.

He felt threatened by the power Allan used against Uvogin.

If Gon wasn’t friends with Allan, he would distance himself as much as he could.

Allan didn’t bother with other people’s thoughts, as his goal was finishing the Hunter Exam. He only participated because of Gon in the end.

Suddenly, the bell rang, announcing the start of the second part of the Exam.

A woman with a starfish hairstyle walked out along with a fat man with a body like a mountain.

“Welcome to the second part of the Hunter Exam. I’m the head examiner Menshi.”

“I’m the assistant examiner Buhari.”

After a brief introduction, Munshi announced the topic of the second part of the Exam: “For this part, we will test your cooking.”

Allan instantly took Gon with him before Menshi finished talking.

“Let’s go, Gon, come with me.”

Killua saw this and said: “Hey, where are you going? We still don’t know what this Exam is about, right?”

“I already know. If you want, just come with us.”

After hearing this, Killua hesitated a little but followed them in the end.

Although he was wary of Allan, he didn’t fear Gon, and since Gon believed in Allan, he will try trusting Allan.

On the other hand, Killua felt something indescribable from Allan.

As the three left, some people noticed but didn’t dare follow them, except for one person, Illumi.

He was paying attention to his little brother, and seeing him following Allan, he followed after them.

Of course, since Illumi followed, Hisoka couldn’t help ask him: “Illumi, don’t you need to listen to the examiner for the next part?”

“The one named Allan seems to know what this exam is about in advance, and I saw Killua following him,” Illumi said blankly.

“Well, you can go then. I will stay here to confirm what we should do.”

“Okay.” Illumi nodded stiffly.

Allan looked around in the Visca Forest Preserve with Gon and Killua tagging along.

“Allan, where are we going?” Gon asked curiously.

“We’re here.”

Allan pointed at a large group of what seemed like a boar, but the most eye-catching feature of this boar was its nose, which was just too big.

“Wow, what is that? A wild boar?” Gon exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s a wild boar with a nose that could smash a tree. It’s the most violent wild boar in the world.” Allan explained.

“So, this pig is related to the second part of the exam?” Killua guessed.

Allan nodded: “Yes, there are two steps to this part of the Exam. The first part is roasting this big, so we need to get one and go back.”

Killua and Gon didn’t question Allan about his knowledge.

Because one already trusted Allan, and the other trusted Gon.

At this time, the wild boars discovered Allan and the others using their sense of smell.

The leader of the pack instantly rushed at them while the other wild boars followed it. In their eyes, Allan and the others were invading their territory.

“You stay back. I will deal with this.” Allan said solemnly.

Gon and Killua were ready to attack, but the moment they heard Allan’s words, they fell back obediently and jumped up a tree.

The group of rushing wild boars was already in front of Allan, who didn’t seem concerned at all.

Instantly, Conqueror’s Haki erupted from his body. Under its impact, the pigs fell one by one after their eyes rolled back into their head.

Their huge bodies fell on the ground with a thud.

“Oh, amazing!!” Gon Exclaimed loudly.

“What happened just now? What did you do?” Killua looked at this scene in awe.

Allan didn’t move his body, but the wild boars all fell unconscious as if a boulder crashed their heads.

“A large group of beasts fell within a second. Even grandfather and father can’t do it, so how?” Killua was in awe.

He already respected Allan. He was strong and young.

“Come on. You have to go back first.”

The two quickly agreed. They carried a wild boar and started heading back.

Humans were at the top of the food chain, so no matter how powerful a beast is, it was just lunch. There is no escape for it from being served on their dining table.

“Allan, aren’t you going back as well?” Gon looked back and asked.

“You can go first. I have something to do.” Allan waved his hand at them.

“Oh, okay.” Gon nodded without asking much.

Killua did the same as well, and the two left.

Allan looked behind him and said: “Come out.”

Not far away, a figure walked out slowly from behind a tree.

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