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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 53: The Strick Menshi

The taste of Sushi was almost the same everywhere. That’s why the appearance was important.

The appearance of Sushi must be up to standards. It should be neat and clean that it makes people swallow their saliva just looking at it.

Allan put five pieces of Nigiri Sushi together and called Gon and Killua over.

Gon and Killua looked at the Sushi in awe and exclaimed: “Wow.”

“Allan, is this sushi?” Gon asked in surprise.

Allan nodded and asked: “What do you think?”

“It looks amazing!” Gon nodded heavily.

“What do you think, Killua?” Allan asked.

“Although it’s the first time I saw Sushi, it is similar to what I’ve imagined. So there shouldn’t be any problem.” Killua replied.

The Sushi Allan made was the same as the one Killua imagined, which made him feel strange.

“In that case, you can give those to the examiner first.”

Hearing this, Killua and Gon nodded.

Allan briefly talked about the type of Sushi he made.

After both of them remembered everything, they directly went toward Menshi for the evaluation.

Menshi sat down while discussing with Buhara about how many can pass this test.

The conclusion they came up with was Zero.

In the venue, examinees were bringing their Sushi for evaluation one after the other.

“What the hell! Are those candidates all stupid?”



“What kind of crap is this?”

“Go back and redo it.”

The candidates didn’t know what Sushi is, so they just put a fish into the rice and brought it for evaluation.

For a food hunter like Menshi, this was an insult to cuisine.

At this time, a bald youth stepped out to give his dish to Menshi.

“Haha, a bunch of idiots. Now, I will be the first one to pass this part of the Exam.”

With absolute confidence in himself, Hanzo stepped forward with Kurapika and Leorio behind him and showed the Sushi to Menshi.


Menshi, who wasn’t expecting anything special, smile: “Well, finally, some decent Sushi.”

“Hey, of course, I made this with great effort,” Hanzo said confidently.

Kurapika and Leorio, who heard this, gained some confidence as well.

Both of them learned how to make Sushi together from Hanzo, and their Sushi looked decent.

Judging by appearance alone, they passed.

“Don’t be too happy, although it looks good. I have to taste it myself.”

Menshi picked one and took a bite.

Then she took one each from Kurapika and Leorio’s plate and took a bite.

“No, this tastes bad. Take it back and redo it. Also, all three of yours taste the same.” Menshi said casually.

When Hanzo heard the evaluation, his confidence crumbled as he felt slight anger: “Smelly woman, you are making things difficult for us. Form a ball of rice in your hand, then add slices of Sashimi and wasabi with Vinegar. It’s one thing to want us to make Sushi, and another thing if you want to eat a five-star dish here, ok?”

Suddenly, all the candidates who were attracted by the yelling Hanzo understood how to make Sushi.

Hanzo’s teeth trembled in anger.

At this time, Menshi snorted: “What are you talking about, you baldy. You just learned a few things, and you think you’re the best. Are you the Examiner, or am I?”

“Damn it.” Although he was unconvinced, Hanzo had gone and told every participant in this Exam how to make Sushi.

At this time, Gon and Killua came to the Examiner and gave her the Sushi Allan made.

Menshi was angry because of Hanzo, so when she saw Gon and Killua, she said: “You two, aren’t you afraid after what I did to that baldy? Be careful of I will beat you up if I don’t like the Sushi.”

“Why don’t you take a look first, Examiner-san?” Gon smiled.

“Yes, Examiner-san, don’t vent your anger on innocent people. Let the cooking speak.” Killua followed.

“What stinky brats, you dare rebut me.” Menshi curled her lips unhappily.

Then she was stunned when she saw the Sushi Gon and Killua brought.

“Oj? Nigiri Sushi and Roe Battleship Sushi.”

“How is it?” Gon asked, hopefully.

“Is this made by you two?” Menshi took a deep breath and asked in disbelief.

Because of the appearance alone, this Sushi was a grade higher than Hanzo and the others.

It’s neat and in uniform size, which made her want to eat them.

“You pass in terms of appearance, but I still have to taste it.” Menshi prepared herself and gave it a bite.

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