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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 57: Fighting the Monsters

The third test had already started when the climber triggered the alarm and attracted the flying beasts.

At this moment, the candidates were fending off the Six-legged Flying Beasts that vastly outnumbered them. Furthermore, they were at a disadvantage since there was nowhere to hide on top of the tower.

Therefore, many candidates were fighting and taking down as many beasts as possible to ensure their survival.

However, amongst the candidates, there are some extraordinary ‘monsters.’

They were scarier than those Six-legged Flying Beasts.

Suddenly, several playing cards shot out like darts from Hisoka’s hand, killing two Six-legged Flying Beasts simultaneously.

His playing cards were as sharp as a blade.

At the same time, Illumi pulled out two needles from his face, jumped up, and pierced the brains of two Six-legged Flying Beasts.

As a first-class manipulator, Illumi can use the needles to disguise himself and also control his targets.

The Six-legged Flying Beasts that were hit by Illumi’s needles were now like puppets under his control as they started attacking their companions.

“I thought that you could only use your needles on people. I didn’t think you would use them on monsters as well. This really opened my eyes.” Hisoka said.

Illumi turned his head, pulled another needle from his face, and said blankly: “Hisoka, do you want me to stick one in you as well? I will control you that way.”

“Don’t do it. You will ruin me.” Hisoka squinted with a smile.

Illumi: “…”

While Hisoka flirted with Illumi, Chrollo was dealing with the Monsters as well. Uvogin was just one punching the Six-legged Flying Beasts. One punch was enough to kill one monster.

Pakunoda was holding her pistol and killing the Six-legged Flying Beasts from a distance without leaving them any chance to get close.

Nen strengthened the bullets, and as soon as it touches a monster, he would explode.

She could only shoot six bullets and then wait six seconds to shoot again, and that’s her only disadvantage.

It takes one second to form a bullet. That’s the reason Pakunoda had to wait six seconds.

Therefore, Pakunoda would shoot six times than avoid the Six-legged Flying Beasts before firing again.

Although she was a combatant, she has an extraordinary skill that wasn’t inferior to professionally trained agents.

That’s why she can fight the Six-legged Flying Beast even if she didn’t have bullets for a while.

In less than five minutes, the candidates killed more than 50 Six-Legged Flying Beasts.

Most of the credits went to Hisoka, Illumi, Uvogin, and Pakunoda, while Chrollo was dodging them gracefully with his left hand in his pocket and his right hand holding a book. He didn’t put those birds in his eyes.

However, even after killing 50 Six-legged Flying Beasts, more than half of them remained.

On the other side, Hanzo was also having a fierce fight with the Six-legged Flying Beast.

“Look at my Shadow Shuriken.”

Hanzo threw two Shuriken, and after he made a few hand signs, the two Shuriken turned into hundreds before striking down a Six-legged Flying Beast.

(T/N: Hanzo really did use Shadow Shuriken No Jutsu, made by Hiruzen Sarutobi from Naruto!)

Not far away, a blond boy jumped fiercely toward the Six-legged Flying Beast and directly struck a pair of daggers into its brain, killing it on the spot.

“Good job, Kurapika,” Leorio exclaimed.

“Leorio, look behind you.”

Kurapika’s words surprised Leorio, and as he looked back, a Six-legged Flying Beast was already pouncing on him.

Fortunately for Leorio, he dodged in the last second and avoided being hit by the Six-legged Flying Beast’s claws, but the beast still grabbed his suit and dragged him up.

Looking down, Leorio saw how high he was and directly turned toward the Six-legged Flying Beast that grabbed him and fiercely kicked it on its stomach.

The Six-legged Flying Beast let out a scream while letting go of Leorio, who fell on top of the tower and breathed heavily.

He was a medical student and not someone specialized in combat.

That kick was the strongest move he could make, and it was fueled by his desire to survive.

“Good job, Leorio.” Kurapika praised.

Leorio was speechless as he said the same thing to Kurapika half a minute ago.

On the other side, Allan, Gon, and Killua had it relatively easy.

Killua used his assassination technique to make his hand and nails sharper before slashing it toward the Six-legged Flying Beast, directly decapitating it in a flash.

His actions were swift and decisive, worthy of being an assassin from the Zoldyck family.

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