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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 59: Ponzu

Soon, candidates disappeared one after the other into the tower, and the number of people on the roof was decreasing.

Allan just stepped on a floor tile and felt that it was hollow. After tapping it a little, he heard an Echo indicating that it was a Trapdoor.

Most Trapdoors allowed a single candidate to enter, so others could only find another trapdoor.

Although Allan knew that it was a trapdoor, he didn’t know whether it was meant for a single person or a group.

A single trapdoor allowed one person to enter, while the group trapdoor permitted a minimum of two and no known upper limit.

However, it didn’t matter because Allan already decided to go along anyway.

After waving goodbye to Gon, he jumped into the trapdoor.

In the next moment, he appeared inside a closed room with nothing but a timer.

There were a monitor and a speaker as well in the upper left corner.

“Please put on the timer and start your challenge. If you reach the ground within 72 hours, you will pass the test. But there are various tests on the way, and whether you can get to the ground or not depends on your ability.”

A man’s voice came out of the speaker. Allan already knew that this was the Examiner of the Third Phase of the Exam, who monitored all candidates.

Allan didn’t say anything and put on the timer and pressed the countdown button without hesitation.

At this time, the closed-door automatically opened.

Allan walked out of the room and passed through a corridor.

Suddenly, the corridor split into two passages, one left and one right, which led to nowhere.

At this moment, Allan noticed a young girl with a delicate face, wearing a pink dress and pink hat stood in front of the two passages.

It was Candidate #246, Ponzu.

But Allan knew more than this; he knew that she was one of the unfortunate souls that would get eaten by the Chimera Ant.

At this time, Ponzu, who was still hesitating in front of the passage, noticed Allan behind her.

“Ah, it’s you.” She shouted and sounded slightly flustered.

“Do you know me?” Allan was slightly surprised.

It was the first time they met, so although they saw each other in the test before, they didn’t even make eye contact.

This meeting is considered their first.

Ponzu avoided Allan’s eyes as she turned around and said: “I mean, I know all the candidates who reached this level.”

Allan nodded because it sounded right.

He also liked to observe people. He could now recognize the people who didn’t even appear in the Show.

And for the first time after a while, the System’s voice Echoed in Allan’s head.

[Ding! The System detected that the host is making contact with a plot character. Please make a choice]

[1: Ignore Ponzu completely and refuse any interaction with her. Reward: Great Sword x 1]

[2: Help Ponzu with the current difficulty and interact with her. Reward: Advanced Treasure Chest x 1]

[3: Show off in front of Ponzu, lead her to pass the Exam’s third phase, and add her to your Harem. Reward: Diamond Treasure Chest x 1]

[Note: Please make your choice within 60 seconds.]

‘Hey?’ Allan almost yelled, but he suppressed himself.

The sudden appearance of the System made him confused.

He raised his head and glanced at Ponzu and thought: ‘She has a good figure, and she is beautiful. If I can get her, it won’t be a bad idea to choose the last option, and that option has the best reward out of the three choices as well.’

But at the same time, it the most challenging option.

Allan was confident in helping Ponzu pass the third phase of the Exam, but he wasn’t sure if Ponzu liked him or not to the point she accepts joining his Harem.

At this time, Ponzu noticed Allan’s abnormality and asked: “Mm, what wrong with you?”

Allan regained his senses as he shook his head, indicating that he was okay before asking: “You’re the examinee #246, Ponzu, Right?”


Ponzu nodded in surprise: “I didn’t expect you to know my name.”

“Well, you’re cute, after all. It’s not hard to notice you.”

Allan’s words made Ponzu blush a little as she lowered her head and said: “Um, your name is Allan, right?”

Seeing Ponzu’s reaction, Allan’s eyes flashed.

‘Since she knows my name, it means that she had a deep impression of me. And from her reaction just now, she doesn’t hate me. Maybe there is a chance after all.’

Allan tried his best to look ‘normal.’

His top priority is to lead her successfully out of the third phase of the Exam.

He will interact with her, and step by step, gain her favor.

This way, making her join in his Harem won’t be hard.

At this time, Ponzu asked: “Allan, which way should we go? I can’t decide. I want to hear your opinion.”

At first glance, the left corridor didn’t seem dangerous, while the right one screamed danger.

The walls seemed to spurt flames every once in a while, which blocked any passing attempt, and even a wrong step would be fatal.

“Most people would choose the left corridor because it seemed safe.”

Ponzu nodded her head: “Yes, it is true, but the safer the place seems, the more danger it contained.”

Allan glanced at her and said: “Then, you want to go to the right?”

Ponzu shook her head: “That way is hazardous. Even if I want to, I can’t make it.”

Allan looked at her in slight surprise. This girl was very aware and knew her skills.

She didn’t dare take the risk alone, but she wouldn’t go on the left corridor, which seemed safe as well.

Well, she’s not wrong. Staying here was safer, but they would fail if they did so.

The time limit is 72 hours. If they don’t get to the ground, they won’t pass this phase of the Exam.

The Examiner deliberately prepared this place to make candidates waste their time here. It was using their sense of crisis against them.

Therefore, the best option when encountering a choice like this is choosing as fast as possible.

“Allan, which way will you go?” Ponzu asked.

“Most people would choose the left corridor, but I’m not them. I will choose the right one.”

“But how will you avoid those flames? If it touches you, you will be finished.” Ponzu said worriedly.

She also preferred taking the right corridor.

But that choice required incredible skills.

Allan glanced at her and smiled: “If you follow me, I can guarantee that you will be safe.”

“Really?” Ponzu was a little doubtful.

‘Probably,’ Allan smiled without speaking.

Ponzu hesitated before she nodded and said: “Well, I will follow you through the right corridor.”

“Good. you made the right choice.”

After saying this, Allan gestured for Ponzu to step back and walk into the right corridor.

Suddenly, a coldness flowed into the air out of Allan’s body as he used his Thousand Kilometers Ice Field.

The flamethrowers started freezing, and after a few seconds, not a single flamethrower could spew flame anymore.

The entire corridor was covered in Ice, without a single spot spared.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Ponzu looked at this in awe.

Allan smiled and said: “Let’s go. You don’t have to worry about the danger.”

“Mm.” Ponzu nodded.

Allan’s performance left a deep impression in Ponzu’s heart.

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