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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 60: Dead End!

Twenty minutes later, Allan took Ponzu smoothly through the right corridor.

At the end of the corridor, the passage split into three forks.

“Sigh, here we go again.”

Allan felt that it wouldn’t take 72 hours to go down the tower, but it seems reaching the end won’t be easy.

“Allan, which corridor should we go through?” Ponzu raised her head and asked.

She felt dependent on Allan already.

But suddenly she realized that she did something wrong and said quickly: “Sorry, you already helped me once, I shouldn’t trouble you anymore, please don’t worry about me.”

Unexpectedly, Ponzu was so thoughtful. Allan immensely admired this and directly waved his hand: “It’s okay since we were destined to meet here. We’ll continue together.”

Ponzu lowered her head and nodded: “Um, I will listen to you then.”

Allan looked at the three forks and said: “There should be a lot of folks in the tower. The danger we could encounter in each way is unpredictable. It would take a lot of time to choose the way.

Maybe after passing the ones in front of us, we will encounter even more forks. So we need to choose the right way in the shortest time possible.”

After hearing Allan’s explanation, Ponzu agreed with him. She thought for a while before saying: “Then, let me choose this time, I have away.”

Allan nodded. He tried using Observation Haki to see the situation in each way, but he found nothing.
After that, he tried using [En], but as expected, he detected nothing.

Allan knew that would happen anyway since his [En] wasn’t strong enough and observation Haki wasn’t mature enough.

His current limit with Observation Haki is about 22 meters, while [En] had a radius of 20 meters.

It wasn’t enough to perceive the corridor since it was at least 1 Kilometer long.

As for Ponzu’s way to know the way, Allan already guessed.

“Come out, My darlings.”

Ponzu raised her hand and touched her hat. Suddenly, dozens of bees flew out of her pink hat and gathered in her hand, acting like her servants.

Those bees were slightly bigger than ordinary bees and looked quite fierce, but they were docile in Ponzu’s hand.

“You will use the bees to find the way?” Allan asked.

He knew about Ponzu’s ability from the Show.

Ponzu was surprised. Allan already guessed her plan as soon as he saw the bees. She looked at the bees dotingly and said: “Those bees are my babies; I have raised them for a long time, and I can give them any order, and they will obey it. Look at this.”

Ponzu pointed her hand toward the forks and said like a queen ordering her servants: “Go.”

The bees formed three groups, and each one flew toward a corridor.

Allan’s eyes were wide as he exclaimed: “They’re obedient. It must’ve taken a lot of effort to raise them, right?”

Ponzu seemed to think about the sad and happy days when she was training them and said: “Well, it’s super difficult. It took a lot of hard work to train them, so under normal circumstances, I won’t use them because I’m afraid of losing them.”

Hearing this, Allan apologized: “Sorry.”

Ponzu smiled: “Don’t worry, you helped me a lot already. I should return the favor, right? Moreover, before reaching the ground, we are partners, so we should help each other.”

Allan nodded, but his thoughts were different: ‘This woman is so innocent; I will feel terrible if I deceive her feelings. Forget it; let’s take one step at a time.’

Although he had chosen the third option, Allan’s thoughts were simple, whether he complete it or not is his own choice in the end.

Therefore, if Ponzu didn’t want to be with him and join his harem (Inexistent for the moment), he won’t get punished by the system.

He just won’t receive the reward.

Time passed by, and twenty minutes later, four bees flew back from the second corridor.

“What is it?” Allan asked Ponzu.

“It’s Powder,” Ponzu replied.

“Well, they brought back powder from a brick wall,” Ponzu explained.

“What does it mean?” Allan was confused.

Ponzu thought for a bit and said: “I think there is a brick wall in the second corridor.”

“Is that so.” Allan nodded thoughtfully.

If that’s the case, then the second corridor may be a dead end.

“By the way, it’s been thirty minutes now. Why aren’t the bees coming back yet?”

“I don’t know.” Ponzu shook her head as she was worried herself.

Upon seeing this, Allan didn’t ask again. Ponzu trained those bees for a long time, and she was worried about them.

After another ten minutes, Ponzu became hopeless and said calmly: “The bees sent to the first and third corridors aren’t returning. It seems something is wrong with those passages. Let’s go to the second corridor.”

“What if they came back?” Allan asked in concern.

Ponzu replied: “If they are still alive, as long as I’m not too far away, they will come and find me, don’t worry.”

Allan nodded: “Then let’s go.”

Allan and Ponzu walked toward the second corridor carefully.

The second corridor maybe is safer than the other two, but it didn’t mean it was completely safe.

After ten minutes, a tall brick wall appeared in front of them.

“Ah, it’s really a dead end. The power my darlings brought was from this wall.” Ponzu sighed in disappointment.

This meant that they made a trip in vain, and they needed to go back to choose the first or third fork.

Allan looked at the brick wall with sharp eyes and said earnestly: “I think three is a way to get past this wall.”

“Really?” Ponzu raised her head and looked at Allan in surprise.

Allan pointed at the wall and said: “Look, the color of this wall is different. It means that it was newly made for the Hunter Exam. The purpose is to create a dead-end for the candidates and consume even more time.”

“So it’s like that.” Ponzu came to a realization.

“But we don’t have any tools with us. How are we going to go through it.”

Hearing this, Allan smiled and said: “We will blow it up.”

“What?” Ponzu couldn’t believe what she heard.

At this time, Allan already took a step forward and raised his hand into a fist before sending a powerful punch toward the wall.


The brick wall shattered entirely under Allan’s punch.

As the dust settled down, a quiet stairway appeared in front of Allan and Ponzu.

The stair was leading down, but they didn’t know where exactly.

Allan didn’t hesitate and said: “Let’s go. This should lead us to the ground. We made the right choice.”

“Allan, you’re amazing,” Ponzu said in admiration. She really admired his power.

Thirty minutes later, Allan and Ponzu reached the ground smoothly.

There were already five people who reached the ground faster than them.

They were Hisoka, Illumi, Chrollo, Pakunoda, and Uvogin.

Seeing Allan coming with Ponzu, the atmosphere changed.

Hisoka, Illumi, and Chrollo all turned around to look at Allan.

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