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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 61: The Last Fight

“Tsk, those guys are fast.”

Allan glanced at Hisoka and Chrollo before taking Ponzu and walked to the side.

He is aware that there is some relationship between Hisoka, Illumi, and the Ryuudan, or Chrollo, to be specific, especially since Hisoka should be the fourth member of the Ryuudan.

And here in the hunter test, they pretended that they didn’t know each other.

Even now, while there is no one here, they weren’t talking at all.

But they were familiar with each other.

There were five dangerous people here, and Allan needs a lot of effort to get out unscathed.

“Ah, there are here.” Suddenly Ponzu said.

Allan turned his head only to see Hisoka and Illumi walking toward him.

“Don’t worry.”

Allan said calmly.

Although those two were dangerous, they knew each other from the second part of the Exam, and they both owed him a favor. Allan was sure that they wouldn’t do anything to him.

However, Hisoka and Illumi weren’t ordinary people and shouldn’t be judged as such. So even if they attacked, it was expected, which is why Allan was on guard.

When they arrived in front of him, Hisoka smiled: “Allan, you arrived very quickly. It seems like you have taken a shortcut.”

Hearing this, Allan said as if he was upset: “What? You and Illumi arrived faster.”

Initially, Allan thought that he was fast, it only took him 3 hours to get down here, but five people were faster than him.

‘I really don’t know how those guys did it. Is there a faster way than going down the stairs?’

Allan was curious, but he smelt blood. He frowned and looked at Hisoka and said: “You were injured?”

“Ah, you could tell?” Hisoka asked in surprise.

Allan nodded and said: “You smell of blood, and it’s not someone else’s. It’s your own.”

“Your nose is excellent.” Hisoka squinted smiled.

“You’re too close. Step away from me.” Allan said in disgust.

“Okay.” Hisoka walked to the other side obediently and then sat down against a pillar.

“By the way, how did you get hurt?” Allan asked curiously.

With Hisoka’s power, it’s almost impossible for ordinary people to hurt him.

And since he came here fast, it means something happened.

Hisoka pondered for a bit before he said: “A madman hacked me.”


“it’s not a madman. It’s an Examiner from the previous Exam. He planned to take revenge on Hisoka and made a trap in the tower for him, but Hisoka killed him in the end.” Illumi explained.

Hearing this, Allan remembered that there was indeed such a thing in the original show. To injure Hisoka, that Examiner indeed has some power, but he picked the wrong target.

Because Hisoka sometimes doesn’t care even if he is injured to achieve his purpose.

Hisoka glanced at Ponzu beside Allan and asked in interest: “By the way, Allan, who is that girl next to you, where is Gon?”

“Yeah, what about Killua? Didn’t the two of them follow you?” Illumi asked as he noticed Ponzu as well.

Candidate #44, Hisoka.

Candidate #301, Gittarackur.

Ponzu recognized both of them and knew how dangerous they were.

The ‘Danger’ she recognized wasn’t how dangerous they seemed, but how much her instinct screamed danger when she looked at them.

At this time, Ponzu got nervous when the two targeted her verbally and looked at Allan in distress.

Allan already knew that Hisoka and Illumi would ask about Ponzu since Gon wasn’t here and he was interested in Gon, while Illumi would ask because Killua wasn’t here.

After thinking for a while, Allan replied: “She’s Ponzu. I met her in the tower. As for Gon and Killua, they should be in the tower.”

“In other words, you were alone, right?” Illumi asked.

Allan said without denying it.

“It turns out you are more than friends!” Hisoka smiled.

Allan was stunned before glaring at Hisoka: “Hey, don’t speak nonsense.”

Illumi said: “Taking a beautiful girl with you and leaving your friends behind. So, you’re a ‘dates before mates’ type.”

Hearing their words, Allan knew that they were half-joking half ridiculing him. His tone became agitated as he said: “You two, are you trying to provoke me to fight here?”

Seeing the cold air radiating from Allan, Hisoka knew that they went too far and said: “Although I want to fight you, Allan, but I’m injured, and I will lose if we fight now. Let fight another time.”

Allan looked at Illumi and said: “What about you?”

Illumi said: “I’m a professional assassin, I collect my money before killing, I don’t engage in meaningless fights.”

Allan said: “Very well then, shut up and don’t bother me. As for Gon and Killya, they’re strong. They will come down for sure. Just wait for them.”

Hearing this, Hisoka and Illumi said nothing and moved away.

However, as he dealt with one wave, another one started.

As soon as Hisoka and Illumi went away, another guy jumped in front of him.

Of course, it was Uvogin, who else would bother Allan except for him.

He is #11 in the Ryuudan, and other than fighting, he has no further interest.

Uvogin directly looked at Allan and said: “If they don’t want to fight you, I will.”

He was referring to Hisoka and Illumi when he said ‘they.’

Suddenly, the system’s choice appeared in front of Allan.

[1: Defeat or kill Uvogin. Reward: Armament Haki (Intermediate) Or Zoan devil fruit, Cat Cat fruit, Model: Leopard.]

[2: Ignore Uvogin’s provocation, and don’t fight him. Reward: Advanced Treasure Chest x 1]

It seems that a battle is inevitable after all.

Therefore, Allan made his choice: ‘the first option it is.’

If Allan can’t do it, he won’t get any reward, but if he defeats Uvogin or Kills him, he would get Armament Haki or Cat Cat Fruit, Model: Leopard, which will significantly increase his power.

After making his decision, Allan raised his head and said: “I will fight with you, but I have a condition.”

Uvogin frowned and said: “What condition?”

“One, this battle is between the two of us. No one can intervene.”

“Two, this is the last battle between the two of us. Whether we live or die, we won’t fight again. No matter who wins or loses, or who lives or dies, no one is allowed to seek revenge later, what do you say?”

“No problem!” Uvogin directly agreed and said with a grin: “This time, I will kill you here.”

The killing intent in his eyes was no joke.

“I will say the same to you,” Allan said using Conqueror’s Haki.

The declaration of a life and death battle caught everyone’s attention.

Hisoka didn’t care about anything as he said: “There is a good show about to begin.”

Illumi said: “They’re really energetic.”

Chrollo looked at this silently, while Pakunoda couldn’t help asking: “Chief, shouldn’t we stop Uvogin?”

Chrollo glanced at her and asked: “Why should we stop him? Do you think he will lose?”

“I don’t know.” Pakunoda shook her head and said: “Uvogin fought that Allan twice, and he didn’t gain any advantage. This is their last fight, so they won’t hold anything back, so it’s impossible to predict the outcome.”

Chrollo tapped his finger lightly, and his eyes flashed: “Then I will be on Uvogin and win.”

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