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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 62: Ice Fist and Throwing Machine

The ground floor of the Trick tower was just an empty hall. The atmosphere in this same Hall was taut.

Allan and Uvogin stood in the center in front of each other as their Aura rose.

The power of a Nen user is determined by the amount of Nen they possess.

Uvogin, as the No.1 fighting maniac in the Ryuudan, had a powerful Nen.

Although Allan’s Aura wasn’t as strong as Uvogin, his Aura contained an icy cold touch.

Suddenly, the air around him turned colder and colder as it moved toward Uvogin like a blizzard.

After fighting with Allan twice, Uvogin understood that Allan could freeze anything.

Uvogin snorted as he punched the blizzard straight away.

The punch was powerful enough to stop the air from moving forward, making small ice cubes dance in the air.

At this moment, Uvogin’s pupil shrank as Allan rushed at him.

“Too fast!”

Uvogin was shocked. He couldn’t react in time as he received Allan’s uppercut.

But as a first-class Enhancer, Uvogin used his physical strength to withstand the attack and retaliated with a punch.

Allan was already using his Observation Haki, and as soon as Uvogin punched, he was already eight steps away from him.

Uvogin didn’t chase after Allan, who stepped back, but he spat a mouthful of blood as he felt half of his face paralyzed.

“A punch can hurt me? Is he that powerful?”

Uvogin was suspicious. He didn’t think that the other party was that strong, so he looked at his hand, and sure enough, Ice covered his fists.

He immediately understood that Allan gloved his hands with Ice to increase his power.

That’s indeed what Allan was doing as he already figured out that typical attacks did not affect Uvogin.

Therefore, he covered his hands with Ice forming a glove of Ice.

It can protect his hand and improve his attack.

Uvogin didn’t get angry. Instead, he grinned ferociously at Allan.

His only enjoyment in life was fighting, and the stronger his opponent, the more excited he would get.


His body was suddenly covered by Aura as he rushed toward Allan like a bull while raising his fist. Blue veins bulged out of his arm, highlighting the amazing power that single punch contained.

Flash Steps!

Allan’s figure disappeared from Uvogin’s view as his fist hammered the ground leaving a massive crater behind.

At the same time, this attack left his back fully open, which made Uvogin feel bad. He hurriedly turned around only to see Allan’s attack already reaching him.

Leaf Strong Whirlwind! ((Konoha Gōriki Senpū!)

Allan’s kick landed on Uvogin, sending him sliding like a cannonball to a pillar.

The Huge pillar was smashed apart due to the power behind Allan’s kick.


Allan’s let out a deep breath. From start to finish, it all took 2 seconds.

While using Observation Haki to avoid Uvogin’s attacks, he used Shunpo to get behind him and poured out every ounce of his physical strength to use Might Guy’s Leaf Strong Whirlwind (Konoha Gōriki Senpū).

Even if Uvogin’s body was as strong as steel, he wouldn’t be able to get out unscathed from this attack.

This was proved right away. Uvogin was tattered as his Aura decreased slightly.

Of course, it is impossible to defeat this guy relying on Leaf Strong Whirlwind alone. Allan knew that well.

Uvogin roared as he got up while pushing the pile of stones from the destroyed pillar with a hideous expression.

That kick can be compared to a heavy truck hitting him at a speed of 100 km/H.

Fortunately, his defense was strong enough to block most of the impact.

If someone else took that hit, he would’ve died without any second chance.

He stared at Allan as he understood something.

Allan was much stronger than the previous two times.

‘This guy has a very keen perception. He can instantly predict my attacks, coupled with that teleporting thing and his powerful kick that doesn’t lose in power compared to my fist. he had an overwhelming combination of skills.’ Uvogin thought.

Uvogin no longer rushed forward crazily.

Although he never liked to use his brain, it’s different in a fight as he can be very flexible with his strategy.

Allan’s power exceeded his expectation by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, Uvogin decided to change his strategy.

He picked up a few stones from the ground and launched them at Allan.

Allan instantly guessed that Uvogin was using Shu to strengthen the stone, and immediately thought flashed in his mind.

“Don’t block this!”

Allan decisively Flash Stepped away from the projectiles.


As the stones hit the tower’s wall, they pierced it without stopping, leaving behind a fist-sized hole while the stones kept flying far away.

“Hahaha, again!”

Uvogin laughed as Allan didn’t dare block his attack. He immediately picked a few egg-sized stones from the ground and started throwing them with two hands while wrapping them in Nen. They were launched like rockets toward Allan.

As Allan was a master in Enhancement, he didn’t dare block the stones, so with Observation Haki in full use, he started teleporting around, leaving behind countless After Images.

(T/N: Teleporting is just a term; he is using Shunpo (Flash Steps) to move around at an extremely high speed that, to everyone else, it may seem like he was teleporting.)

The wall behind Allan became like a hornet nest due to the sheer amount of stones that pierced it, while Uvogin seemed to transform into a Baseball thrower.

Allan knew that he couldn’t keep this up, as space around them was limited. Overtime, Uvogin would be able to follow his movement and send a well-aimed attack at him.

At that time, Allan wouldn’t be able to react even with Flash Steps.

Also, the continuous use of Flash Steps consumes too much Stamina.

Therefore, Allan was continually looking for an opportunity to approach Uvogin.

To stop Uvogin’s long-ranged attacks, the most effective way is to get close to him.

But Uvogin had a rich fighting experience, so he would keep his distance every time he threw the stones at Allan.

The power behind the stones he threw depended on the distance between them. If the distance shrunk, the rocks would lose a great deal of power.

The power required to throw the stones at such a high speed and power was quite enormous.

Uvogin wouldn’t be able to keep up for long even if he had a monstrous physical strength.

This is why Uvogin was preserving his power. He was using his full strength but still managed to turn into an automatic turret with a high firing rate.

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