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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 68: Zevil Island

In this Phase, no one is to know who is hunting them. The Examiner only allowed them to look at their prey.

Because of this, even Allan, who watched this as a show, didn’t know each candidate’s target.

For example, in the show, Gon’s target was number 44, which is Hisoka, but right now, Allan couldn’t confirm if it was still the case.

This made Allan slightly uncomfortable.

The drawing was done by first come, first served. The first to reach the tower is the first to draw a card, and the last to get there is the last to draw a card, even though everyone wanted to pick their card early.

Although many complained about this, in the end, they could only follow this rule.

They know that if they don’t follow the rules, the Examiner will eliminate them.

And in only one minute, all 28 candidates drew a card from the box.

The numbers in the box are exactly the numbers on the badges of the remaining candidates.

So, everyone here is a hunter, but also a prey.

At the moment, Allan was thinking about the numbers he knew about. Hisoka is #44, Illumi is #301, Kurapika is #404, Hanzo is #294, Leorio is #403, Ponzu is #246, Killua is #99, and Pokkle is #53.

As for Chrollo, Pakunoda, And Uvogin, they had #33, #18, and #100, respectively.

Like Hisoka, those three wore their number badges without hiding them at all.

For them, it doesn’t matter who tried because no one can take them away.

This is the Ryodan’s confidence.

Allan did the same. He didn’t hide his badge, so all candidates here knew his number.

The rules of this Phase are simple; you need to get 6 points to pass. Getting your prey’s badge earns you three points, and keeping your badge gets you another three points.

Each badge that isn’t your target gets you 1 point.

If someone couldn’t get his target’s badge, he needs three badges from other people to pass.

Anyone who didn’t have 6 points by the end of the time limit has failed to pass.

After getting their number, Allan and the other 27 candidates boarded the Airship prepared by the association toward the next destination.

They reached an isolated Island after 3 hours. This Phase is conducted on this island.

Looking at the island from a high point, it funnily looked like a bra.

The candidates had to finish this Phase within a week on this island.

The island had more than two thousand small cameras arranged in advance by the Hunter’s Association to monitor the Hunters’ every move.

Strictly speaking, there is only one rule that restricts the candidates, which never kill each other.

If someone snatched someone’s badge by killing them, the Examiner would eliminate them from the Exam.

Uvogin was the most uncomfortable by this rule.

He initially thought that he could fight on this island, but Uvogin felt restricted once he heard this rule.

This was convenient for Hisoka, who enjoys toying with opponents rather than killing them.

“Allan, who is your target?” Before entering the Island, Gon approached Allan and asked curiously.

“I will keep it a secret for now.” Allan gave him a mysterious smile.

He didn’t want to reveal his target to anyone, including Gon.

Hearing this, Gon couldn’t help being curious about this, but since Allan said he wanted to keep it a secret, he didn’t ask again. However, he muttered: “I won’t reveal it either then.”

“Maybe we are each other’s target.” Allan smiled.

Gon froze before he scratched the back of his head and said: “I don’t know if I’m your target, but I can assure you that you’re not mine.”

Allan raised his brows: “Really?”

“Yeah, of course.” Gon nodded and pointed at Allan’s badge: “Allan, you’re #123. This isn’t the number I drew from the box.”

“Well, then I will tell you that you’re not my target as either.”

Gon was relieved.

“Great, when I saw you smiling at me, I thought that I’m your target.”

“So, Gon, if you were my target, what would you do? Would you hand your badge directly? Or would fight till the end?”

Looking at Allan’s expression, Gon thought for a while: “Well, I would fight till the end, even if it’s you, Allan, I won’t give up easily.”

“I knew you’d say that.” Allan smiled. He knew Gon’s character well and knew how stubborn he could be.

Allan’s tone changed as he said gravely: “Gon, I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?” Gon wondered.

“Is your target #44?” Allan asked seriously.

Gon was about to answer, but Killua walked up with his hands in his pockets and said: “What, Gon, is your target #44? What bad luck, #44 is Hisoka.”

Seeing Killua’s expression, Gon shook his head and said: “No, my target isn’t #44.”

“Really?” Allan was a little suspicious.

Killua whistled: “If it’s not #44, then it won’t be a problem. If it were, it would be troublesome.”

Gon confirmed: “It’s really not Hisoka, so don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Allan nodded and didn’t say anything else.

He knew that initially, Gon’s target was Hisoka. However, even with that, he managed to grab Hisoka’s badge.

But this time, his target isn’t Hisoka, but it will be unknown whether he can get his target’s badge or not.

“By the way, who is your target, Killua?” Gon asked.

“I will temporarily keep that a secret.” Killua smiled.

Allan was speechless. Those two learn too fast.

He suddenly regretted not sharing his target with them because now, he was curious about it.

But he didn’t ask nonetheless.

“By the way, Allan, do you want to go together in this exam?” Gon asked.

Allan shook his head: “No, let’s go separately. After all, it would be meaningless if we teamed up in this Exam.”

“Well, I think so as well.” Killua nodded as he agreed with Allan.

Gon was a little disappointed that both Killua and Allan didn’t want to go together in this Exam.

This time, he had to rely on his power to complete the fourth Phase.

Soon after, the Airship landed on the island, and the candidates were released in the same orders as before. The first to finish the last test is the first to go into the island.

The interval between each candidate going into the island is ten minutes.

And since this test had a time limit, the last candidate, who is Gon, or Killua, lost about 270 minutes from that time.

When it was their turn, it was already dark outside.

Allan didn’t rush toward his target but instead found made a camp and started a fire.

Since it was the first day, there was no need to hurry.

Allan knew that Hisoka, Illumi, Chrollo, Uvogin, Pakunoda, Killua, and Kurapika had the same idea.

On the first day, they would find a place to camp before making plans.

After all, this Phase time limit is a whole week, which was more than enough to get to their targets.

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