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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 69: Respective Targets

On the first day, all candidates spent their night peacefully.

Allan healed himself the entire night, he wasn’t in a perfect state currently, but he recovered all of his energy.

After washing himself by a lake, Allan started making plans.

His target is #18.

That badge belonged to Pakunoda.

Although she wasn’t a strong fighter, Pakunoda was smart. Allan knew that in a one on one confrontation, he would be able to snatch her badge, but he wasn’t 100% sure because nothing is certain in this world.

He was indeed superior in combat power, but she was too smart, and he can’t deal with her quickly.

Pakunoda most likely won’t act alone. She will be with Chrollo and Uvogin.

He wasn’t about that because this Phase of the Exam is different from previous ones, but if she was alone, he could successfully snatch her badge.

If she weren’t alone, it would be tough to finish this test.

Even with all of his power, he wouldn’t be able to sneak in and snatch Pakunoda’s badge, which means he had to deal with Chrollo and Uvogin as well.

If she wasn’t alone, Allan had to find another way. Suddenly, the system’s notification echoed in his head.

[1: Snatch target’s badge within the time limit. Reward: Increase Nen Quantity by 2,000 Point.]

[2: Take five points in one week. Reward: Senzu Beans x 1]

Allan’s eyes lit up. The first option was his goal. Even without the reward, he will still try it.

Therefore, he decided on the second option.

Since he would get Pakunoda’s badge, that’s three points, and he would need two more badges.

Although it was difficult, the reward was satisfactory.

A Senzu Bean is a magical bean from Dragon ball. Anyone who takes a Senzu Bean can go for ten days without eating, and if you’re exhausted and injured, it will heal you almost instantly.

As Allan was planning his strategy, other candidates were also making their moves.

Gon leaned against a tree as he thought about how to proceed.

At this moment, Gon was frowning. Hisoka wasn’t his target, which was indeed fortunate. Instead, it was Uvogin.

“My target is that big guy who is constantly fighting with Allan. I don’t think I can win at all… I’m really unlucky.” Gon sighed.

Although he never fought Uvogin, he knew that the latter was a master Nen user.

‘He is too strong. I can’t fight him head-on; otherwise, it would be impossible for me to snatch his badge.’ Gon thought.

He tried to think of a way to fight Uvogin in his head, but Uvogin would just slam him down each time.

In other words, he had no chance in fighting Uvogin head-on.

But, even knowing how strong his target was, Gon didn’t think even once about giving up.

‘I can’t just give up because he is strong. Staying here is also not an option. I should get going and make a plan.’

Gon jumped down from the tree and started moving.

He needed to move fast, find his target within a week, and snatch his badge, or else he won’t pass.

In another part of the forest, Uvogin and Chrollo met.

“Chief, who is your target?” As soon as they met, Uvogin casually asked.

Chrollo smiled: “It’s #246, the girl named Ponzu.”

“Ponzu? Girl?” Uvogin was dumbfounded and shook his head: “I don’t seem to remember her.”

“It’s the girl who stayed with Allan in the Trick Tower.”

“Oh, that girl.”

Uvogin remembered her and said playfully: “Chief, will you be able to do it? She is cute. Maybe it’s not convenient for you. I can help you deal with this if you want.”

Chrollo shook his head: “No, I will do it myself.”

“Uvogin, who is your target?” Chrollo asked.

Uvogin replied: “It’s #404. Do you know who it is, Chief?”

“#404?” Chrollo frowned.

Uvogin saw the frown and curiously asked: “What’s the matter, Chief?”

Chrollo replied: “Uvogin, #404 isn’t an ordinary guy.”

Uvogin was taken aback: “Who is it? It’s not Hisoka, is it?”

Chrollo shook his head: “Hisoka is #44.”

“So, is it Illumi Zoldyck?”

“Illumi is #301.”

“No, mm… Is it Allan?”

Chrollo shook his head: “A wrong answer again, Allan is #123.”

Uvogin didn’t find any other candidate to make Chrollo: “Chief, who is #404?”

Chrollo thought for a bit then said: “Uvogin, #404 is the blonde guy, do you remember him?”

Uvogin thought for a bit before he said: “The blonde guy, I remember his name is Kura-something.”

Chrollo nodded: “Yes, that’s him. His companions seem to call him Kurapika.”

Uvogin gave Chrollo a thumb up and said: “Chief, you really know everyone. I barely remember a few.”

Chrollo said: “Uvogin, there is one more thing I think you should know.”

“What’s the matter?” Uvogin asked, a little confused.

“You may not recognize that guy, but he seems to be a survivor of the Kurta clan.

“Kurta clan?” Uvogin frowned as he tried remembering them.

“Did you remember? It’s the clan with the scarlet eyes.”

Hearing this, Uvogin shouted as he remembered them: “Really!! Is that guy one of the red-eyed people? They were wiped by us a few years ago, right?”

Chrollo thought for a bit and said: “Although I’m not sure if he is one of them, he is wearing the iconic clothes of the Kurta Clan. Maybe he was away when we attacked the clan and escaped afterward.”

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