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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 72: Pokkle

Allan’s figure disappeared, and the arrow struck a tree in the distance.

Allan reappeared beside the arrow and took it in his hand.

It was a 30 cm long arrow, with an elastic head, which lacked penetrative powers.

Such an arrow can’t kill anyone, but the arrowhead must be dipped in anesthetic, which will numb and incapacitate the target.

Allan thought for a moment and knew who targeted him. There is only one person amongst the 27 Candidates who uses a bow.

It was candidate #53, Pokkle.

Pokkle hid behind a tree and didn’t dare stick his head out.

When someone concentrates on something, they won’t detect the danger coming from other things.

Therefore, Pokkle picked the time when Allan was concentrating on Hisoka’s Killing Intent to attack.

However, he didn’t expect Allan to dodge it easily.

It’s almost as if he had eyes on the back of his head.

Pokkle’s chest was rising and falling violently, and it wasn’t because he was exhausted, but because he failed his sneak attack and was anxious.

“Since he can dodge the arrow from behind, my location is probably known to him now, right?”

Pokkle took a deep breath as he calmed his breathing and prepared to leave without making a sound.

But as he moved, Allan jumped suddenly behind him and said: “Found you, sneaky little mouse.”


Pokkle immediately took out an arrow reflexively and placed it on his bow, aiming at the voice source.

Allan stood still staring at Pokkle.

When Allan concentrated on Hisoka’s Killing Intent, he was in the most vigilant state possible, and to his surprise, the person who attacked him was Pokkle.

Looking at Allan, Pokkle was surprised and couldn’t say anything.

Obviously, this is the first time something like this happened to him.

He was confident in his archery and hiding, but Allan still caught him.

So, as Pokkle looked at Allan in disbelief, he asked: “How did you find me?”

“It’s very simple. I followed the trajectory of the arrow.” Allan replied.

“No, I mean, did you know that I was following you from early in the morning?” Asked Pokkle.

Allan shook his head: “I didn’t.”

“What?” Pokkle exclaimed.

Allan sneered: “If you didn’t attack me, I wouldn’t have noticed you at all. That doesn’t mean I’m defenseless. On the contrary, I was prepared for any sneak attacks.”

Pokkle looked at Allan in surprise: “In other words, you are deliberately making yourself looking careless to bait others into attacking you!!”

“Bingo, but you get no reward.”

Pokkle sighed: “No wonder you didn’t seem to be vigilant at all. It turned out you are acting as bait.”

“So, are you ready?” Allan stepped forward and sneered.

“What do you want?” Pokkle asked. Although he aimed his arrow at Allan, he didn’t dare shoot.

He knew that if he confronted Allan directly, he wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Allan said coldly: “I’m your target, right?”

Pokkle nodded with an ugly expression. He drew #123, which is Allan’s badge number. He felt unlucky to get this target.

Since he failed his sneak attack, he couldn’t do anything at all to Allan.

Allan pointed at his badge and said: “Now, my badge is right here. Come and get it if you have the skill to do so.”

Pokkle hesitated as he looked at Allan’s badge in front of him; however, he realized that it’s impossible.

If he stretched his hand and take it, his hand would most likely fall down into the ground, right.

Although Allan didn’t have any sharp weapon, Pokkle still had this hunch and felt danger stronger than ever before.

Pokkle hesitated before he raised his hands and said: “I surrender.”

“Very well, you got your life back,” Allan said.

If Pokkle dared to take a step forward and grab his badge, Allan would’ve slashed this stupid guy.

Fortunately for him, Pokkle was aware of the danger here, and after hearing Allan’s words, he became even more frightened.

He squeezed a bitter smile and said: “Allan, I will give you the badge, and this is over, okay?”

Allan sneered: “Of course I will take the badge, but you sneak attacked me. I can’t let that go, now can I?”

Pokkle was shocked: “Then, what do you want? Do you want to kill me? I did attack you before, but I didn’t want to kill you. The arrow was covered in anesthesia. My purpose was to numb you and take your badge. I definitively didn’t have any intention to kill you.”

Allan puckered his ear with his little finger and said: “Don’t be nervous. I, of course, know that. Otherwise, do you think you will be standing now if you attacked to kill me?”

At his current level, Allan can feel the Killing Intent easily, and he can also know whether the attacker wanted to kill him or not.

Pokkle didn’t lie. The arrow he shot was aimed to incapacitate him and not kill, and because of this, he didn’t want to hurt Pokkle.

However, it is a fact that Pokkle still attacked him.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Pokkle asked: “Since you won’t kill me, can you let me go?”

“I have a simple task for you. Find someone for me, and I will let you go.” Allan said.

Pokkle’s ears perked as he asked: “Who is it?”

“#18, the woman named Pakunoda,” Allan replied.

Pokkle thought for a bit before he said: “#18? Is it that blonde woman with a hooked nose and revealing clothes?”

“That’s her.” Allan nodded.

Pokkle was revealing, knowing that #18 was Allan’s target.

“So, she is your target, huh.” Pokkle said in a deep voice: “That woman isn’t easy to deal with. Do you want my help to get her badge?”

Allan sneered and said sarcastically: “You can deal with ordinary people with your skills, but dealing with people like them is simple suicide for you. You can’t even touch that woman. I only need you to tell me about her location.”

Although he felt uncomfortable as Allan ridiculed him, Pokkle could only admit that it’s the truth.

Allan said: “I will give you two days. After that, head west to find me.”

Allan thought for a bit, then added: “If you can help me find her, I will consider giving you back your badge.”

Hearing this, Pokkle couldn’t hide his joy: “Are you serious?”

“Of course.” Allan narrowed his eyes.

“Okay, I do my best.” Pokkle patted his chest.

Looking his back, A faint smile appeared on Allan’s mouth.

With Pokkle’s help, his chance of finding Pakunoda was doubled.

No, it’s more than double, since that guy can search for people better than him.

‘Now, this didn’t take much effort at all. Not only did I get pokkle’s badge, but I also got a helped to find my target.’ Allan thought with satisfaction.

As for Pokkle running away, Allan wasn’t worried at all.

Because if he finds Pakunoda, Pokkle can get his badge back. He would do his best to get it back.

“Well, I just have to move to the west of this island now.”

As he thought about it, Allan was already moving toward the west. He now had two badges, the first is #118 he got from Hisoka, and the second is #53 he got from Pokkle.

Next, he just needed the #18 Badge, and he would have collected the required five points to get the Senzu Bean.

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