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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 78: Evolution

The impact of the massive Icicle caused a crater on the ground.

In the deep crater, two white tigers laid down about to breathe their last. No matter how fierce they were or how much defense and vitality they possessed, they couldn’t stop the Icicle coming down like a meteor.

“Byakko…” Pakunoda looked at the tigers with surprise on her cold face.

Byakko was her trump card. Even a rocket shouldn’t be able to penetrate its defense.

Even if Uvogin wanted to kill it, he had to use Big Bang Impact, or else he wouldn’t be able to break their defense.

Seeing the two tigers dying, Pakunoda knew that Allan’s last attack was stronger than Uvogin’s Big Bang Impact.

Fifty meters up in the air, Allan looked down with surprise at the two tigers.

He didn’t expect them to have such resilience.

However, looking at the Nen they had with Gyo, Allan could tell that they were about to die.

He only needed to deliver the last blow now.

Even though Allan used such a strong move, he still had 70% of his Nen. He stretched his hand and made an icicle before holding it and rushed down with great speed toward them.

A cold light flashed, and hot blood splashed.

The slash-cut down the tiger’s head.

The tiger’s head separated from its body, but it still didn’t close its eyes. It was worthy of the title ‘King.’

Finally, one of the tigers disappeared.

Although Byakko was more ferocious than a normal tiger, it wasn’t a real tiger. It was but a manifestation of Nen.

Once it is fatally injured, it will turn into energy and disappear.

After taking down the first tiger, Allan directly moved to behead the second one.

Allan’s eyes didn’t hold any killing intent. Instead, they were filled with joy.

He initially thought that he wouldn’t need much effort in taking down Pakunoda, a non-combatant member of the Ryodan, but once Byakko was summoned, he felt eager to win.

He felt a great sense of accomplishment when he killed the first tiger, and just when he was about to kill the second one, Pakunoda fired a bullet at him.

One of the tigers was killed, which meant a significant loss for Pakunoda, and if the other died, she would be defenseless against Allan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bullets left Pakunoda’s gun one after the other, with Allan as their target.

Allan snorted and blocked them with his Icicle, but as he did, the dying tiger recovered and jumped toward Allan with its claws.

Allan slashed toward the claws with his Icicle.


Allan was slightly surprised. He felt the tiger was wholly rejuvenated, as if he wasn’t dying at all.

Even the Icicle in his hand started cracking.


Byakko roared and increased the power behind its claws.

Allan’s Icicle shattered as the claws moved forward unhindered. Suddenly, Allan disappeared, and the claws tore the ground apart.

“Huu~.” Allan wiped out his sweat. It was a thrilling experience. He didn’t expect the tiger to recover quickly, which made him conclude that this beast wasn’t an ordinary Nen beast.

It was just too strong.

It was just like fighting a beast shaped Uvogin.

Generally speaking, many people can use their ability to manifest a Nen beast, but the Nen beast’s characteristics depend on their Summoner.

The most popular users of Nen beast are Conjurers, Manipulators, and Emitters.

The Nen beast can have different appearances, be it human, animal, monsters, or a creature that doesn’t exist.

The white tiger Pakunoda summoned had an animal form and possessed high fighting power and resilience stronger than a tank.

So Allan concluded that this wasn’t just an animal Nen Beast, but a mixed breed between a monster and an animal.

Nen beasts are the product of their user’s essence and inner self.

Pakunoda wasn’t good at fighting, so her Nen beast was intense due to her power desire.

Its primary purpose is to fight in her stead and protect her from harm, which Allan confirmed when he saw Byakko move back toward Pakunoda to protect her. But Allan was already faster than it was, so he seemingly teleported in front of Pakunoda and used a Leaf Strong Whirlwind directly at Pakunoda’s face.

Pakunoda could only raise her arms in an attempt to protect herself, but the kick still sent her flying away.

At this time, Byakko pounced at Allan from behind.

Allan snorted and blocked Byakko’s claws and grabbed its large body, and threw it away.

Byakko a few several meters away before landing unharmed. He roared and glared at Allan.

Allan looked at it and taunted using Rock Lee’s infamous beckoning gesture.

But unexpectedly, Byakko didn’t rush forward. Instead, he jumped in front of Pakunoda to defend her and looked at Allan with vigilance.

So, the tiger is protecting its master.

Byakko feared that Allan would attack Pakunoda again.

Allan squinted as he looked at Pakunoda, getting up with a few bruises on her arms.

Anyone can see how much power Allan used when attacking Pakunoda. Even with her Ken, she couldn’t block his attack.

However, Allan knew that Pakunoda wouldn’t stop most of his attacks because her Nen is getting close to depletion.

On the other hand, Byakko seemed to be full of vitality as if nothing happened.

There was only one explanation for that.

“Are you still feeding it your Nen?”

Allan suddenly asked.

Because he noticed Pakunoda’s Nen was flowing through Byakko.

At this moment, Byakko was releasing an astonishing amount of Nen, but Pakunoda’s Nen was declining.

“Stop it! Even if you transfer most of your Nen to it, it can’t fight me.” Allan said.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Pakunoda said solemnly: “Looking down on a woman won’t do you any good.”

Allan frowned. He could tell that as soon as Pakunoda was angry, her Nen suddenly increased, and Byakko’s body started changing.

On its back, a pair of snow-white wings sprouted out and spread.

Heavenly White Tiger.

It evolved.

As its wings spread open, a gust of wind swept out like a hurricane.

Allan put his arms in front of him and resisted the violent wind.

His eyes were fixed on Byakko. He didn’t expect it to evolve and turn into a flying beast.

However, as soon as it evolved, Pakunoda’s Nen was significantly reduced, as if she consumed all of it.

The wind blew a few trees away, but Allan was still standing in the same place.

He glanced around to see many trees uprooted and colliding with other trees far away.

Just a sweep of its wings caused such a typhoon. This made Allan take this seriously.

If he gets careless, it won’t be fun getting hit by something that strong.

He could feel the connection between the tiger and Pakunoda and knew that if he doesn’t deal with the tiger, Pakunoda won’t give up resisting.

Allan resolved himself and knelt on one knee and touched the ground with his hands.

Suddenly, coldness spread around him as the ground started freezing.

The Nen consumption of this move depended on the area he was freezing. If he thoroughly used this ability now, he can freeze two Kilometers.

His Nen moved at great speed and froze the ground, moving directly toward the white tiger and Pakunoda.

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