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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 9: Challenge

In an instant, information about the advanced application of Nen filled Allan’s head with each greatly detailed.

The advanced application was just skill derived from the basic four ability, the Nen of the flame, {Ten, Zetsu, Hatsu, and Ren}.

These advanced skills are {Gyo, In, En, Ko, Shu, Ken, and Ryu}.

For example, Shu is an advanced application of Ten, which allowed the user to shroud an object with his Aura strengthening it.

Allan immediately picked up a rock from the ground and applied Shu to it and then threw it away.

The stone moved through the air like a missile before hitting a large boulder with a loud boom.

A meter-long crack appeared on the boulder as if it was struck by lightning.

Allan frowned slightly and muttered: “It’s not broken.”

He expected the boulder to crack in half, at least, as the Aura around it was enough to crush it if he was to use it on his fist.

The power wasn’t that great as the crack on the boulder can’t be called big.

He recalled every last detail about Shu and what he did to the stone, and finally, he figured it out.

The stone was covered by his Aura to increase its hardness, but the stone wasn’t part of him, so once it left his hand, the Aura around it started dissipating, slowly till it hit the boulder.

If he directly smashed the stone on the boulder, it would cause the reaction he was after.

In order to verify his guess, Allan picked up a small stone as big as the previous one, and instead of throwing it after using Shu, he held it tightly with more than its half exposed. He moved toward a boulder and smashed it with the stone in his hand.

The boulder couldn’t take the impact and crumble down into countless pieces.

Allan sighed in satisfaction as he figured out the correct way to use Shu.

Gon, who witnessed all of this, opened his mouth wide that I could easily fit five eggs at least. He couldn’t understand how a small stone could almost destroy a boulder.

Allan turned his head and noticed Gon’s expression and said with a little pride in his voice: “Did you see that Gon? This is the magical ability called Nen. You should train really hard, and soon you will be able to do that as well.”


“Of course, did I lie to you before? You’re my Ototo (Little brother), after all.”

Gon nodded vigorously with a wide smile on his face. He just started training in Nen and wasn’t good at it yet.

But with Allan here to guide him, he would be able to advance quickly.

Now that his Aura Nodes are completely open, he can freely control his Aura.

Allan wasn’t idle after teaching Gon. He looked at the open space in front of him and started practicing the advanced Nen application he just learned.

Although these new skills were completely imprinted in his mind, Allan still needed to train to use them proficiently.

Allan planned to master these skills as quickly as possible, and when he was sure he could survive, he would leave Whale island.

This place is only suitable for practice or short-term vacation. It wouldn’t do him any good to settle down here.

He also understood the reason for Ging’s departure.

The Island was boring. Life here was almost the same each day, without any excitement.

This was unbearable to people with even a small ambition.

He also understood why Gon wanted to go to Ging.

It’s not just to find his father, but it was also to see the world for himself.

Just like that, a few months passed by, and each day, Gon and Allan practiced in the forest the entire day before they return to the town and Help Mito with the Bar. Although their days were ordinary, they were quite fulfilling as they felt the fruit of their training each day.

Although Gon didn’t advance really fast, his talent in Nen was top notch.

Within a few months, he was already proficient in the basic skills of Nen.

That was apparent, as now he was standing in front of a boulder as he used Ren to burst out with an astonishing amount of Aura, then he used Hatsu to punch the boulder.

The boulder exploded in small stones, which showed how much power was behind that punch.

Allan nodded in satisfaction as compared to a few months ago. Gon’s progress was drastic, to say the least.

As for his own training, it wasn’t bad. Other than mastering the basics, he was quite good with the advanced Nen skills.

Although the gap between his own skills and a top-notch master was still wide, it was only a matter of time before he closes that gap.

“The only thing I’m missing now is combat experience.” or so were Allan’s thoughts.

Practicing all the time wouldn’t help him advance much further, and if he wanted to get stronger, he would need to improve and leave Whale Island.

In the past few months, he was already quite accustomed to the lifestyle, and it will be hard for him to leave for now. Today both Allan and Gon arrived at their training ground in the forest like usual, and like Allan, Gon was no longer satisfied with the current training, so he looked at Allan and said: “Allan, Let’s fight.”

Allan raised a brow and was about to answer, but suddenly, the voice of the system rang once again in his head after being absent for so long.

[Please make a choice.]

[1: Accept Gon’s challenge and beat him. Reward: Double your current Mental Power.]

[2: Reject Gon’s challenge and taunt him. Reward: Double your current physical strength.]

The reward from the two choices had their advantage. Improving physical strength was equivalent to increasing power, reaction, speed, and so on.

While doubling the Mental power means his current Aura will be doubled, and thus increasing his power greatly and making him last longer against his foes.

Allan directly made his choice and agreed to Gon’s challenge.

The two immediately faced each other and took a stance before releasing their Aura at the same time.

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