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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 8: Aura

“I’m so strong already?” Allan was surprised by his own power.

Just now, he expected to be able to deal some damage to the rock, but he didn’t think that using Nen on his fist would result in such explosive power. At most, he thought he would crack the rock a little.

Allan’s power was beyond what he was expecting from himself, which made him happy.

However, since he wasn’t accustomed to Nen, that single blow was enough to consume a huge chunk of his Energy.

Sighing, Allan looked at Gon and said: “See that, that’s how powerful Nen is.” Allan’s voice was dripping with pride.

Gon’s face was full of admiration as he saw Allan smashing a rock with a punch. His eyes were filled with stars as he looked at Allan, filled expectation, and said: “When can I learn to do that? I want to learn this quickly.”

Allan replied calmly: “It’s not hard to learn this, but you won’t get stronger overnight.”

Gon didn’t care: “I know, but I still want to learn.”

Allan patted his chest before he said: “Don’t worry, I will teach you.”

Raising his head, Allan noticed the setting sun and decided to stop here for today: “Let’s go back today. We will continue tomorrow.”

Although Gon was disappointed, he nodded obediently and walked home with Allan.

After eating a simple meal, the two of them went to the village looking for Mito.

Mito had a bar on Whale Island, and although it wasn’t big, it was quite popular.

There is nothing to do for entertainment on the island, so a bar was the only place to have fun and pass the time.

Most fishermen who returned from the sea would gather in pairs of two or three and share a drink while talking about their day.

Mito wasn’t just the owner, but she was also the bartender, the workers, and everything in the bar. Basically, she worked there alone and did everything herself.

Fortunately, Gon would come and help her from time to time, which helped her relax a bit.

After learning about this, Allan asked Mito if it was okay to help in the bar as a way to pay for his food and accommodation.

Mito agreed without hesitation. After all, she could use help around the bar.

And furthermore, Allan was about 1.7 meters tall and quite handsome, which will make the bar popular with ladies and mid-aged women.

Every female customer would tease Allan a few times before she ordered a drink, and that became usual in the bar.

Allan sighed. If these were beautiful women, he wouldn’t care, but most of them are past their prime. They’re in their late thirties or forties with bodies full of muscles due to the odd jobs they were doing.

Allan could only ask Mito to only cut fruits and do odd jobs at the bar while Gon served the drinks, which she agreed to.

Even though the female customers were ‘thirsty’, they wouldn’t make a move on Gon, who still didn’t hit puberty.

Allan wouldn’t be able to bear staying here for too long, so he will wait till proficiency in Nen reached a certain level before leaving.

At least he would be able to protect himself when he embarked on his journey.

The next day, Gon started shaking Allan’s body until he woke up.

“Allan, get up, you promised me that today you would teach me Nen.”


Allan still wanted to sleep. He was training the past few days and stayed late at Mito’s bar to help. He was awake until two or three o’clock in the morning, so he wasn’t really eager to get up early.

But Gon was different. He was bustling with Energy. He saw Allan smash a rock with his bare hands and was very eager to learn Nen.

Gon continued his shaking and urged: “Don’t go back to sleep, the sun is already high up in the sky.”

Allan finally got up, reluctantly.

After washing up and eating breakfast, Gon dragged him toward the forest.

When they finally reached the training Area they chose yesterday, Allan said: “To learn Nen, you must first open the Aura Nodes of your body, and there are two ways to do so. The first one is to open them naturally by meditating and feeling the Energy inside your body, but that could take a great amount of time, even for someone talented. The second one is relying on another Nen user to forcefully push his own Nen into your body, opening your Aura Nodes in the process, which was the fastest way to learn Nen. So which method do you chose?”

Gon looked at Allana and said without hesitation: “Of course, the sooner I learn Nen, the better.”

“So, the second method?”


Allan hoped that Gon would choose the first method as he did, but since he chose the second method, he didn’t argue with him.

“Okay, I will push my Nen into your body to open every Aura Node in it and guide the energy out.”

Gon nodded.

Allan didn’t forget to remind him: “There is a certain risk in doing this. If the Energy fails to open your Aura Nodes, you may get hurt. You must also be prepared to control that Energy as soon as you feel it. Otherwise, if it rushes out of your body entirely, you may die.”

Gon looked seriously at Allan and replied: “I understand, let’s start.”

Allan immediately raised his hand and said: “Gon, turn around, I will push the Nen into your back. This technique is called Hatsu.”

Gon turned around obediently with his back now facing Allan.

Allan lightly put his hand on Gon’s back and pushed his Nen, using Hatsu into Gon’s body through his palms.

In an instant, Gon felt a violent air pushing him from his back and into his body, making him open his mouth unconsciously.

In the next second, he was startled as he noticed the Energy from his body was leaking out with nothing stopping it.

Seeing this, Allan sighed and smiled: “Success!”

At the same time, a voice from the system rang in his ears.

[Ding! You successfully introduced Gon to the wonders of Nen. Reward: Advanced Nen Application.]

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