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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 97: Grand Prize

“You will know later.”

Hisoka’s answer made Allan frown as he couldn’t guess what Hisoka would do later.

Hisoka moved to the center of the stage. He looked at Kurapika and said: “Come, I won’t use Nen to fight you.”

Kurapika was angered: “Are you looking down on me?”

Hisoka squinted: “I just want to test you.”

Kurapika clenched his fist as he knew that he couldn’t defeat Hisoka no matter what he did.

Kurapika coldly said: “If you want to test me, then I will let you have a taste of my power. If I accidentally kill you, then I’m sorry in advance.”

Seeing Kurapika’s expression, Hisoka’s eyes squinted, and smiled: “Yes, that kind of look is what I’m looking for, that Anger… Come, I will enjoy this fight.”

To avenge his clan, he went to hell and back practicing each day so that he won’t back down now.

Kurapika took out his weapon, which is two short swords, and vigorously waved them.

Hisoka avoided each attack with his flexible body. Everyone was reminded of Allan’s match against Hanzo.

Everyone, including Allan, thought that Hisoka would copy Allan’s way to defeat his opponent.

No one can deny that it was a good strategy.

Kurapika glared at Hisoka: “I’m not Hanzo, don’t think you can make me admit defeat. If you want to beat me, come and fight.”

“Is that so?” Hisoka smiled and suddenly rushed at Kurapika.

Kurapika was startled, but he quickly used a front kick on Hisoka’s abdomen to push him back.

Unfortunately, Hisoka grabbed his leg and twisted it before throwing him away.

Kurapika fell ten meters away while Hisoka threw out his weapons.

The outcome was clear, even without Nen, Hisoka was stronger.

Even so, Kurapika didn’t’ give up. He quickly got up and threw some hidden weapons at Hisoka, or more like darts.

Hisoka squinted before stepping aside, avoiding the darts. He reached his hand and grabbed a dart and threw it back at Kurapika, who was rushing forward.

With a ding, Kurapika blocked the dart with another short sword before thrusting the sword at Hisoka.

The latter bent over ninety degrees and avoided Kurapika’s attack.

Kurapika continued his attacks while Hisoka simply dodged.

Hisoka smiled creepily: “Yes, your physical strength is good, and if you learn Nen, your power will increase very much.”

He looked at Kurapika like a pervert and said: “I didn’t misjudge you. You’re a delicious fruit. I’m tempted to pick you off right now.”

Kurapika felt a chill pass through his body as he saw the look on Hisoka’s face and heard his words.

‘He described me as a delicious fruit that he can pick.’

Kurapika kept attacking without stop as he felt his attacks were closer and closer to hitting Hisoka.

In the end, Hisoka stopped his sword with his bare hand and said: “Don’t play with such dangerous toys.”

Hisoka flicked the sword after saying this, and it broke instantly while kicking Kurapika on the stomach.

He flew up and fell several meters away.

Hisoka narrowed his eyes and said: “Will you continue?”

Kurapika grabbed his stomach without replying. Instead, he rushed toward Hisoka again.

He wasn’t afraid of death.

The only thing on his mind is defeating Hisoka.

Hisoka looked at Kurapika in admiration, or that’s what most people thought it was as he knocked him down several times over.

Kurapika didn’t relent. He kept getting up, not thinking about giving up.

He had broken bones all over the place, but he still got up. He didn’t want to go down like this.

He wanted to get stronger, and he will move forward no matter what.

Hisoka’s smile disappeared as he looked at Kurapika with some seriousness.

Kurapika’s tenacity exceeded his expectations.

“I originally thought that you were a good fruit, but now it seems that I’m wrong. You are a new star that will shine, and I will look forward to your future performance.”

After saying this, Hisoka looked at Nitro and said: “I surrender.”

The audience was in an uproar when they heard this.

Naturally, Kurapika was the most shocked. He was barely standing as he looked at Hisoka in disbelief.

“Hisoka, why are you surrendering?” Kurapika asked Hisoka, who was about to leave.

Hisoka paused as he flashed in front of Kurapika and whispered something in his ears, making Kurapika’s expression change.

He became surprised and slightly angry as his eyes turned scarlet for an instant.

But it quickly disappeared and returned to normal.

Hisoka’s mouth rose into a sly smile before he walked off, while Chrollo seemed a little angry.

Allan understood that Hisoka told Kurapika about the spiders, and that caused his Anger.

Just like the show, Hisoka was planning on cooperating with Kurapika, and Chrollo probably noticed Kurapika’s eyes turn scarlet for a second.

He probably remembered the Kurta Clan as he was the one who killed them and knew now that Kurapika was a survivor of that clan.

Allan started wondering if Chrollo would cut the weed to the roots or will he let Kurapika live.

He stayed back for a while to see the next fight, which happened to be between Illumi and Pokkle and then Chrollo against Bodoro.

Illumi won his match, and Chrollo won his.

The next round will be between the five who didn’t win, who are Hisoka, Hanzo, Killua, Pokkle, and Bodoro.

They will fight, and the candidate who lost all his matches will fail the exam.

It’s mostly certain that Killua, Hisoka, and Hanzo will pass one after the other, and the last match will probably be between Pokkle and Bodoro.

Allan was no longer interested in watching the fights anymore and left.

After asking around about Gon’s whereabout, The other hunters told Allan that any hunter would have the privilege to enjoy medical service with almost no fees.

A hunter would only need to pay 5% of the treatment fee, and the remaining 95% will be taken care of by the Hunter Association.

At this moment, Gon is a professional Hunter, so he enjoyed such a privilege.

He was in a VIP ward with a doctor performing surgery on his injuries.

After two hours, Gon’s injuries were stabilized, and he only needed to stay in the hospital for a month.

At this time, Allan remembered the Lucky Draw. So, he directly took a room provided by the Association for free for some privacy.

In a room on the 26th floor, Allan prepared to start the lucky draw.

He was hoping to get a Logia Devil Fruit, like Ice Ice Fruit or Lightning Lightning Fruit.

[Ding! Start the Lucky Draw!]

A giant roulette appeared in front of Allan, full of prizes.

There were many avatars of anime Characters, like Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Tsunade Senju, and even Minato Namikaze.

There or also Monkey. D. Dragon, Whitebeard, and even Mihawk.

There are even Dragon Ball characters, Like Goku, No. 18, Bulma, and many others.

Allan started the Roulette instantly.

[Ding! Congratulations, you won a Character Card.]

Character Card?

And it’s a time limit Card? Allan froze for a moment.

He doesn’t want any character cards; he wants a devil fruit.

However, he can’t change anything now.

The lucky Roulette disappeared.

Allan looked at the card that appeared in his hand. The card about the size of the hunter’s license.

Allan looked at it with disappointment wanting to see which character he got.

If it’s a good character, then he didn’t lose out.

If it is someone useless, he will throw it away.

When he saw the card, he was stunned.

The character he got was non-other than Boa Hancock.

The Empress Boa Hancock, one of the Shishibukai and the Captain of the Kuja Pirates, and the queen of Amazon Lily.

She was one of the three top beauties of One Piece’s World. She is called the most beautiful because she is better known in the world and no man can keep calm when he sees her.

She ate the Love-Love Fruit that can turn the target into stone with a look.

She was also proficient in Haki, all three types.

And now, this character belongs to Allan.

Allan looked at the card and saw the description of how to use it.

When the character is summoned, it will be bound to the summoner who can fully control the character.

The card time limit is 365 days, which is precisely a year.

In other words, Allan can unconditionally enjoy the ownership of Boa Hancock for a year.

Allan couldn’t remain calm anymore.

His initial disappointment turned into excitement and expectation.

He imagined a scene where Boa Hancock is subdued at his feet, and his mouth rose into an evil smile.

After calming down a bit, Allan started the summoning, which was very simple. He just needed to chant the words on the card.

Allan took a deep breath and started silently reciting.

From One Piece, The Princess of Amazon Lily, The Daughter of the sea… Boa Hancock.

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