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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 96: Fight Between Friends

Allan was a little stunned as he heard the System’s notification.

He didn’t expect to complete a system achievement.

Once again, he heard the System’s voice echoed in his head: [You have won a lucky draw, do you want to use it?]

Allan thought for a while before deciding against using the lucky draw. If something incredible happened when he used it, it would attract too much unwanted attention, especially since Pariston was standing next to Netero and looked at him.

Although he was smiling like a harmless person, Allan knew his personality well.

He didn’t like the feeling of someone watching him, so he greeted them and went back to Gon and the others.

Kurapika and Gon looked at the hunter license in envy, especially the latter.

Kurapika then congratulated: “Congratulations, Allan, you’re now a professional Hunter.”

Allan shrugged and said in a relaxed tone: “Yeah, I’ve done it. I will wait for you guys next.”

At this time, Netero announced the next duel: “For the second duel, #99, Killua, against #405, Gon.”

As soon as they heard the announcement, Kurapika said in surprise: “How were the duels arrange? They actually made Killua and Gon fight each other.”

Gon said in a daze: “I don’t know.”

“That old man must’ve done this intentionally.” Killua glared at Netero.

After hearing this, Hisoka’s eyes narrowed as he smiled: “Interesting.”

Illumi said: “Gon will definitively lose.”

Allan heard this and walked over: “Now, now. It’s too soon to determine the winner.”

Illumi said: “Gon is injured, and it’s impossible for him to match Killua. Moreover, even if Gon isn’t injured, it’s difficult for him to defeat Killua, who received professional training since he was a child.”

Allan shook his head and said: “Although Killua is strong, Gon isn’t ordinary as well. Moreover, this isn’t about defeating someone, and it’s about making them surrender.”

Hisoka agreed: “That’s right, Gon won’t be admitting defeat so easily. Especially since both of them are the same age.”

Even when Allan and Hisoka explained this, Illumi was confident in his brother and said: “Killua has received a lot of training and can make Gon surrender. He can scare Gon to the point it will leave a trauma.”

Allan’s mouth raised as he said: “So, Illumi, how about a bet?”

“What are we betting on?” Illumi asked.

“Just who will emerge victorious between Gon and Killua.”

Illumi thought for a while before he said: “Although I have no interest in gambling since it’s Killua, I will bet.”

Allan nodded and glanced at Hisoka: “Hisoka, can you be the witness?”

Hisoka squinted and said: “I can. I’m also interested in Gon and Killua.”

When he said this, Hisoka looked at Chrollo and asked: “Are you going to be as well?”

Chrollo glanced at them, then at Allan before shaking his head: “I’m not interested.”

Chrollo wasn’t Hisoka, he can control himself, and he wasn’t interested in both of them as well.

Hisoka knew this but deliberately asked Chrollo: “All right.”

Allan glanced at Hisoka and said:” Did you think Chrollo is too bored too because he was alone, so you tried to call him?”

“Yeah.” Hisoka smiled and said: “After all, he had two companions before, but because of you, he is alone now.”

Hisoka didn’t need to remind Allan because he already knew this.

Although Chrollo said that he would not interfere with Uvogin’s revenge, Pakunoda’s matter was another thing entirely.

Allan could guess that Chrollo knew of this, and he must be dissatisfied despite him looking calm.

After all, he is the leader of the Gen’ei Ryodan, and Allan defeated and almost killed one of his men. If Chrollo lets it go, it will be like a face slap to him.

However, Allan knew that Chrollo didn’t pursue the matter because he still wanted him into the Spiders.

Furthermore, Uvogin and Pakunoda were both arrogant and prideful; they wouldn’t use Chrollo or anyone else to go against him.

So Allan can temporarily discard this matter and worry about it later.

At this time, Illumi said: “They are about to start. Do you still want to bet?”

Allan said: “Of course.”

Illumi: “What do I get if I win?”

Allan thought for a bit and said: “You and Hisoka owe me a favor. How about if you win, the favor is null?”

Illumi said: “If I lose?”

“Then you will owe another favor.” Allan laughed and said: “That’s fair, right?”

Illumi nodded and said: “Yes.”

Hisoka squinted: “You promised something like that. You’re a bro-con, and you trust Killua too much.”

Illumi replied: “Of course, anyone will unconditionally believe and support their brother.”

Hisoka: “I don’t have a brother, so I don’t know how you feel.”

Allan then said: “Well, who will win out of those two?”

Illumi said: “Killua will win.”

Allan and Hisoka were speechless.

Allan didn’t bother to argue with this bro-con.

Allan wasn’t 100% confident that Gon will win. A large part of him made this bet because Gon is his friend.

Also, he understood Gon better than anyone here.

In the end, Allan believed that Killua wouldn’t be cruel to Gon because Gon was Killua’s first friend.

Killua had a good side of him even with his cruel childhood.

He won’t be cruel to his friends and the people loyal to him.

When Gon fought Neferpitou, he sacrificed almost his life to defeat her. To save him, Killua took out his System to rescue Gon even though he was going against his family.

That’s how much Killua appreciates Friendship.

He cared a lot for his friend under that cold façade.

Once he recognized someone as a friend, he would lay his life for them without question.

But this kind of person is always the most terrifying because there is only a thread between love and hatred.

If one day Gon and Killua fought and each went their path, one of them would die.

Fortunately, those two will become best of friends later.

Therefore, Allan believed that Killua wouldn’t be cruel to Gon.

Gon can’t win this fight because his arms are broken, and it’s impossible for him to fight Killua, but to win, someone has to admit defeat, and Gon won’t, no matter what happens.

Gon and Killua, right now, we’re on the stage waiting for the fight to start.

Many people were paying attention to them, especially Netero and Pariston.

After all, both of them were young, and reaching this phase of the exam was a testimony of their talent.

“Killua, I won’t admit defeat.” Gon declared with a firm look on his face.

“I know that.” Killua nodded before looking up at Netero and said: “Old man, I give up.”

When Killua said this, most people here were shocked.

Allan was surprised as well. He did guess that Killua will give up, but not that fast.

It seems that he never thought about fighting Gon in the first place.

In his eyes, the hunter’s license is nothing compared to his Friendship with Gon.

At this time, the most affected person is Gon.

“Killua, why did you admit defeat?” Gon asked.

Killua shrugged: “Because I don’t want to play in that old man’s game. He arranged our fight just to see us fight. I will not give him what he wished for.”

Hearing this, Gon looked at Netero and said: “Chairman, is that true?”

Netero was stunned as he didn’t expect Killua to point the blame at him, and he didn’t expect Gon to ask him.

“Well, no, this old man didn’t ask you to fight for his pleasure.”

After hearing Netero’s answer, Gon looked at Killua and said: “Killua, did you hear that? He didn’t do it for that reason.”

Gon was giving Killua a headache. He sighed: “Okay, I don’t want to fight you, it’s that simple.”


“Because I don’t want to kill you, and I won’t be able to find a way to make you admit defeat. So I had to surrender and not waste everyone’s time.”

After hearing this, Gon said bluntly: “Killua, although I don’t want to admit defeat, I don’t want you to sympathize with me.”

“So, what do you want?” Killua rolled his eyes and asked.

“Let’s fight.” Gon said sincerely.

“Will you admit defeat then?


“So, even if I beat you, you won’t admit defeat, right?”

“You idiot!” Killua exclaimed as he punched Gon.

“Gon, are you an idiot? Since you’re not willing to admit defeat, then why would I continue to fight you. That doesn’t make sense.”

Gon’s face swelled slightly, but he grinned at Killua: “Okay, Killua, you attacked me, so the match started.”

Killua was taken aback and realized that Gon was deliberately angering him.

Killua dodged Gon’s attack then appeared behind him with a kick.

God was aware of the danger, but because his hands were bandaged, he had no way to defend himself. He could only release Nen from his body to defend.


In the next instant, Killua Kicked Gon heavily and sent him flying away.

“Enough, Gon. I already said that I surrender.” Killua said quickly.

Gon didn’t relent and got up: “I said I don’t need your sympathy, Killua. We are the same age. If you show me sympathy, then you’re underestimating me. As your friend, I don’t want to be underestimated by you. So I will fight till the end till you recognize me as your equal.”

Killua stood in place dazed.

At this time, Gon rushed toward Killua and kicked.

Killua defended with his hands, but Gon’s strength made him retreat several meters.

Killua felt his arms numb and said in surprise: “What a strong kick, you used Nen there.”

At this time, Gon rushed once again, and Killua could only fight back seriously.

For a while, Gon and Killua were fighting fiercely.

The current Gon was far stronger than the one in the show.

He learned from Allan how to use Nen, which made him stronger.

In the show, Gon was always weaker than Killua since he received professional training since he was a child.

On the other hand, Gon was just special since he lived on the island and played in the forest all the time, but he didn’t receive any training. Only when Allan appeared did he start training and gained combat experience.

Gon fought fiercely with Killua and managed to reach a stalemate.

At least, in terms of strength, both of them were close, but Killua was faster. That’s because Gon was using Nen to strengthen himself, making him a few times stronger than normal.

“Well, I admit, I underestimated you, Gon. I will be serious now.”

Killua started treating Gon as a challenge, and ten minutes later, Killua saw an opportunity and hit Gon on the back of his neck, knocking him out.

Seeing Gon fainted, Killua looked at Netero and said: “I admit defeat.”

After saying this, Killua glanced at Gon and thought: “Sorry, Gon. If you weren’t injured, I wouldn’t have admitted defeat. I want to fight you, but in your current state, I will be just taking advantage of you.”

Netero stroke his beard and looked at Killua with admiration: “Killua admits defeat. Gon wins!”

“Killua, why did you surrender?” When he came back, Kurapika asked, although he guessed the reason.

Killua shrugged and said: “Gon is injured. He can’t fight me at full power. But I knew he’s stubborn and wouldn’t admit defeat. I don’t want to kill him, and I don’t want to waste time, so I just admitted defeat.”

Kurapika replied: “I think Gon will be quite angry when he wakes up.”

Killua said: “Does it matter? I still have a chance, and I won’t admit defeat in the next match. When I get my hunter license, he won’t say anything.”

Kurapika nodded: “That’s true.”

Gon didn’t wake up, so he was taken away by Satotz.

Allan glanced at Illumi and said: “It looks like I won the bet.”

Illumi looked confused: “Why did Killua give up?”

Allan smiled: “It’s simple. He gave up because they are friends.”


“Because for Killua, Friendship is more important than victory.”

“I don’t get it.” Illumi was still puzzled.

Allan glanced at Hisoka and said: “So if you fight Hisoka, will you give up?”

Illumi said: “Why would I?”

Allan said: “Then, what if Hisoka surrendered?”

Illumi said: “Well, I can accept that.”

Hisoka glanced at Allan and said: “Although we are friends, we’re nothing like Gon and Killua. What they have is pure Friendship, but the adult world is complicated. A friend today can be an enemy tomorrow.”

Illumi nodded: “That’s right. Hisoka and I are friends, but we can become enemies in the future.”

Allan understood that Illumi is a rational guy, not an emotional one. He became Hisoka’s friend because they had the same interest.

In the end, Allan just dropped the topic: “Then, since I won the bet, you owe me two favors now, right?”

“What are you talking about?” Illumi said, faking shock.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid.” Allan said: “I have a witness here, right, Hisoka?”

“Well, he is right.” Hisoka nodded and said to Illumi: “You don’t want to go back on your words, right?”

Illumi thought for a while then said: “Well, I owe you two favors. When you want me to pay you back, call me.”

Allan gave him a thumb up.

He raised his head and glanced at Netero on the stage. At this time, Netero announced the third duel.

The third match is between Kurapika and Hisoka.

Allan, who was originally planning to go ahead and visit Gon, stopped.

Killua said: “Kurapika, admit defeat. You can’t defeat Hisoka.”

Kurapika knew that Killua is right, but he still wanted to try: “I want to try my luck.”

Killua shrugged and said: “Well, you have another chance if you lose now anyway.”

Kurapika knew that without Nen, he had no way of defeating Hisoka.

But despite that, it was a rare chance to fight Hisoka, so he wanted to try.

If he admits defeat directly, everyone will look at him as if he was weak.

Allan didn’t say anything because he knew that the gap was too big, and no matter how much Kurapika tries, he can’t beat Hisoka.

Unless there is a miracle, Kurapika won’t win.

Suddenly, Allan remembered that in the show, Hisoka admitted defeat when he faced Kurapika, so maybe he would do that this time as well.

But in the show, Hisoka admitted defeat because he knew that Kurapika’s enemy is the spiders.

That’s why he cooperated with Kurapika.

But now, Allan didn’t know if Hisoka knew about that yet.

“Hisoka, you don’t want to give up, do you?” Allan asked Hisoka before the latter moved to the stage.

Hisoka smiled: “Why do you think I will give up?”

Allan thought for a while and said: “Well, I just have an intuition. I think you look at Kurapika like you do to Gon and Killua, so I think you are interested in Kurapika’s growth, no? You aren’t the type to pick unripe fruit.”

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