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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 95: Professional Hunter Achievement

As the blade fell on Allan’s head, the latter suddenly disappeared.

Hanzo’s pupil contracted as his sword passed through empty air.

“So fast!” Hanzo commented in his heart before retreating a few meters.

“Your speed is alright.” Allan said calmly, before smiling and taunted: “I don’t know if you can go even faster.”

Hanzo coldly replied: “It looks like you’re confident in your speed. Be prepared. My next attack will be faster.”

Hanzo launched himself with great speed at Allan but once again failed to make contact with Allan.


Hanzo couldn’t maintain his composure as Allan avoided his attack again.

The first time can be a fluke, but not the second time.

“Can you hurry up?” Allan taunted him with his index finger.

Regardless of being a Ninja or not, Hanzo is arrogant and couldn’t bear Allan’s provocation.

He once again flashed and swung the hidden weapon at Allan fiercely.

Allan didn’t fight back. Instead, he relied on his Observation Haki and dodged.

He wanted to make Hanzo realize the difference between their power and make his surrender.

The first step was destroying Hanzo in terms of speed.

As a ninja, he must be confident in his speed.

Allan wanted to keep Hanzo attacking and make him lose confidence in his speed.

Attack after attack headed toward Allan, who swayed slightly avoided each time without any effort.

Gon and Kurapika were nervous as they looked at Allan.

Hanzo was fast, and it seemed like an attack could connect at any moment.

But Allan avoided each time when the blade seemed the closest to him.

On the other hand, Killua looked indifferently.

As an expert, he could see what Allan is doing better than the other two.

In terms of skills, Killua wasn’t inferior to Hanzo. Therefore, he could gauge Hanzo’s power without a problem. Hanzo had great speed, but he was far behind Allan.

Only when your speed is greater than your opponent can you dodge at the last moment like Allan is doing.

Allan’s face wasn’t red, he wasn’t breathing hard, and from time to time, he would taunt Hanzo.

It’s clear that Allan was way beyond Hanzo in terms of skills.

With Observation, Killua found out that Allan relied on a movement technique or some kind of footwork.

And it was quite advanced as well.

This was similar to the footwork of his family, but Allan’s was much more advanced.

Gon and Kurapika couldn’t see this clearly, making them frightened and worried about Allan’s safety.

Killua couldn’t help explain: “Don’t worry, Allan is just playing with Hanzo.”

Kurapika was surprised: “You mean that Allan wasn’t serious all this time?”

Killua shrugged: “I can’t say he wasn’t serious. After all, Hanzo is quite good, but if Allan were truly serious, Hanzo would be dead.”

“I’m very surprised as well because Allan is really strong, but he is only dodging Hanzo’s attack without counterattacking. When Killua explained, I understood what Allan is trying to do. He should be trying to prove the difference between them and force Hanzo to admit defeat.” Gon said.

Kurapika nodded: “That should be it. After all, the rule is clear. You need to make your opponent surrender, not defeat it. If Allan started to fight with defeating Hanzo in his mind, it would be easy. But as Hanzo is stubborn, he won’t admit defeat.”

Kurapika and Gon were relieved as they discovered Allan’s strategy.

At this time, Vice President Pariston glanced at Netero and said: “Chairman, the candidates this year are quite strong. They are showing us such a wonderful fight from the start.”

Cheadle glanced at Pariston and Netero before saying: “The Chairman didn’t invite you, and you still have the cheek to come here, uninvited.”

Pariston squinted with a smile: “I’m still the Vice-Chairman. I have that much authority.”

“Hmph!” Cheadle snorted, too lazy to retort.

This time, Netero specially invited them and didn’t invite Pariston, but the latter came here uninvited.

This made her very upset as a member of Netero’s faction. Because what Pariston did means that he thought less and less of Netero as the president.

At this time, Netero, who was watching the duel, suddenly said: “This old man wants to join them in fun.”

Pariston squinted: “If the president’s hands are itchy, you can just ask everyone from the Twelve Zodiacs for a spar. This is your original intention of making them anyway.”

The present Twelve Zodiac’s members glared at Pariston and said: “Pariston, Shut up! Why do you have to be so troublesome?!”

“Yes, if you want to spar with the Chairman, you can be the first to go, as the vice president.” The Ox said.

Pariston said readily: “Okay! If the president wants a spar with me, I will be delighted.”

Netero waved his hand and said: “I don’t want to play with any of you at the moment. I’m only interested in those newcomers.”

Pariston said: “Since chairman is interested in them, I will arrange for a spar with them, is that okay?”

Cheadle said: “Pariston, I will take care of the Chairman’s affairs. You aren’t allowed to act toward those newcomers.”

Pariston raised his hand in surrender: “Well, I won’t interfere.”

Cheadle ignored him, but she was still vigilant. She knew that Pariston wasn’t someone who kept his words.

As long as it is someone he is interested in, he will intervene.

At this time, the battle between Allan and Hanzo changed.

Hanzo couldn’t land any hit on Allan and finally decided to use his secret skill.

Shadow Clone!

Hanzo made some hand seals, and in an instant, three clones appeared around him.

Right now, there are four Hanzo’s in the scene.

Each one moved in a different direction.

Allan narrowed his eyes slightly as he seemed interested in Hanzo’s Ninjutsu.

One of them said: “You can’t avoid our attack now.”

After saying this, the four Hanzo’s Attack Allan from four different directions.

Allan’s expression didn’t change, as he used Observation Haki and avoided each attack without any difficulty.

Hanzo didn’t expect Allan to be so strong that he can avoid all those attacks.

He knew that he had no hope to win against Allan, but he didn’t give up instantly as he wanted to land a hit at least.

But it wasn’t easy to do because, since the start, he didn’t even manage to touch Allan.

Taking a deep breath, Hanzo decided to perform his last secret technique.

Hanzo started circling Allan quickly before he was no longer visible to the naked eyes.

“So fast!”

Killua, Kurapika, and Pokkle all exclaimed.

At the moment, they knew that if they were the ones inside that encirclement, they had no way of escape.

Only a few black afterimages kept flashing around Allan as Hanzo was preparing to launch a surprise attack.

Even Hisoka and Chrollo looked at this technique in interest.

Hanzo’s speed wasn’t that amazing, it was average or below average in their eyes, but the technique itself was good. They were also curious about whether Allan could avoid this attack like before or not.

At this time, Allan finally showed a serious expression.

His eyes flickered left and right, catching Hanzo moving around.

In the next second, he sneered and disappeared.

Leaf Strong Whirlwind!!

Suddenly, Allan was in front of Hanzo and kicked him away.

The three clones disappeared instantly as soon as Allan landed the kick.

Hanzo was lying on the ground with a shoe print on his chest due to Allan’s kick.

He broke two ribs!

“Was that a coincidence?” Hanzo got up with a pained expression.

Allan shook his head as he already noticed Hanzo’s technique’s weakness.

The so-called shadow clones are just an illusion.

“As long as you hit the original, the others will naturally disappear.”

Hanzo was taken aback as he didn’t expect Allan to see through his technique.

Indeed, it was just an illusion technique and didn’t inflict any damage if a clan landed a hit.

The purpose of this technique is to put pressure on the opponent to distract them. He was the only attacker.

“So, should we continue?”

“No.” Hanzo shook his head with a wry smile: “There is no need to continue. I lost.”

Through this battle, Hanzo realized that he wasn’t strong enough to fight Allan.

He was convinced of his loss.

No matter how much he fights, he is not Allan’s opponent.

At this time, Allan obtained his reward.

[Ding! You successfully convinced Hanzo to admit defeat through your power. Reward: Ninja Art: Afterimage Clones.]

After getting the information about the Afterimage Clone technique, he understood something.

The so-called Afterimage clones technique is a high-speed movement skill used to confuse the opponent, but unlike normal techniques, each clone had some weight behind it. It’s like how the Byakugan can see shadow clone.

Ordinary Afterimage clone: Create a physical clone that can attack and defend.

Double Afterimage Clone: Make two Afterimage clones that can attack and defend.

Triple Afterimage Clone: Similar to double Afterimage clone, but each clone is stronger. It can confuse anyone who witnessed the Double Afterimage Clone.

Multiple Afterimage Clone: A more power clone technique. It can create dozens of Clones. The only disadvantage of this technique is they can’t attack at the same time.

This technique may not be useful for Allan now, but it’s better to have more skills.

Allan didn’t dislike having more skills from the system because he believed that each skill could be useful in certain circumstances.

At this time, Netero announced: “Winner of the first match, Allan. Please come up here.”

Hearing Netero calling him, Allan didn’t hesitate as he walked onto the stage directly.

Netero said to Cheadle: “Cheadle, bring it out.”

“Yes, Chairman.” Cheadle took out a license with Allan’s photo in it and handed it out to Netero.

Allan’s eyes were attracted to the ID photo in the Hunter’s license.

Netero laughed and said: “Allan, congratulation on becoming the first Hunter to pass in the 287th hunter exam. From now on, you’re a professional hunter.”

“Thank you, Chairman.” Allan took his license with a satisfied smile.

Although it wasn’t necessary to him, it showed his hard work.

From this moment, he had an identity in the Hunter X Hunter world.

Suddenly, Allan heard the System notification in his head.

[Ding! Hidden achievement unlocked: Become a hunter. Reward: Lucky Draw.]

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