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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 99: The Empress’ Power Part 2

He saw part of his arm that he defended with turn into stone.

His attention was on Hancock, so he didn’t notice it, but now that he tried to move his arm, he felt something, and as he looked, he saw his arm petrified.

Kanzai quickly thought: ‘If this continues, my arm will be gone.”

Mizaistom, Cheadle, and the others noticed this, and their faces changed.

“Is this that woman’s Nen Ability? After kicking Kanzai, his arm was petrified.” Mizaistom frowned.

Hancock said coldly: “This will be the end of your disrespect for this Empress.”

Anyone who is quickly by her Perfume Femur will be petrified, whether it’s a male or female.

This is the ability granted to her by her Devil Fruit.

In close combat, no matter if you block the kick or not, you will be petrified as long as it touches you.

Kanzai used his Nen to defend against her attack, or else his arm would have been petrified on the spot and maybe even shattered.

It’s precisely because of the Nen defense that the petrification process was reduced, but even so, it still took effect.

Hancock didn’t use more than 70% of her power, but even so, Kanzai only covered his hand with a layer of Nen. He didn’t even Ken to defend.

Right now, Karzai’s face was hideous. He discovered to his horror that the Petrification didn’t stop on the surface, but even his blood vessels showed signs of Petrification.

He knew that if he didn’t deal with this quickly, his arms would be destroyed.

He immediately used his Ren to exude Nen from his pore and counter the Petrification.

Karzai’s method was barbaric, but it got the job done.

The Nen coming out of his body managed to make the Petrification stop and recede until it vanished.

When the others saw this, they were relieved. Especially, Mizaistom, who had a good relationship with Kanzai.

Allan narrowed his eyes slightly as he knew how strong Hancock’s Petrification is.

Most people wouldn’t have a way to deal with Hancock’s Mero Mero fruit, but Kanzai’s way, although barbaric and straightforward, was proven effective.

Allan had to sigh. Nen was quite versatile. After learning even the basics of it, you can do many things with it.

It can turn into many things, like Electricity, Ice, Chains, Bullets, weapons, Etc. Ren may be one of the basics of Nen, but Karzai’s use of it was appropriate.

When the petrification problem was solved, Hancock showed surprise: “You can actually resist the Petrification of this Empress. You’re slightly capable.”

Kanzai raised his head and glared at the woman, then said: “Damn it! I’m angry. You are dangerous. I will arrest you.”

Hancock didn’t show weakness as she pointed her hand at him: “Whatever this Empress does, will be forgiven.”

“I won’t forgive you.” Kanzai rushed at Hancock.

Perfume Femur!

Hancock directly sent a kick without any hesitation, and since Kanzai knew what the kick could do, he didn’t dare block it.

He avoided the kick and rushed to her side.

Slave Arrow!!

Hancock immediately put her hand on her lips, and a big pink heart appeared.

She pinched the heart with her hand and launched hundreds of arrows that will turn anything that touches them into stone.

Kanzai saw the hundreds of the love Arrow fired toward him, and his complexion changed a little. He didn’t dare block and started dodging the arrows.

However, Hancock already sealed off the area with nearly two hundred arrows.

An arrow shot Kanzai on his left tight, and it started to turn into stone.

Karzai’s face was hideous as the Petrification started spreading all over his body. He couldn’t deal with the Petrification completely, and if he doesn’t, he will turn to stone in ten seconds.

In three-second, his lower body was turned to stone, and he couldn’t delay anymore as he used Ren once again to fight against the Petrification.

Under the constant release of his Nen, the Petrification stopped, and layers of cement-like things fell to the ground.

After that, Kanzai was panting as he used too much Nen just now.

If he continues to fight, he will be hard-pressed as the amount of Nen needed to eliminate the Petrification wasn’t small.

But this wasn’t the worst of it at all. If that woman attacked him while he is using Ren, he would be hard-pressed to defend.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he will lose if this continues.

At this moment, Hancock saw that Kanzai removed the Petrification twice and was about to attack him again.

Slave Arrow!

Once again, she formed the pink heart and was about to launch countless arrows at Kanzai, but seeing the situation turning for the worst, Allan finally said.

“Enough, Hancock.”

Hearing this, Hancock stopped and released the pink heart.

“This Empress wants to kill that guy,” Hancock said.

Although she can’t be arrogant in front of Allan, it doesn’t mean that her arrogance completely disappeared.

She will be arrogant to anyone but Allan.

Karzai’s rudeness made her unhappy, and she wanted to kill him.

“Get back here. Do you want to defy me?”

Allan said coldly, and finally, Hancock returned beside him. She was upset, but she didn’t want to experience Allan’s punishment again.

However, Kanzai didn’t feel that it was enough and didn’t want things to end this way, so he said: “President, didn’t you see? That woman is dangerous. I suggest that we catch her or drive her away from the association.”

Faced with Karzai’s Accusation, Hancock said arrogantly: “No matter what this Empress does, it will be forgiven. After all, this Empress is beautiful.”

After saying this, Hancock flicked her hair back, which made her dazzling.

Allan glanced at kanzai and found him blushing with everyone except the known freaks. Even the women were blushing.

Allan could only sigh.

Her most incredible power wasn’t her Mero Mero Fruit, but her beauty.

Only four people lacked a reaction at this time; they were Illumi, Hisoka, Chrollo, and pristine.

“Oh, what a dangerous woman.” Parkstone squinted.

As he said this, he looked at Allan and asked: Allan, can you tell us who she is? If you don’t, then we will ask her to leave.”

Allan thought about a response, but the system interrupted his thoughts.

[Ding! Make your choice!]

[1: Tell Paristone and the others that Hancock is your secretary. Reward: Increase amount of Nen by 5,000 Points.]

[2: Tell Paristone and the others that Hancock is your contract servant. Reward: Paramecia Explosion Fruit (Mr.5 from Alabasta’s arc).]

[3: Tell Paristone and the others that Hancock is your fiancé, and make the Empress kiss you in public. Reward: Logia Ice Ice Fruit.]

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