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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 99: The Empress’ Power Part 1

“Where are you taking me?”

Boa Hancock asked as she left the room.

Allan stopped and glanced at her: “It’s not where I want to take you, but starting today, you will follow me wherever I go.”

Hearing this, Hancock frowned: “Don’t go too far. No one has even made this Empress follow him.”

Allan said: “Then I will be the first, and the only one.”

Hancock bit her teeth as she was unwilling to follow him, but she can’t control her body even if she wanted.

She could only give up bitterly and stopped asking questions.

The only thing that gave her comfort was her pet Salome who was still following her.

It has been three hours since Allan left the exam hall.

So the exam should’ve ended already. Still, he didn’t discard the possibility of a break between each round.

“By the way, my name is Allan, and you can call my name directly, I don’t mind. Also, regarding my identity, you should know that I became a professional Hunter three hours ago.”

After getting into the elevator, Allan briefly introduced himself to Hancock.

He thought that he should at least tell her the most basic information.

Hancock snorted: “Who do you think you are? This Empress isn’t interested in knowing your name.”

Allan’s mouth rose into a smile: “Although you say that, you’re really curious, aren’t you.”


Hancock was shocked as she looked at Allan.

Allan seemed to know what she was thinking, and he confirmed it: “You’re right. Not only can I control your body, but I can read your thoughts as well.”

Allan didn’t brag much about this, but he really can read her thoughts when he concentrated on the character card.

At this time, Hancock thought: ‘What a terrifying man, can he really read my mind? If that’s true, won’t I be his servant forever? Can it not resist his control?”

Allan’s mouth rose slightly as he said: “You don’t have to resist me and don’t talk back. Otherwise, I will punish you accordingly.”

Hancock gritted her teeth and said nothing.

Allan’s punishment gave her great shame, she never suffered such a shame only once before, and she didn’t want to suffer another time.

Realizing this, the proud Empress finally lowered her head in front of Allan.

When they reach the exam hall, the fights didn’t end as they were taking a break.

Those who still didn’t finish their fights were Hisoka, Hanzo, Killua, Bodoro, and Pokkle.

Kurapika, Illumi, and Chrollo already won their first matches and obtained their hunter’s license.

As he stepped in, Allan attracted the attention of almost everyone in the room. As the first person to pass the exam and show absolute strength, he gained almost everyone’s respect.

However, soon they noticed the peerless beauty beside Allan and could stop staring.

They never before in their life saw a woman as beautiful. Her bearing, her face, her body, everything seemed out of a fantasy novel, and with the snake beside her, it made her look like a noble.

At this moment, except for Allan, everyone was looking at Hancock.

Except for a few weird guys, like Hisoka, Illumi, and Chrollo, all people present were attracted to her.

They all had the same thought: ‘How could such a woman exist in this world?!’

Their eyes seemed stuck like glue on Hancock’s body.

They looked at Hancock and knew that the word ‘Beauty’ was invented to describe a woman like Hancock.

Even Netero, who lived for a hundred years, was looking at Hancock with hearts in his eyes, which somehow made Allan think of Master Roshi (Muten Roshi, Kamesen’nin) from dragon ball.

Allan blocked Hancock from everyone’s view and said: “What the matter, haven’t seen a beautiful woman before?”

Allan’s words caused everyone to awaken from their mesmerization, and some of them looked sheepish.

At this time, Netero waved at Allan.

Allan said: “Is there something, President?”

Netero coughed twice and said: “Allan, the final is currently being held here, except for the candidates and professional hunters. No one is allowed here.” Netero glanced at Hancock as he said this and continued: “So, can you tell me, who is… that lady beside you?”

Allan was about to answer, but Hancock assumed her arrogant pose reflexively and pointed at Netero.

“Smelly old man, don’t you even know who this Empress is?”

Hancock opened her eyes and looked at everyone in the hall arrogantly, which made everyone stunned at how she addressed herself.

Hancock said: “Listen well, This Empress is Boa Hancock, the Empress of Amazon Lily and captain of the Kuja Pirates, one of the Shichibukai.

You lowly people should call me your majesty, or Empress if you call me Miss or Lady again, I will kill you.”

Netero and the others are dumbfounded. Regardless of the titles are true or not, Netero and the others were convinced that she is a narcist.

And because nobles had such temperament already, and with her saying she was an empress, they can’t question her.

The Tiger, Kanzai, looked at the Ox, Mizaistom beside him, and whispered: “Isn’t this woman too arrogant? How dare she call the President a smelly old man, and she called herself the Snake empress…”

Ox glanced at Netero before whispering back: “Well, the president seems to be indifferent.”

Kanzai was taken aback as he could see Netero’s gaze stuck to Hancock and wasn’t bothered by her rudeness.

He looked back at Ox and said: “Isn’t the old man too old already? Is he eyeing that girl?” Kanzaki said dumbfoundedly.

The Ox, Mizaistom, said: “I can’t blame him really, that woman is simply too beautiful. To be honest, I didn’t see any woman so beautiful all my life.”

Seeing Mizaistom, who already seemed calm, mesmerized as well, Kanzai was a little anxious: “Don’t be tricked, the president seemed to be confused by that woman, she must have some ability to attract everyone’s attention to her, so be careful.”


Hancock heard Karzai’s words and pointed at him.

“Insolence, who allowed you to talk about this Empress? This Empress’ beauty isn’t something you can talk about.”

Hearing this, Kanzai was stunned for a moment before he said in retort: “Who says you’re beautiful? You arrogant, narcissistic woman. Also, who do you think you’re calling Insolent? I’m a member of the Twelve Zodiac, The Tiger, Kanzai.”

Hancock didn’t look at him at all. She titled her head and said arrogantly: “This Empress won’t remember an Insolent’s Name, and this Empress’ Beauty is beyond doubt.”

“You… You woman, you’re too arrogant. I will teach you a lesson.” Kanzaki said furiously.

Seeing Kanai was about to attack, Mizaistom discouraged him; “Stop, Kanzai, hitting a woman isn’t very gentlemanly.”

“You think I don’t know that you want to help her because she’s beautiful?” Kanzai exclaimed.

Mizaistim quickly explained: “No, I, I’m not attracted to her, I just think that the Twelve Zodiacs should follow our own rule and not use force without authorization, especially against women.”

Mizaistom is a double star crime hunter and always abide by the rules.

Therefore, his words were his own without being influenced by Hancock’s beauty.

But somehow, Mizaistom blushed inexplicably after saying this.

Kanzaki looked speechless for a while before saying: “It looks like you and the President were fascinated by this woman. I should take action and break her control over you.”

Just as he finished talking and prepared to attack, Hancock already sent a kick at him.

Perfume Femur!

Feeling the power behind the kick, Kanzai was surprised, but he reacted fast enough and jumped away, avoiding it.

After he landed, he looked at Hancock as if she were his prey.

Hancock snorted coldly: “You actually avoided my kick. It seems like you are slightly strong.”

Kanzai stared at Boa Hancock and gritted his teeth angrily: “You’re really a lawless woman since you attacked me. First, I will fight back.”

Hancock didn’t bother talking to him as she sent a kick after the other. Kanzai kept avoiding her attack and finally jumped away, but he found another kick moving toward him as he landed.


Kanzai quickly crossed his arms in front of him, blocked the kick, and skidded back a few meters.

Karzai’s expression sank. Although he blocked the kick, the impact made his arms numb. He could tell that she attacked with killing him as her objective.

“Damn it, I’m getting serious,” Kanzai exclaimed.

Although he is fast to anger, he didn’t like to use force on a woman. If she didn’t force him, he wouldn’t have done it.

As Kanzai was about to fight back, his expression changed.

“What? What is this?”

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