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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 98: Pirate Empress Part 2

Looking at the options, Allan could only sigh.

The System was ruthless.

To smash the Empress’s arrogance, he needs to slowly go at it, or else she won’t become honest.

The third option was just too much, and Allan didn’t want Hancock’s face all swollen if she slapped herself.

Allan wasn’t that kind of pervert to choose the third option.

It’s not that he is a gentleman or something, but it’s just he looked down on that kind of behavior.

So, in the end, he just picked the first option.

He looked at her and ordered: “Boa Hancock, Kneel on one knee!”

“You want me to kneel? Do you want to die?”

Hancock didn’t expect such an order, but to her surprise, her body moved. She looked at her body as it moved and knelt on one knee without being able to resist.

{Ding! You made the Proud Pirate Empress Kneel on one knee. Reward: Conqueror Haki (Advanced)]

Allan felt his Conqueror Haki get stronger. He felt that his Conqueror Haki is now as strong as Silver Rayleigh.

Looking at Hancock kneeling, Allan said: “Boa Hancock, you should know now that I can control you, and you can’t resist.”

At this time, Salome saw its owner kneeling and suddenly opened its mouth and jumped to bite Allan.

But before it could come close to Allan, it stopped by an invisible force.

Boa Hancock looked at Allan in surprise.

“That… Just now, that is the Conqueror Haki? The same Conqueror Haki that I have, why does this man have this ability? Could it be that he is like me? Does he have the qualification to be a king?”

Allan looked at Boa Hancock and smiled slightly: “I think that you don’t doubt me now, right?”

Hancock snorted coldly. Although she was shocked by the Conqueror’s Haki, she wouldn’t submit so easily.

“Man, you should let me go, or else I will kill you.”

Allan shook his head: “It seems you didn’t recognize the status quo yet.”

He took a step forward and pinched her chin without his hand and leaned closer: “You should remember, you are neither the Pirate Empress, nor are you a Shichibukai. You are my servant. If you don’t understand this and keep being arrogant, I will slap your behind.”

However, it seems that Allan underestimated the arrogance of this woman.

“You’re so rude to this Princess. I will not let you go. When I return to Amazon Lily, I will do my best to kill you.”

Allan sighed.

[Ding! Make a choice]

[1: Slap the Pirate Empress Hancock twice. Reward: Double Physical strength.]

[2: Humiliate The Pirate Empress Hancock and let her feel shame. Reward: Double Physical Strength.]

[3: Punish your arrogant servant the way a man punishes a woman by slapping her butt. Reward: Armament Haki (Advanced)]

Allan decisively ignored the first and second options. He wasn’t about to beat a woman or humiliate her. He wasn’t such a scumbag.

Only the third article is in line with Allan’s wishes.

Only that way can he crush her arrogance.

Moreover, the reward so good that he won’t let this opportunity pass.

Allan immediately used the contract force and made Hancock stand up.

“Man, what are you trying to do to me?” Seeing Allan approaching, Hancock became vigilant.

Although she wanted to attack Allan, her body couldn’t move.

Allan said coldly: “Since you don’t want to accept reality, I have to punish you.”

“You, what do you want to do to me.”

Hearing the word punishment made Hancock nervous.

Allan looked at her and said: “Boa Hancock, I will use the strongest way for men to punish his woman, prepare yourself.”

“The strongest way?”

Boya Hancock was taken aback.

Hancock was on the bed face down two hours later as she couldn’t sit straight from the pain as Allan looked in satisfaction at the bloody red butt he just finished slapping.

(T/N: Yes, the author is only leaving Hints!)

At this time, the System’s notification echoes in Allan’s mind.

[Ding! You used the strongest Physical Punishment on the pirate Empress to crushed her arrogance. Reward: Armament Haki (Advanced)]

Allan raised his hand, and a thick layer of black material covered it.

He could tell that with Haki, his fist is as hard as steel or harder.

Allan was quite satisfied with the Empress’ crushed arrogance along with the Armament Haki and Conqueror Haki.

Allan glanced at Boa Hancock, who was in a trance, and said: “From now on, you will stay by my side. You will follow me wherever I go, and if you don’t obey, I will keep using this punishment.”

After a long silence, Hancock nodded her head unwillingly.

She looked at Allan bitterly as she couldn’t forgive Allan for what he’d done to her.

But she can’t be arrogant anymore, as she knew that Allan could control her at will.

So, she could only swear that if the opportunity arises, she will kill that man.

Allan knew that Boa Hancock was now vowing to kill him, but at least she wasn’t arrogant anymore.

Although it was a little despicable to punish her by beating her butt, at least she calmed down now.

Having her as an attendant is like having a powerful ally.

At this time, Boa Hancock suddenly asked: “If I obey your orders, can you let me go back?”

Allan thought for a while and said: “Yes if you want to regain your freedom, don’t defy me. If I’m happy, I will let you go back.”

Hancock didn’t speak anymore, as she seemed skeptical about Allan’s words.

After all, Hancock couldn’t trust Allan. He was a demon with a smiley face.

Allan didn’t care about Hancock’s thoughts. After a while, he took Hancock and left the room, ready to check if the exam was over while the snake, Salome, followed after its mistress.

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