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I.C.S Chapter 100: Reactions from all sides (3)

-The Land of Fire, Konoha

      Hokage Office Building.

Third Hokage, Homura Mitokado, Koharu Utatane, and Danzō Shimura are the four regulars. Needless to mention, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Namikaze Minato who are come here often, but Uchiha Fugaku rarely when he came here …

Although The Uchiha during this period were not like before the Nine-Tails Incident, Fugaku almost made it clear that he wanted to rebel, and the dissatisfaction was evident on his face, he also didn’t like the Hokage and his surroundings.

Originally, Fugaku, who was the head of his clan, didn’t have a really bad impression about the Third Hokage at first, but their preference for Minato recently made his attitude more extreme, which made him extremely unhappy!

This situation made his ambition to become Hokage nearly evaporated.

This attitude not only made him angry but also made the Uchiha clan, who had long been resentful, even more dissatisfied with the village…

But this time he went to the Hokage office, and that made him more clearly aware of the strength of the Hokage surroundings.

The few in front of him… are all at the Kage level… even Koharu and Homura are strong enough to be Kage. After all, they were the disciples of the Second Hokage.

But a ninja who has not been in battle for many years, even if the strength is strong but what is the use of this without practice? Maybe Fugaku will not even need to use his eyes against them.

But apart from these two old people and Danzo, who only knows how to hide in the dark, the remaining few people are the ones that worry Fugaku the most.

The three sannin, the yellow flash, and the Third Hokage are at the helm of the force in Konoha.

Shisui can be said to be the hope of his Uchiha clan. He is the only person other than Fukagu who has opened the Mangekyō Sharingan and has the potential to surpass him.

His disappearance made Fugaku extremely anxious, but there is nothing he can do.

“The news of Kazekage, Raikage and Mizukage has come. He said that the remains of the ancestors were not stolen. It can be said that the ninjas who appeared at that time were not the Five Kages, and depending on the fighting style, they were not brought in by the Earth Release Resurrection Technique.”

Hokage consultant Homura coughed lightly, and then read out the contents of the document in his hand.

After causing the five Kages to return to their souls, Naoto hurriedly sent the bodies of the five Kages back, so they could not detect anything unusual.

In fact, he does not feel comfortable manipulating the dead and always feels bad about it, instead, he prefers to use the living to work for him.

For this reason, he brings the five Kage back to their deaths in peace, or else he wouldn’t so easily give up one of the greatest powers in the shinobi world.

“Although it’s hard to imagine, the Demons were able to dispatch Shadow-class combatants with just one Black Watch combatant, whose level of danger was far from our expectations.” Koharu Utatane said seriously.

Her words made everyone in the office think deeply, they do not believe that the Demons only exist because of such a scientific research organization as the Black Watch.

“Well.” The Third Hokage nodded slightly, then turned to look at Fugaku, and said kindly, “Fugaku, let’s talk about the battle between you and that vampire back then. “

Fugaku nodded, and then explained everything that happened in the temple on the border of Lieduo Land, including the appearance of Konan and Ryo Shimazaki, and the subsequent arrival of Hiei.

It’s just that he hasn’t seen Konan and Ryo Shimazaki in the battle with his own eyes, so he doesn’t know much about their abilities, and naturally, he doesn’t take them too seriously.

After all, the ninja world is a world that depends on strength…

In addition to the Third Hokage and his advisors who had already heard of the incident, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Minato, who had just come, showed expressions of seriousness.

After all, this is a Mangekyō Sharingan user! The legendary Dōjutsu! In a large number of Uchiha clan, only two people can open it!

But he was completely suppressed by that Vamdemon?

It’s unbelievable!

In the battle between ninjas, especially between masters, even if there is some kind of superiority in strength, the winner will not be quickly determined unless the gap in strength was very large. Of course, except for the illusion jutsu ……

At present, most of the instant kill battles in the ninja world rely on illusions…

And Fugaku who opened the Mangekyō Sharingan is undoubtedly at the Kage level, he is not weak at all, However, he suffered greatly in front of this unknown enemy, who also has spare energy to deal with the other two strong Ushiha ninjas.

That opponent was too powerful.

Because he didn’t know Konan’s name, he just briefly described her appearance, which made Jiraiya, who already thought Konan and the others died, didn’t think that it was her.

“The strength of the demons has already surpassed that of any Ninja village, and we must exterminate them as soon as possible!” Jiraiya said firmly.

He is now more and more convinced that the disappearance of the prophecy has something to do with the demons. Although it was only a glimpse of their strength as their full strength has not yet appeared, Konoha, the biggest force in the ninja world, feels overwhelmed.

“I’ll bring this up at the Five Kage Summit.” The Third Hokage agreed with Jiraiya’s idea, and then said, “Where’s Tsunade? When will she come back?”

“I have already sent someone to inform her, but from the latest news, she is still in the north. Even if she leaves now, it will take her more than two days to arrive.”

“Well, in any case, it is better to get her back first. It’s too dangerous for her to be outside at this time.”

Especially when Tsunade has a particularly obvious weakness…(Blood)

Although the Third Hokage did not say it, everyone present knew it. As long as Tsunade still has that hyper phobia from blood, then killing Tsunade in this state can be done by even an ordinary person.

“No, we have to go and bring Tsunade now.”

Hearing this from the Third Hokage, Jiraiya instantly stood up.

He knows that Tsunade had contact with the vampire Dio, if Dio is not dead and has some kind of connection with the demons, then Tsunade is most likely in danger!