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I.C.S Chapter 99: Reactions from all sides (2)

-Iwagakure Village in the Land of Earth

In the Tsuchikage office, the elite Jonin from the village gathered together, making this spacious room seem a little narrow.

For two days, Ōnoki was sitting on a chair and humming a song leisurely. It seemed that he was not at all disturbed by the many disturbances in the ninja world.

However, having personally experienced three ninja wars, it is indeed difficult for him to be troubled by some things…

“Father, why do you want the Shichibukai to come to the Five Kage Summit?!”

His son, the jōnin from Iwagakure village, Kitsuchi, looked puzzled.

If there is no such proposal, the Five Kage Summit will definitely be approved by the Five Great Shinobi Countries, but the joining of such a mysterious organization will be different.

The Land of Lightning, the Land of Water, and the Land of Wind have all been in trouble because of this organization, and even the six-tailed jinchūriki Utakata has fought against that Ace. Under such circumstances, how could they be willing to let such an organization Join the Five Kage Summit?

You know, once the Shichibukai are allowed to participate, that means to the outside world that such a new organization has the qualification to stand alongside the five forces, so technically it’s official certification from the five forces, which will greatly damage the interests of the five forces.

“Of course, because this old man wants to take the initiative!”

The jinchūriki of the Four-Tails of Iwagakure said disdainfully.

If the Five Great Countries agree to the proposal of Ōnoki, then it would be as if he extended his hand to the organization, which naturally will reciprocate. Even if this proposal does not pass, it will not hurt their village.

But making more enemies?

What’s the point of making enemies? The Five Great Countries already see each other as enemies. ……

“Hmph…” The Third Tsuchikage snorted coldly, “What do you know?”

“The Shichibukai knows more than us, and they are not from Konoha. What they say is much more credible than that old fox Hiruzen Sarutobi.”

He and the Third Hokage are considered ninjas of the same era. He understands that this person is benevolent when it comes to internal affairs, like a spring breeze, but when externally, it is like passing through a cold winter.

Although the current Third Hokage is old, and not as aggressive as in the past, he cannot let his guard down in front of this fox who can bare his fangs at any time.

“Now the Kazekage has agreed, that Raikage won’t refuse even if he wants to, and the Mizukage shouldn’t refuse either ……”

“But whether we agree or not to summon the Shichibukai, the Five Kage Summit will always be held, Let’s decide who will go.”

“I don’t need to go there with too many people, just Kitsuchi will accompany me. If the demons are really hostile to humans as Konoha said, then it is very likely that they will take the advantage of the Five Kage Summit to attack the Shinobi villages.”

“Well, that ninja exam ………” Kitsuchi thought for a moment and then said, “Let Gari and the others go.”

“It’s the kid who uses the Explosion Release, right?.” The Third Tsuchikage is also heard about this newcomer who will soon join the Explosion Corps team, nodding “the Chunin exam is not a big deal, but we cannot degrade the reputation of the Iwagakure, Don’t let these kids relax and slack off in their workouts.”


The Hidden Mist Village in the Land of Water

Unlike other Shinobi villages where everyone discusses things together, most of the decisions of the Kirigakure are made by the Mizukage alone, he had wide powers.

In the original story, Kirigakure has been manipulated by Yagura Karatachi to implement a despotic reign that contributed to Kirigakure being well known as the “Bloody Mist”.

However, at this critical moment, the Mizukage office still has two people in his inner circle, one of them is Ao who discovered the manipulation of Yagura Karatachi and managed to dispel Tobi’s genjutsu with his Byakugan.

“Two days to test this old fox ……” As someone who came from the same era, his scale was very careful.

Their two masters have been enemies since the Warring States Period. At that time, his master, Mizukage Gengetsu Hōzuki, and the master of Ōnoki, the Second Tsuchikage Mū killed each other in a battle. This hatred naturally spread to their apprentice.

“Is it true that the island that was discovered earlier was visited by a member of the Shichibukai?”

He asked the two ninjas next to him

The answer is Master Yuan. at this period he wasn’t weak, otherwise, he will not be able to be the Elder of Kirigakure in the future.

“Well, although it looks like an uninhabited island, someone did find the Shichibukai Ace on the island before.”

“When the three tails will be resealed, I will personally go to visit the Shichibukai, then you and Utakata will accompany me.”

Utakata as the jinchūriki of the Six-Tails, who can carry out the tail beast transformation, was very powerful, and with such a lineup, he was sure that even if things became beyond control, it shouldn’t be a big problem, at least the unnecessary fights should be avoided.

He said to another ninja, “Have you found the host of the Three-Tails yet?”

In the Third Shinobi War, they sealed the Three-Tails in the body of Konoha’s ninja Nohara Rin, trying to use her to destroy Konoha, but in the end, They didn’t know how she died and who killed all the ninjas they sent after her.

Re-seal the tailed beast is very important for any ninja village, not only to recapture the power of the tailed beast but also to find an excellent jinchūriki.

After all, not every ninja village is Konoha, and it is not easy to control two tailed beasts in one village, but with a powerful bloodline, they can solve these two problems at the same time.

The sealing technique of the Uzumaki family is well-known in the ninja world, and the powerful vitality brought by their bloodline is very suitable for sealing the Tailed Beasts, it is simply perfect! It’s just that the Uzumaki Clan has always been on good terms with Konoha, so in order to find a new appropriate jinchūriki, they have been searching for a long time.

“Well, he’s ready.” The ninja replied, “As long as the Three-Tails is captured, we can seal it again at any time.”

“What is his name?” The Third Mizukage asked.

“Yagura Karatachi!”