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I.C.S Chapter 98: Reactions from all sides (1)

“Sounds a bit interesting, I didn’t expect that only so many days after the end of the Third Shinobi War that related to national politics, another war between races would break out in the Shinobi world.”

There is a hint of excitement in Kakuzu’s words. The arrival of war is a crisis for most people, but for those with strength, it is a good opportunity to make a fortune!

“Actually, Akatsuki had several battles with the demons. So in order to prevent the opponent from attacking us by surprise, Akatsuki’s members will form a team in pairs when they dispatch a mission, and at least two groups members of us will be responsible for staying in Rain Village.”

“Two groups? That’s too many, right? Besides, with the boss around, I don’t believe that these demons can really beat the boss.”

For Pain’s strength, they were quite convinced.

They are well-known experts in the outside world. It is not that they have never seen a battle of Five Kages. That level is definitely beyond Pain’s power.

As for the strength of Toichiro Suzuki who Zetsu said before that he is no less powerful than Pain, they weren’t sure.

They believe in what they see with their own eyes more than news from a freak.

However, there is one exception, and that is Kakuzu.

As an old man who has lived from the Warring States period until now, he is very aware of the high-end combat power of ninjas. To put it mildly, the battle between the five Kages is more like just a normal thing ……

If the Demons clan is really an organization that has been around for thousands of years, as Zetsu said, it is not surprising that the Shichibukai has a strong person comparable to Pain.

Pain glanced at the person who was speaking, but did not answer. Instead, he ordered, “You should assign your teammates, and then decide which two groups will be responsible for garrisoning the base this month.”


The other countries in the Shinobi world have their own intelligence networks too. And the Land of Fire did not think of hiding anything and even took the initiative to tell the other four countries what was happening in the city.

The existence of the Demons is completely known in the Ninja world now. This vicious organization is not only hostile to humans but also has a very strong strength. If the ninjas of Konoha and the Shichibukai didn’t join forces in an emergency, then these few Kage-level ninjas will be wiped out one by one.

This is a fact even for Konoha, the strongest force in the ninja world, so the other countries have to be more careful of the demons as a matter of fact. After all, they don’t have as many masters as Konoha.

This impression has made Naoto earn more than 40,000 reputations. After all, although the information has spread, most of the people who know about it are people who have some status in their respective Ninja villages and most of them are Jonin.

Because if this matter spreads out to everyone, it is very likely to cause a lot of panics, so everyone restrained the matter and blocked it, so they decided to limit the knowledge of the matter between the Jonin level and above.

The Land of Lightning

The Fourth Raikage threw the document in his hand on the table and said angrily, “Is that guy Darui still didn’t back?!”

The ninja at the side hastened to reply, “There are several formalities to go to the graveyard of the previous Kages, and even with your order, it will take more than half an hour. But counting the time, he will be back soon.”

After being secretly informed by the Third Hokage that in the battle at that time, the enemy used the Lightning Release Chakra Mode and the Black Lightning and that the demons had the ability to revive the dead, he knew that the old Third Raikage, who was dead, has the same abilities that the demon used.

So he sent him to check if their graveyard was stolen.

Although it was very unpleasant, what he reminded was not unreasonable, so he asked Darui to investigate.

“The old Third Hokage wants to take the opportunity to hold the Chūnin Exam and the Five Kages Conference at the same time. He is so anxious… he must have a clue about what is going on.”

For the five major countries, they will not choose to give up their interests and hatred because of any possible threats, unless the knife is already on their necks.

Just like in the original book, the reason why they were able to unite, apart from a common enemy, is that Akatsuki has captured most of the tailed beasts, which seriously violated their interests and threatened their own status.

For the five major powers that use the tailed beast as a strategic weapon, and what the Akatsuki organization did is no different from snatching their own nuclear bomb and placing it on the doorstep of their own doors, which can explode at any time.

For them, who already have a vested interest, this is undoubtedly a thing that cannot be tolerated.

The Third Hokage took the initiative to convene the Five Kages Conference, and the other ninja villages also want to put forward their own disputes aside for now, they want to put all their strength to thwarting the game that the demons have started, and then start their own game.

This Hokage, known as

Sarutobi has been running for the benefit of Konoha all his life. Now that he can take the initiative to join forces, it can only be said that he has reached the point where he feels that the five countries cannot defeat the demons unless they are united.

Fourth Raikage exhaled heavily, then said, “How did the other Shinobi villages respond?”

“On the Sand Village side, the Forth Kazekage have already agreed. The Mist Village has not replied yet… And Iwagakure proposed…”

As if hesitating how to put the words out

“What did Ōnoki say to made you so hesitant?!”

The Fourth Raikage scolded.

“The Tsuchikage proposed that the members of Shichibukai should be invited to participate in this Five Kages Conference!”

The ninja felt that the Raikage in front of him suddenly changed his momentum as if countless peals of thunder fell to the ground…

“Shichibukai …… hum!”

The Forth Raikage can’t forget, that they were ruined twice by Shichibukai during the Third Shinobi World War!

Once was the siege of the Uchiha clan leader Uchiha Fugaku, but it was spoiled by their intervention, and victory turned into defeat.

The second time was Uchiha Shisui, who they caught for information, but was rescued by Ace, a member of Shichibukai…

How could this not make him angry?!

“Lord Raikage!”

Just when he was about to get angry, he heard the voice of Darui outside the door, so he could only hold back and said “Come in.”

Darui pushed open the door, and when he saw Raikage looking angry, he immediately understood that he was in a bad mood, so he got straight to the point.

“I’ve seen the remains of the previous Raikage, they are all there, and they are not fake, which means that the ninjas that appeared in the Land of Fire are not the original Kages and have not been revived.”

“We may have to be prepared, the Lightning Release Chakra Mode and the Black Lightning Jutsu was leaked out ……”