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I.C.S Chapter 97: The Meeting

“Black Watch?” Ryo Shimazaki froze and showed a bewildered look, then shook his head to indicate that he had never heard of this name

“It is a demon research institution, which is responsible for all kinds of biochemical experiments, and has created a large number of half-demons.” Konan faintly explained.

“No… I still don’t know what this organization is…” Ryo Shimazaki made a bewildered look and touched the back of his head and said, “Does it the demons appeared again?”

“In a small city at the eastern border of the Land of Fire, Zetsu found Konoha’s ninja and the Shichibukai members who were pursuing the demonic energy of the earth, and what stopped them was a group of demons called the Black Watch, I thought they were descendants of ancient wizards and that you would know something about them.”

“…Because of the Fire Qilin, everything in my house has been burned, and I haven’t read those old books before, so I don’t know much about some things, but this organization called Black Watch should not exist thousands of years ago.”

“Let’s talk about these things when we meet Pain. now I have one thing I want to ask you in private about.”

“Ha, that’s why you came to see me, right, tell me what it is?”

“I must have found traces of the Hulk who fought with you at the junction of the land of lightning and the land of fire. There is likely a stronghold of the demons there, so I want to ask you to investigate.”

Konan’s cold face reveals a trace of embarrassment, because this matter is indeed very dangerous, who does not know how dangerous the stronghold of the demons with thousands of years of heritage will be?

“With your ability, you can leave peacefully even if you are discovered.”

The ability of Mind’s Eye is indeed one of the strongest abilities that Konan has ever seen, more convenient than the Flying Thunder God Technique, if Ryo Shimazaki has some more lethal skills, then it is not impossible for him to surpass Konoha’s Yellow Flash.

So to increase the strength of Ryo Shimazaki, Akatsuki also prepared a lot of ninjutsu for Ryo Shimazaki for him to learn – it is unclear how his ninjutsu talent is, but Naoto still has a character card of Kaz, and With Kaz’s ability to learn, these ninjutsu can basically be mastered by just reading it once, and as long as he is proficient in Chakra controlling, then all clones can master this ninjutsu.

Ryo Shimazaki was originally the strongest among the D-rank cards, plus he has learned a lot of ninjutsu, and his strength has definitely reached the Kage rank.

“Where is Zetsu? Since he was the one who found it, then why didn’t he go?”

“This well …… Zetsu will also go, but that is dispatched by the organization’s mission, while you are privately requested by us, your nature are not the same.”

Once she said that, Ryo understood.

   In the eyes of Konan and Pain, Zetsu is a man of Madara Uchiha (Obito) after all, and they have never let down their guard against this mysterious masked man.

Whether Jue’s information is true or not, and whether it has been tampered with by the masked man, they don’t know…

And the information about the demons is very important. It is impossible for Pain to put all the initiative on the side of Obito, so he sent Ryo Shimazaki, who has nothing to do with Obito.

Ryo’s ability not only made him hard to trace, but also has a strong perception ability, and is the only one who can follow up without being noticed.

“This is not a problem ……” Ryo Shimazaki thought for a moment and then nodded “I was going to make another trip back home to see if there was anything I missed. But since there’s a mission, I’ll go back after the mission.”

“Well, it is necessary to go to this one, and when you come back, let’s go to the temple together again.”

The two moved forward while talking, and soon reached the bottom of the highest tower in the Rain Village, and found that Kakuzu, who had just arrived, was with his partner.

Kakuzu, who was wearing a black mask to hide his face, after seeing the two of them nodded greetings.

When they walked to the location, they found that everyone except them had already arrived.

In this era of the third Shinobi war that just ended, the Akatsuki organization has not been able to develop as powerful as in the later period, Orochimaru, Uchiha Itachi, Hidan, and Deidara are such powerful ninjas that have not joined yet. Not to mention, most of these ninjas’ strengths have not reached their peak.

For example, Nagato and Konan were limited by their age and failed to fully grasp their abilities. For example, Konan’s current strength is the level of Jonin, which is still far from her Paper Person of God Technique that she mastered at her peak.

“You are so slow, guys.”

Zetsu, who had arrived first and was sitting in his seat, let out a strange cry

However, the four of them didn’t seem to pay attention to his words, and went straight to their respective positions and sat down.

At a long table, Ryo Shimazaki sat in the second seat on Pain’s right, and quietly looked at the known members.

“Everyone’s here…” Pain looked at the people who were present, and didn’t say any greetings. He got straight to the point.

“I called everyone here this time to introduce our new member,  Sasori of the Red Sand.”

Most of the people sitting here are S-level rebels and ninjas. They are famous in the ninja world. Apart from clapping their hands to show their welcome, most of them didn’t care much.

But Sasori didn’t care about this so-called welcome either. He just sat in his seat and nodded silently without saying a word.

“From now on, Sasori will wear the ring of the black king .”

Pain threw a ring at Sasori, who caught it and put it on the thumb of his left hand.

“The second thing, I believe you all know something about the attack on a town in the Land of Fire yesterday.”

“This is caused by the battle between the three forces of the Demons, Shichibukai, and Konoha. I believe that everyone is very unfamiliar with the name Demons, but this will be the biggest enemy on the road we know. Let’s be specific.”

Zetsu stood up and said, “Speaking of which, these guys are really something, especially the guy named Suzuki, is a master even Pain may not be able to deal with him.”

He talked about what happened in the village, Shichibukai, Demons, and Konoha, but he didn’t talk about Kars’s last appearance when he liberate the souls of the Five Kages.

“Reputation from Kakuzu +666.”

“Reputation from Sasori +513.”

“From …………………… …………”

“From …………………… …………”