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I.C.S Chapter 105: The Cloud Ninja’s doubts

“Alex Mercer, the famous prototype of the Blacklight virus, when I was still imprisoned, I heard your name many times.”

Banner touched the corner of his eye and said to Shisui, “Don’t worry, Mercer is not an enemy.”

“Bruce Banner, the half-demon fused with Gamma rays, I also heard your name when I was still imprisoned too, but it looks like you haven’t completely transformed into that demon.”

“Well, because the energy of the gamma rays is too huge, the ordinary demon genes can’t support my demonization at all. In the end, the doctor obtained the demonic energy of the mountain, and that was before the Hulk Progres completely finished.”

Then Murcer looked at Shisui and said “In this case, the strength of the three of us is enough.”

“Wait …… we still don’t know what are we going to do?”

“If my guess is good, he should be looking for the core of the Blacklight virus, the hive, right.”

Banner replied, “It is the hive of all the Blacklight virus infections that are linked together and controlled by the doctor, he is studying to control all Blacklight virus infected bodies through the consciousness of the hive. Once he succeeds, then the whole world will fall into his hands

“…I think so.” Mercer said in a deep voice, “The Black Watch started research on the Blacklight virus a long time ago, but unfortunately they couldn’t control the virus. The out-of-control virus caused huge damage to the demons. So this project had to be forcibly terminated. But the doctor is still conducting research in secret, when I… Forget it, let’s not talk about it.” As if thinking of something unpleasant, Mercer shook his head and said again, “You guys what you want to do? I guess Banner should be looking now for a way to control the Hulk, but what’s your purpose Uchiha Shisui?”

“To find someone.” Shisui was silent for a moment, and then said back “my family’s two sensei were captured by the vampire Dio, I have to go to rescue them!”

“Vampire?” Mercer’s tone changed, some surprise, but also some doubts “being captured by the vampires will basically transform them into Dio’s slaves, you will not be able to save them.”

“I have my own way.” Shisui shook his head, his Mangekyō Sharingan is very special, completely can be said that it’s the strongest eye of illusion, controlling people is not a problem for him, he can solve that.

“If you insist ……”

Mercer did not say more, but at the top of the mountain he looked at the demon’s nest and said “from the information I got, this base has about twenty-five black watch A-class combatants, in the words of the Shinobi is the Jonin ninja, and the leader responsible for this area is one of the perfect works of the doctor, Carnage Kabuto.”

“What?! It’s actually that monster!” Banner obviously knew something about Carnage Kabuto, and said in surprise, “Isn’t that monster who is always in the invisible empire? How could he come out and run to this kind of place?!”

“It seems that because the demons are going to launch a big action, they are transferring their power from the shadow world. Carnage Kabuto is only the first batch, and there will be a steady stream of demons coming in the future.”

“Wait …… you guys are saying these words …… I don’t understand them at all.”

Shisui said, “Can you explain to me who the hell is Carnage Kabuto.”

“He is the black watch S-class combatant, they brought him to the Shinobi world, and there is no doubt that his strength at the level of the Kage, and once the storm comes, he can release destructive power that comparable to a tailed beast. Whether his speed, strength, or perception, it’s all first-class power. If you succeed in infiltrating, it would be better not to mess with this monster.”

“Another monster …… those demons… just how many powerful monsters are still hiding ah.”

Shisui’s question clearly has no answer. Even if they had stayed in the Black Watch for a while, they could not know how much backup the demons have behind the shadows after the accumulation of thousands of years.


“Strange, so raw, just now how the sky suddenly darkened.” Darui rubbed his head, a group of them were students, who were led by Chunin ninjas, were headed to the Country of Fire to take the Shinobi exams, and also with Jonin ninjas who had set out together as the Raikage escort for the Five Kage Summit.

They had already reached the border of the two countries but were startled by the darkness that suddenly descended.

“Hmph, if something goes wrong, there must be a demon. I think this is not a good thing.”

“Let’s find out.”

Listening to the voices of the group’s discussion, the fourth Raikage looked at C, who was a sensor-type ninja.

The latter is a man with short yellow hair and a handsome face, nodded and closed his eyes, and said while exploring, “There are a lot of chakra traces three kilometers east of here, it is suspected that more than ten people are fighting, and it looks like a chase battle.”

“Judging from the traces of ninjutsu left behind, most of them should be Jonin ninjas, and they are good at using the Fire Release.”

C was a student sent out from the cloud village to take the Shinobi exam, in fact, he was only in his early ten years, but in the Third Shinobi War, a large number of ninja graduated early to become a Shinobi because they wanted to participate in the war, such as him and Daru they were graduated at the same time to participate in the war.

“Tsk, this kind of battle broke out at such a time, it’s very suspicious no matter how you see it.” The two-tailed beast jinchūriki Yugito Nii, who came as Raikage’s guard, gritted her teeth.

As a high-ranking member of the Cloud Hidden Village, Yugito Nii knows about the demon incident that has been making disturbances in the Shinobi world recently. In her impression, to be able to bring out more than ten top ninja level experts in one day, only the five great powers together can beat that.

But a complete union of the five great countries seems far-fetched now, especially since the wounds of the last war between them have not yet healed.

The demons seem more organized and coordinated than the Five Great Countries right now.

(But why do the demons appear here?)

(Could it be the Demonic Energy?)

The thought crossed the mind of Yugito Nii.

As far as she knows, the Shinobi world is indeed in the midst of a dispute around the Demonic Energy, such as the recent incident in the Land of Fire, because of the Demonic Energy of Earth, an entire Village was almost destroyed in the battle ……

(Could it be that …… there is a Demonic Energy here too?)