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I.C.S Chapter 106: Infiltration

“With the brutality of Carnage Kabuto, he will inevitably be used as a trump card in the deepest part of the base, so our plan is to bring out what we going for without disturbing Carnage Kabuto.”

“Banner, if you forcibly transform into a Hulk, will you be able to control him?”

Below a big mountain, Shisui, Mercer, and Banner were clinging to the wall, carefully looking at the hole not far away.

After the harassment not long ago, the guards there became more cautious. They all hid in the dark caves to ensure that even if the terrain changed suddenly again, they would have the ability to distort the light and create An artificial darkness.

“It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible, because the Hulk’s violent consciousness has been severely damaged not long ago. I can feel that in the contest between us now, I have the upper hand.”

“That’s good.” Mercer pointed at the ninja in the entrance of the cave, and then whispered “your ability is not suitable for infiltration, so I need you to attract their attention from the front, while I and Shisui will take the opportunity to infiltrate.”

With his abilities, Shisui, who has the Sharingan eyes, is extremely good at sneaking, and someone like the Hulk is obviously a mighty creature. But naturally, with all his brutality and violence, he can’t sneak in secret.

Banner understands this, so he just nodded silently to show his understanding.

Blue veins began to appear on his face, and he howled as if he was about to explode.

This huge howl attracted the attention of the ninjas, and the sky darkened again, but this time the range was smaller, but it wrapped their position in it.

Mercer and Shisui looked at each other, then simultaneously used their own techniques to leave the place. The ninja who was on guard suddenly felt the shaking of the ground and then a green monster came out from the mountain with a boom.

The monster threw a heavy punch, which was a powerful blow that even ripped the air, and hit the ninja in front of him mercilessly.

Hearing only the boom, the ninja’s body suddenly exploded, bright red blood and organs splashed in all directions, making the people in the room cannot help but shocking.

“Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique!”

A ninja hastily used an earth release technique that rather restrained the body, making the hulk’s body light, but failed to react to the Hulk’s speed, and was punched in the cheek.

This one wasn’t effective as the previous blast that made the body explode into tatters, but the power is obviously not ordinary, the earth ninja still knocked away dozens of meters, and made him fly backward until he hit the mountain peak.

Such a terrifying force on ordinary ninja naturally will not let him live, but he has the healing of vampires.

And no matter how powerful this punch is, it doesn’t have the power of sunlight. People who don’t have or know the ripple energy will not cause death unless they blow up the vampire’s body into several pieces as before.

At the moment when the Hulk was fighting with a large number of ninjas, Mercer and Shisui headed to the entrance of the cave at the fastest speed. There were still ninjas left behind, but the number was not enough to pose a threat to them.

It was just a 1v1 meeting, and Shisui controlled them with the illusion of the Sharingan. After hypnotizing them easily, the two ran into the depths of the dark cave.

The two of them did not dare to be reckless, so they had to move forward step by step. During this process, some places made a sound, and then a large number of bats flew by, which looked a bit like a supernatural place.

The corner of Mercer’s eyes was aimed at the top of the cave, and then he jumped in an instant, and inserted a hand into the rock wall and pressed down,

He pulled a ninja stuck to the wall and then he take him away.

He was originally a sentry that integrated into the rock formations by using the power of earth release and vampires, but as the prototype of the black light virus, Mercer showed a strong biological perception ability and found his location at once.

He showed a frightened expression and was about to let out a cry for help, but was unable to make a sound as Musser stuck his throat with force.

In Shisui’s slightly disgusted gaze, Mercer’s body gushed out countless black blood, and then turned into a big sharp needle, ruthlessly inserted in the ninja’s body.

The ninja’s flesh and blood rolled over and became smaller and smaller as he was devoured. Mercer finished devouring the ninja and completely transformed into his opponent’s form.

He slowly said after digesting the other party’s memory, “There is a bifurcation not far ahead, at the left is the former test site, now abandoned, but there is still a lot of information kept in it, there should be the data that Banner needs.”

“What about the right?” Shisui asked

“It’s the person in charge of this base, and he has the information I need in his head.”

It was clear enough that he meant for the two of them to split up when he said it, after all, if they focused all their energy on one side, they might be detected by the other side, which will make them prepare for battle and even release Carnage Kabuto.

At that time they will most likely be trapped in the cave, and it will not be easy to escape ……

“Okay! Then I will go to the left to look at what I can find, but also please help me to find any Uchiha ninjas in their hands.”

All right you got it, but if they do get under control, I may not be able to guarantee their safety.”

Shisui stopped for a moment, then sighs “I understand ……”


“Huh? What a violent vibration…”

The Fourth Raikage frowned slightly, then looked towards the east

After they sensed the chakra outbreak, the Raikage followed Yugito Nii to investigate the incident, while the students of the Chunin exam were guarded by their team led by the Jonin and the Raikage guards.

As the jinchūriki of Kumogakure who is capable of friendly communication with her tailed beast, her strength is not to be underestimated. She is enough to protect the Raikage’s safety by herself.

Yugito Nii is still very happy to be able to go to Konoha as a Raikage escort. Feeling that her strength has been recognized is one of her most important aspirations. But the most exciting thing is to be able to see a world different from Kumogakure.

The other jinchūriki, Killer B, was not so lucky, he was strictly ordered by the fourth Raikage to stay in the village to guard against any sudden attack from the demons.

“Hmph, this looks quite interesting ……”

Yugito Nii looked closely at the source of the vibration, only to hear a loud noise. The green giant monster broke a small mountain. He was holding a twisted ninja in his hand and then he fell to the ground.