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I.C.S Chapter 107: Meeting

“Hmph, is this the race of Demons ?”

Yugito Nii said with interest, although she had heard of the demons for a long time, this was the first time she had actually seen them with her own eyes.

She looked eager to try and then looked at Raikage, waiting for the orders.

Surprisingly, the Raikage didn’t let her take any actions. The burly ninja just waved his hand, then stood behind a huge rock, and said, “Let’s see the situation first.”

Being Raikage didn’t rely on recklessness. Maybe many people in the ninja world think that he has a tough temper, but how can a ninja who can become the Kage of a big village be so reckless??

At the moment just now, he saw that the ninja held by Hulk was not dead, and even when he was slammed to the ground, he still breathing.

This tenacious life force makes the Raikage feel that there is something wrong because most ninjas’ physical quality cannot reach this level.

Maybe some ninjas can do it with some forbidden techniques, but just now the Raikage glance, there are five or six huge craters and scattered corpses behind the shattered hill, they are also all still alive, and from the surrounding signs of destruction, these ninjas are not the same, so it is unlikely that they are from the same village.

Coupled with the suddenly darkened sky, the fourth Raikage thought of the part about vampires in the information from Konoha.

In order to let the major ninja villages confirm whether their ancestors Kage were controlled by Dio, the third Hokage deliberately informed the four great countries of some of Dio’s abilities, which naturally included Dio’s ability to create corpses.

Fear of sunlight and tenacity of life are their hallmarks, so the fourth Raikage could react at once.

However, he did not know that these ninjas are vampires created by Naoto using the stone mask, which made them more powerful.

Vampires vs Demons?

Several thoughts flashed in the fourth Raikage’s mind at once, but he didn’t make a sound, he just observed it secretly.

And the two parties caught in the fierce battle did not seem to notice the two people who were hiding behind the huge rock, they are still going back and forth, although the Hulk has the upper hand in strength, these vampires are not weak.

They found that this berserk monster, although his strength and speed are exceptionally amazing, he lacked the means for long-range.

Although Banner, who turned into a Hulk, was not completely out of control, the huge anger still almost drowned him. In fact, even Naoto couldn’t control Hulk completely.

But the more they attacked him, the more they felt that something was wrong because they felt that the speed of this green monster was getting faster and faster, even to the point that with their eyesight they could barely see a green shadow, and although they tried desperately to dodge, there were still crushed by the Hulk fist and were directly blowing away.

“Lord Raikage, it looks like the battle is about to end.”

Judgment was made by Yugito, a spectator, plus with her strength, she could tell that the Hulk was rising in strength during this brief encounter and had now grown to a level that could not be solved easily.

“Well, get ready to make a move.”

“Hah, whatever how strong he is, this thing can’t keep up with Matatabi.”

As the jinchūriki of the Two-Tails Matatabi

she had very few opportunities to battle against others, even in the third ninja war. She just acts as a strategic weapon and rarely does she gets involved in battles.

She was excited that she was finally going to have a real fight.

Finally, when the Hulk make his last punch to beat this one vampire, Yugito Nii was about to make a move, but suddenly saw that this mighty monster suddenly changed, step by step from the non-human Hulk into a human appearance.

He slumped on the ground when he transformed back into Banner as if the transformation took too much energy from him.

“Huh… It’s really troublesome to forcibly control the Hulk… I thought I almost couldn’t change him back to me…”

Just when he sighed, he was stunned to find himself in front of somehow two more people. He slowly raised his head and found that it was a man and a woman. The man has dark skin and light yellow hair with a strong stature and wears a white cape, and the woman had long, straight, blonde hair, tied into a twist braid hanging behind, and a pair of big black eyes revealed curiosity ……


Shisui once again escaped from a patrolling ninja, and then sneaked forward. This place was much bigger than he imagined. After a while, he still hadn’t found the abandoned laboratory that Mercer mentioned.

“I heard that there will be some big figures from the demon clan coming to inspect later.”

Just when he saw the two ninjas approaching again and was about to hide, he happened to hear what they were talking about.

“Yeah, I heard that he is a Namekian demon and he is different from those half-demons.” Another person replied, “A Namekian demon, will he be the same as the legendary monster with two wings and green face and fangs? .”

“Shh! Keep your voice down!” The person who started talking was obviously frightened. He hurriedly covered the mouth of the person who was talking just now and carefully glanced around to check out if there was anyone around before he breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Keep your voice down. , if you want to die, I still want to live, don’t forget that we are not the rebels we used to be!”

“Cut ……” the man was very unhappy “Do not forget that we are under Lord Dio, and we are allied with the demons, not their subordinates!”

The ninja hesitated for a moment, then sighed, “Look at the monster at the base, it’s only been a few days since he arrived, and he already killed a few of our brothers… and there is no disciplinary action at all…”

Although they were transformed into vampires, their own judgment did not disappear. Although the joining is not yet for long, they can see that the so-called alliance with the demons has a big price…