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I.C.S Chapter 108: Negotiation

In the eyes of these vampires, Dio’s strength was indeed strong enough to rival the Five Kages, so they did think at first that their side was an ally of equal strength with the Demons.

But just a few days ago, they heard that an S-rank fighter was coming from the Demon Kingdom’s base camp, the Kingdom of Shadows, so they wanted to see how strong this so-called pure-blooded demon would be, but they were attacked twice by that terrifying monster. He killed more than a dozen companions, and in the face of that powerful monster, their strength was useless.

Carnage Kabuto was like a super warrior who does not lose to anyone, although he is at the bottom of the base, in the cave they are still scared.

So from then on, they began to feel that this ally relationship was a little fragile. After all, this is only one of the demon warriors, and it already has the strength to suppress all of them. If this organization really explodes its power, it is difficult to imagine the extent to which it will reach…

“Forget it, these things between the big bosses, what does it have to do with us?”

The two ninjas sighed and walked away.

Shisui, who was hiding on the side, was secretly nervous. He listened to the conversation between the two just now, and he was very concerned about the arrival of the pure-blooded demon.

From the beginning to now, those who fought with the ninja world were only hybrid samples of the demons, either the vampires like Dio and the corpses under him, or the half-demons under the black watch, but the real pure-blooded demons had never been seen in the ninja world before.

After Banner turned into the Hulk, he mentioned that he was not much different from a pure-blooded demon, but after all, he was controlled by a human being, and no one knows exactly the full abilities of the pure-blooded demons

Even Banner and Alex, who are the experimental subjects of the Black Watch, had never seen the pure-blood demons even once.

Therefore, Shisui is very interested in trying to fight with the upcoming “big man” according to their previous chat, and it can be regarded as a thorough understanding of the next battle in the ninja world.

However, he still has tasks to do, and he is in the enemy’s territory, so there is no need to anticipate the inevitable fight before it happens. 

Shisui just wants to bring the documents back as soon as possible, but he also still hopes to get information about his clan members Inabi and Tekka and what he can do to save them.

Shisui moved a little faster, and soon reached the door of a huge room. Although he didn’t know the words on the door, Shisui instinctively felt that this was his goal.

“Four ninjas, two at the bottom, and two more hidden at the top.” he saw the positions of all the defenders clearly through the Sharingan, and then he threw a Kunai out.

“Who’s there?!”

His movement was naturally noticed by the gate guards, but just as they were about to move, they saw a pair of scarlet eyes in front of them, which seemed to have some kind of magic power that made the four ninjas involuntarily indulge in it.

The illusion of Sharingan!

The illusion of the Sharingan is very powerful, and in the Mangekyō Sharingan is even more remarkable.

So these ninjas were have no ability to resist.

So with just one look, the four guards lost consciousness. They stayed in their place quietly under Shisui’s control. After Shisui passed the door and after he close it, their eyes returned to see clearly again.

“Did something fly over just now?” a ninja couldn’t help but say after he came back to his senses.

“Don’t be ridiculous and watch the door, I heard that the things inside are being hunted by the people outside, if we lose them, then very bad things will happen to us.”

Not far behind them. The kunai was thrown before Shisui was on the ground as if mocking the incompetence of these guards…


“How could such a thing happen…”

The Raikage leaned on the rock, looking thoughtful. He looked at Banner and said, “So you say, Konoha’s the Body Flicker Uchiha Shisui is in that cave.”

After a brief talk, Banner successfully informed the fourth Raikage and the jinchūriki of the two-tailed about his origin and purpose.

After hearing the other side’s question at this moment, Banner said anxiously, “Yes, Shisui and Mercer are inside, I have to go there to help!”

Seeing that he was about to leave, the Fourth Raikage put his hand on his shoulder and said, “What are you in a hurry for? In your current form, you can’t fight them at all. You can’t even help yourself now and you want to help others!?”

He touched his chin with his right hand and pondered, “Although that Uchiha kid is still young, but he can open the legendary Mangekyō Sharingan, he must have some great strength, and it shouldn’t be a problem for him to get out of there. Now the most important thing is how do we destroy this stronghold.”

“Destroy?!” Banner was shocked. “We don’t need to fight them head-on!”

“Hmph, head-to-head?” Yugito snorted coldly, she raised her head, and said with a proud look, “If you want to talk about the demon, they are almost the same, and it’s just such a small stronghold, they cannot withstand the power of the masters of our village!”

“The race of demons can be said to be the enemy of our entire Shinobi world, and at this moment we can weaken them, it will give us some advantage.” The fourth Raikage continued to analyze “Now we have Alex Mercer, as you call him, Uchiha Shisui, plus me and Yugito Nii, and we can destroy this small stronghold with ease.”

Although most of the information they got came from Konoha, and the information did not mention the specific strength of the demons, but thinking about the seven Kage-level combat powers sent out in the village before, this means that the demons have really high powers.

But this stronghold here didn’t show any signs that it contained such powers so it wouldn’t be difficult to crush them