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I.C.S Chapter 11: Black Sun

 Mifune had never met anything like this before –

Shinta’s eyes became sharp, a far cry from the cowardly man he had been when they first met.

 An aura emerged from him, the kind of saber power that could only appear after a certain level of understanding of swordsmanship.

 “I can’t believe this ……”

 “I can’t do anything about the chakra, even though I have the technique. I hope that I can urge him to practice more next, I want Himura Kenshin to be well used in this world.”

 ” Himura Kenshin…… well …… I understand.” Mifune nodded solemnly

 ” Honestly, all this has taken away any idea of me resting here. Hiei, should we rush through the night?”

 “Let’s go to the Land of Water first, something seems to have happened there.”

 “See you then, Mr. Samurai. Hopefully, by the time we meet again, Shinta will have grown enough to be on his own.”

 Mifune pondered for a moment  and said, “I hope you won’t come with a war next time.”

 He gave the two of them a deep look and added “You two are the Shichibukai as the rumors say, aren’t you? I don’t know what you want to do, but I will not show any mercy if you do something that endangers the Land of Iron.”

 “Boring ……”  Hiei turned his head away and said: “The Shichibukai is not a terrorist organization, you all thinking too much.”

  ”Let’s hope so.”


 The one who disrupted the two’s rest plan was Uesugi Koshi. He was originally going to find an uninhabited island in the east of the Land of Water, but he encountered something along the way that forced him to ask for support.

 So Naoto also avoided Ace and Hiei’s rest time, and sent them both to the Land of Water at breakneck speed.

 Koshi Uesugi, who had traveled all the way from the Land of Fire to the Land of Water, was now dashing through the dense forest, fast but a little clumsy because he was carrying an orange-haired woman on his back.

 The woman was wearing the forehead of the Sand village, and her back was covered in blood. A normal person with such a wound like she has would have died, but the woman’s occasional faint breathing proved that she was still alive.

 Uesugi Koshi had wanted to rent a boat in the Land of Water, but he didn’t expect to find the woman fighting the Mist’s ninjas in the area close to the Mist village.

 The woman, whose he remembered her name, was Pakura, a powerful ninja who excelled in the use of the Scorch Release and had been summoned by Kabuto during the Fourth Shinobi War when he was transformed into the Sage Mode.

 She was a powerful ninja who used as mediums to summon the previous generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist to overwhelm the enemy.

 “You haven’t given up after all this time?” Uesugi Koshi cursed angrily, he was very strong, His strength may exceed the strength of his daughter Erii Uesugi, she could destroy Tokyo in a matter of hours, and he could do the same, Erii could create a thousand-meter ice cone on the sea and freeze the waves, and he could do something similar. The moment he releases his words, Black Sun, he can change the wind direction of the entire island, easily pulling hundreds of tons of seawater and creating a whirlwind of dozens of meters. He was classified as a D-ranked character simply because Uesugi Koshi himself had no other effective means of attack other than the powerful Black Sun.

 The Black Sun requires too much physical strength to unleash, and under normal circumstances, he would have reached his limit after using it twice, plus the duration of the Black Sun is quite short, so he would suffer a lot of losses against the existence of that level.

 But now Koshi has chakra, not only the black sun, but also has much regular ninjutsu, so it is reasonable to say that he is very strong.

 Even no less than a normal Anbu level.

 But ……

 Uesugi Koshi glanced back at the man he was chasing along, wearing a sky blue robe, holding a soap bubble blowing apparatus, a feature he knew all too well.

 Utakata, the jinchūriki of the Mist Village, looked like he hadn’t defected from the village yet.

 There is no doubt about the strength of Utakata, especially after the tailed beast transformation, the destructive power is even more amazing.

 If it’s only one vs one then it’s fine, but now Uesugi Koshi had a dying ninja on his back, and the enemy had a large number of shinobis in addition to the owner of the  Six-Tailed beast, so it was impossible to compete with each other.

 “No, if we keep going like this, we’ll be caught up sooner or later.”

 The air around him seemed to condense, dragging his body down and preventing him from going too fast.

 “Stop! Don’t even think about running away!”

 Seeing the enemy speeding up made Koshi even angrier, he had thought it would be a handy mission and he didn’t plan to make a move, but it was spoiled at the last minute.

 “You guys stay away, I’m going to go into Tailed Beast Transformation.”

 Utakata waved his hand to the ninja beside him to walk away, the Six-Tails beast coat on his body completely, and then turned into a slug-like crimson.

 Feeling the constant flow of chakra coming out of his body, Hagoromo let out a roar, then his body charged out like an arrow, sprinting with a huge fire around him, followed by a loud boom, Utakata, who had completely broken the speed of sound, aimed at Uesugi Koshi and opened his bloody maw, a black cloud of chakra quickly gathered and took shape.

 _Tailed Beast Ball!

 “Oh no, I didn’t think he was going to unleash the Tailed Beast Ball within the Land of Water.”

 Sensing the ball of energy gathering and forming behind him, Koshi Uesugi’s heart was shocked, that terrifying energy if fully released, would be enough to flatten a large mountain.

 “No, I have to fight.”

 At this time, it would be useless to let Pakura alone and run away by himself. He had no confidence that he would be able to escape the Tailed Beast Ball anyway.

 Unable to think about anything else, Koshi Uesugi stopped and turned to face Utakata who was still building up his energy.

 The sharp blade gently drew a circle in front of his body –

 _Word Spirit-Black Sun!

 He stood in the middle of the Black Sun, the ancient spirit spreading outwards within himself, releasing an endless amount of destructive power in the blink of an eye.

 With full power, the black sun is a black hole that can absorb all visible light!

 The black sun slowly spun up and then swallowed the air at an ever-increasing speed, the surrounding plants and trees made an overwhelming sound before being sucked into the deep darkness, followed by the earth collapsing, the sky quietly fading away, and the black sun quietly reaching its limit as everything fell apart.

 Koshi Uesugi stared at the movements of the six tails, he wanted to use the power of destruction generated against the Tailed Beast Ball at the moment when the black sun finally collapsed!

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